It should also be noted that when removing a chondro from a perch, extreme caution and patience should be used to avoid injuries. If you can’t successfully establish a neonate it will eventually starve itself to death. You need to be extra cautious with this type of neo since their aggressive behavior can cause injuries, like spinal kinks. Again, learning to read what your chondro is telling you is crucial for cracking stubborn feeders. As adults, they will need a enclosure at least 24" x 18" x 24" or larger. Some neos will strike, wrap and hold a pinkie only to immediately drop it upon sensing the slightest movement by you. Some keepers have had success feeding runners on the ground. Babies can start out in cubes as small as 1 foot, like Exo terras 12" x 12" x 12". There is a clear difference in behavior for a stuck pink, and a pink that the snake intends to eat. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. One of the biggest misconceptions about green tree pythons and arboreal snakes is … And as mentioned, dial in your temperature settings prior to the arrival of your chondro. At a cost of $2-6 a linear foot, depending on diameter/color, the cost of outfitting multiple cages with Acetron GP can easily run several hundred to over one thousand dollars. These neos are generally shy and need to be provoked to un-tuck their heads and begin tongue flicking. Ultimately you will have to make that decision. The Papua New Guinea mainland is divided into areas of green tree python habitats by a central mountain range that obstructs the cross breeding of localities and … Tapping on the tub, or just the motion of pulling the tub out is enough to elicit a strike. About five to six weeks is as long as you should wait before moving to assist feeding a pink head. One drawback with wood is that the bark, knots, and cracks can be hard to clean and sanitize. Too Much Movement – Do your best to open tubs with as little disturbance as possible. A horizontal aspect makes this easy; therefore cages should be oriented horizontally rather than vertically. So HDPE is very easy to clean. A mouse leg or tail can also be used in place of a head. This technique requires patience and may need to be repeated several times to be successful. Small neos are usually started with XS or 1-day-old pinks. It comes in white, black, and brown, and is far stronger and more easily tooled than PVC. This product is a rather expensive at approximately $100 for a 1.5 gallon kit. Material, placement, and size are three factors to consider when choosing perches for your chondro enclosure.Synthetic Perches. Popular synthetic perch materials include, plastic hangers, PVC, HDPE, FDA-approved Acetron GP, Insertworks, and fiberglass. So experiment with different prey sizes with stubborn feeders. Green Tree Python Serpentovirus (NidoVirus),,, It is also made of recycled plastic and is 35% lighter than standard HDPE plastic of the same thickness. This method is useful because you can gradually decrease the amount of tail you need to coax down the throat, and the snake gradually learns the swallowing motion. The typical behavior of runners includes flailing, fleeing, and lunging out of the tub. It is also resistant to sustained heat of about 110 degrees Celsius ( As a general guideline, perches in adult cages can be situated about 4-6” below a RHP, with the thermostat probe about level with the perch. This information assumes that your neo, yearling, sub-adult or adult is established: that it is eating and shedding regularly, is set up in an appropriate cage, and that it has no health issues. Some neos respond better to very little physical teasing once on the ground. When working with synthetic materials you should always be sure your perches are non-toxic, mildew resistant, and easy to remove and clean.

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