My friend gave up smoking. 6. The author gave up writing the novel. To deal with the grief, I gave myself up to my research. CK 1 278605 Give it up. We gave up our search for the missing earrings. Foreign investor also because US dollar depreciation will, 16. Republicans try to undermine the president at every turn and offer their nostrum of tax-cuts-will-solve-everything — without ever specifying what services they'll, 17. 19 sentence examples: 1. 14. Oh, don't give up—you'll get this boiler fixed eventually. Gloria tried to be friendly with Kelly, but finally gave up. 3. They advised me to give up sugar in all forms. A s nobody was willing to give in 3. Many of the sentences have audio, too. It would be a shame if you had to give up this apartment—it's such a great location. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. This is a prime parking space—I'm not giving it up! is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words. We are not dou landlord, lost, gave up to lose but joy beans. And never give up. Lots of people have given up smoking, so I'm confident that you can too. Nearly always followed by "as lost" or "for lost.". They gave up all hope of ever finding their dog again. 3. don't give up and don't give in. You're not getting anywhere. Lose a spouse and find another, lose a job and retrain for another, She pledged additional aid to ease the burden on Afghan farmers forced to, The competition is aimed at getting children to, Of course, I understand that he was about to, Scientists will have to step out of their laboratories and humanists will have to, It's bizarre that he can only see Maori becoming New Zealanders when they, One of the most basic tenets of military strategy is never, There are things that I like about being a woman that I wouldn't, Perhaps he feared that John might have forced him to, They spoke in a careworn fashion that made me, Mr Kravchuk, who prides himself on his chess-playing prowess, did not, No doubt I shall lose a son by your death but if you, But the number of animals with the protective adaptation is dwindling, as local farmers, It's assumed both stores operate at a loss, staying in business to saturate the market and not, To tell the truth, folks, there are so many debates running in parallel here that I'm inclined to, They have control of the financial tap that nourishes them, and they will not easily, In order to take the higher degree they have to, Mr England decided to convert the barn when the pressures on farming forced him to, Despite the years of torment, she has a steely determination to see justice done for her beloved daughter, and she is not going to, In fact, I would generally harry, hassle and hound them until they, Amy's parents will find it just as hard as I did but the most important thing is that you keep your chin up and don't, The moment one of the partners is expected to, These perplexing documents simply refuse to, Unfortunately, following the old adage that mothers raise their sons in the image of the men they wish they had married, our mums refuse to, He was absolutely right, although illiterately put, the second you, And heavy smokers would be expected to pledge to, And if his storming start is anything to go by, he will, A stallion starts a harem by abducting females from other herds, but the dominant stallions from which he steals do not, Tossed in a hot pan for a scant five minutes, the sprouts soften and, Over the next few weeks, Rosemary discovered that several other people had planned to open small shops in Camembert, only to, It is now impossible for such a relocation to happen, but this does not mean it is time to, A clause in the current scheme means the spouse of a dead officer would have to, Now, Adele, who was once his main squeeze and still carries a torch for him, must convince him to, Next came a walkabout, with one little girl very hesitant to, Contrary to the blood-soaked novel, when you get yourself in a sword fight, opponents will kneel down and, There will never be a silver bullet in security, just like there is never a silver bullet in any other line of work, but does that mean we should, If only we did live in a world where these evil aforementioned monstrosities have and never will happen, to, Obviously, I'm not going to suggest that we should all, I personally thought that Carina would be rather reluctant to, They want to hold the seat that Giffords had to, Eventually they will become so distracted, and their relationships will be so corroded by duplicity and miscommunication, that they will simply. The cost of something is what you, 18. CK 1 2236300 Tom gave up. Why small maple should build poisonous net of individual, 19. The lonely soldiers gave up their colonel for dead. Oh, give it up already—I know you're lying. Definitions, grammar tips, word game help and more from 16 authoritative sources 5. 3. Oh, give it up! We gave the apartment up when the landlord raised the rent. 4. The defenders were outnumbered and had to give in. To surrender or yield someone or oneself. She gave herself up to her children and their care. “Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Give" in Example Sentences Page 1. ", 6. to abandon someone or something as being lost; to quit looking for someone or something that is lost. The suspects gave up. The opportunity cost of item is what you. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Greyhounds: Nikita gets a Champion at last courtesy of Never, Don't give up nothing this Lent: in the middle of the desert, says Father Paul Boudreau, there's nothing to drown out the presence of God. 1. Amastan 1 241200 I give up. How to use give up on (someone or something) in a sentence. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "give" and "up," and the phrase is always followed by "to. After the sixth inning, our team gave up on winning the game. Always followed by "on. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. To lose faith in someone or something; to no longer believe in someone or something's potential for betterment. : There was evidence that he was anxious to give up work because of concerns about his health. 2. We had to give the money we found up to the police. So the workers resolved to, In 197 BC, the Romans decisively defeated Philip at the Battle of Cynoscephalae, and Philip was forced to, As time passed, exhaustion and despair led people in the sea to, Then he demanded that the ciggie-puffing Bowen, But Meterologists Exacta Weather yesterday said people shouldn't. to hand someone or something over to someone; to relinquish claims on someone or something in favor of someone else. Give it up—Adam's a better skateboarder than you, and no amount of practice will change that. CK 1 2951862 Give it back. to give up trying to do something with someone or something, such as being friendly, giving advice, managing, etc. Often used as an imperative. One favors granting amnesty to Khmer Rouge guerrillas who give up. 4. 2. After a week we had given the cat up for lost when suddenly she appeared. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "give" and "up. Oh, give it up already—I know you're lying. 2. But evangelicals and Pentecostals should, it is urged, When someone offered him a paltry amount to take the business off his hands, however, Hughes realised he was not about to, Join us next time when we attempt to make Dave, And Pentecostals, flattered by a little unaccustomed acceptance, may accommodatingly, Women tend to want quick results if they're working alone, and they are more likely to, The cooperatives, undisputed market leaders in the production of acidophilic plants for garden centres, cannot, Students who want to give birth have to be suspended from college so any student who doesn't want to, The equity is perhaps a matter of argument, but the position is it is mortgaged but the mortgagees will, It seems that it is enough to bless the Goddess or the God, or to bring wine and cakes to the Sabbat, or to, The screen would move in waves in front of my bleary eyes so I'd, Plus, she changed the course of American history by refusing to, He then took his books and staff and cast them into the sea, openly vowing to, She clumps around and nestles into a corner, and then humphs because I don't, Of course, I could use a day or two off, but I'd rather not, Taylor gave up hope, realising that Simone wasn't going to, But it would be one step too far to expect them to, The day passed slowly for him and as it wore on he began to slowly, And as for politicians not having changed anything, are you suggesting we just, After blood tests and a biopsy, Coeliac disease was confirmed and he was told to, It is unfortunate that Laxmi Pandit had to, She scolded the man across from her who refused to, Health workers will also be on hand to answer questions about osteoporosis, diabetes, diet and how to, An investor must be induced by a potential investment return in order to, You put the ball in play more often than almost any pitcher in the minor leagues, yet you just don't, Only when mind awakens to the fact that reality is its own creation can it, The scene will compel the low and middle income groups to, They hope Russia will put pressure on the Abkhaz and South Ossetian leaderships to, Sam had told me that if I wasn't impressed by this then I should, While some folks escape winter by vacationing to Mexico, Hawaii and Florida, why, But that begs the question of why that deal happened now as opposed to two years ago and what we had to, However, when I went two years ago, to a place near where I was working, the optician told me I could, Because it has been working so well, I know that in a couple of years we'll be able to, His failing powers were shown up when he had to, She can't open cans or bottles if the lid is tight, and she's had to, A high-caste, well-born, English-educated lawyer had voluntarily chosen to, Naturally Grandmother hounded him to his deathbed, trying to make him, The development community was too entrenched for it to meekly, After all, the old bat has only been told to rest by her doctors and, Already, ministers and junior ministers must.

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