I found that throughout the week I was rarely hungry. Female: 29.3 to 32.8 in (74.4 to 83.3 cm) high at shoulder, Tracks: Longer than a gerenuk's, with toes more widely splayed; twice the size of a Thomson's gazelle print The Grant’s gazelle can be found in East Africa; in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. They stand 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to 0.9 meters) tall at the shoulder and measure 5.2 to 6.3 feet (1.5 to 1.9 meters) long from head to tail. The total population of Grant’s gazelles throughout its range is estimated at more than 75,000. The fawn runs to her, and they touch noses. Although Nanger gazelles live in habitats ranging from savanna to semi-desert, the Grant’s gazelle prefers open plains as well as cooler, elevated uplands. Gazelles are herbivores, which means they eat plants. Humans have not domesticated Gazelles in any way. Diet The gazelles vary their diet according to the season. By Common Name ; By Scientific Name; By Continent; Search; Help; Zoolexicon; Background. Although this figure reflects a 50 percent decrease since the 1960s, these gazelles still range widely in both protected and unprotected regions. Gazelles live throughout Africa, India, and the Middle East. Most give birth to a single calf, but twins do occur occasionally. How? Most other Nanger gazelles are primarily browsers, but Grant’s eat both trees and grass depending on the season. Conservation Status. Grant’s gazelles can tolerate prolonged periods of drought. Most communication between Grant’s gazelles is visual. The gestation period is usually around six months, though it does vary slightly from species to species. It's easy to do. About the Collection; Meet the Garsts; Acknowledgements; Related Sites; Make a Gift; Search results. Weight. Join in and write your own page! major predators. Although all of them have white fur that extends up over the tail onto their backsides, creating the appearance of pants, this patterning is most dramatic in the Grant’s species. If the weather is particularly hot, they will raise their body temperature in order to sweat less and therefore conserve precious water. A territorial male Grant’s gazelle tears up grass with his horns and marks the boundary of his area with urine. She will return 3 or 4 times a day to nurse the calf and clean up the area so that predators do not find it. The Grant’s gazelle tends to vary its diet according to season. Female Grant’s gazelles begin to mate when they are one-and-a-half years old, while males become sexually mature at age three. In most places it is illegal to own a Gazelle as a pet. The social structure of Grant’s gazelles depends on habitat and season. These hoofed mammals inhabit a variety of different habitats. Some species also interact and forage with other species of Gazelle or other antelope. They face the threats of habitat loss and illegal hunting, which has eliminated them from some areas. Some species live across wide regions and are common. It occasionally grazes grass. The diet of a Grant’s gazelle consists of leaves, grasses and herbs. Grant’s gazelles can tolerate prolonged periods of drought. Grant's gazelles are not restricted to certain habitats by a dependency on water, but obtain the moisture they need from their food. These herds are “half-open,” meaning that females can easily join but have a harder time leaving the male’s area. Most gazelles live in the hot, dry savannas and deserts of Africa and Asia. In fact, Grant’s gazelles can live their entire lives without taking a drink. Grant’s gazelle is migratory animal. “Grant’s Gazelle (Nanger Granti)” 11 June 2011, Five Facts About Grant Wood’s 'American Gothic' Your Art Teacher Forgot to Mention, Andrew Bailey, Grant Balfour Head Oakland A's 2012 Bullpen, Batman: Time and the Batman by Grant Morrison, Best (Comic) Book of 2011, Decision Movie Starring Natalie Grant on the Gospel Music Channel, Grant Morrison Talks Relaunching Action Comics and Superman's Career, How Federal Grant Programs Can Benefit You.

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