The longest we’ve gone broken up was for 3 months but he is VERY hot and cold too. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which means that they enjoy puzzles. She sounds like a big deal, eh? Sometimes your little gestures of concern (like asking her if she needs money or offering to drop her back home because it’s dark), however genuine they may be, might hurt her feelings. Even if you agree with his principles, put a different slant on it to show you have your own opinion. Be open minded and understand his point of few. He is a fast-paced person always found to be on the go. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Before you approach her make sure you are ready to deal with a woman who has a lot of admirers and who wouldn’t wrap her world just around you. First of all, if you yourself knew that it was not a serious relationship, then it’s not necessary to know his feelings. Though being honest is the basic foundation when it comes to dating, it doesn’t mean you have to expose every emotion and thought deep inside. Initially, it’s important for you to accompany her in her new quests, then only you would be allowed to comment on her recklessness later. As soon as you’ve developed serious affection for this guy, tell yourself that he is not the reason for living. Don’t spill all of your life’s story the second you meet an archer. You asked what is the best thing to do. If you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man want you, the answer is simply being yourself. A guy born in the star sign of centaur archer is a hunter and adventurer, as such relishes the thrill of the chase. Everything was perfect, chemistry was insane, even his voice made me tremble. Somehow a Sagittarius always knows when you are lying. . It was an instant attraction from both sides. Dear Sir Wooten, yes, like you so wisely detected, this was a toxic relationship… I am not going back to him, just I am analyzing his behavior: After the new year, the Sag man suddenly unblocked me on facebook, but I didn’t react at all and didn’t message him. You’d be surprised to know how much knowledge she possesses. There are lots more articles about a Sagittarius man on my homepage. Your Sagittarius woman is most likely to be clumsy but she is self-sufficient and would not like to be underestimated. You have to get to the root cause here before you can know what to do. On the other hand, being needed gives him the feeling that you’re trying to trap him and require him to make the commitment without recognizing whether he wants it or not. She believes life is too short and there are so many things to learn and do. Then 3 days later, he put a post on facebook ”I am feeling fantastic”, and then it says ”you can’t view this post, as the owner has shared it with a small number of people”. That depends by what he means by not wanting to be in relationship right now. Filed Under: Horoscope Tagged With: sagittarius, sagittarius man, zodiac dating guide. He will never stop until discovering your truest self as well as how you feel about him. This is what we call making him obssessed with you! If you want to attract a Sagittarius male, you must be independent enough to know what you really want. Possibilities are that they started talking to you at the first place because you do or know something that they don’t, or are fascinated about (looks becomes a secondary attribute for them). Your email address will not be published. If there is one thing that I can help you within your quest to seduce a Sagittarius man is always remember to be truthful with him. He wants a woman with the same standards as him. Also, most of the Sagittarius women have a unique style statement and dress boldly and differently from others. If there is one thing that your Sagittarius crush can’t take, it is the feeling of being controlled. When he does something but it wastes too much of his time, then he chooses to leave it aside and continue with other tasks. As a huge flirt, he has no matter if receiving flirty messages from you. Dating with him is like riding a roller coaster – not a dull moment; it will be full of new and exciting adventures. Tell him how much you enjoy being around him. This sign is a ‘no shit’ person. I decided that i did not want to build more memories with this guy and break up eventually, itll just be harder. Subtle and mysterious words will raise his interest in finding out more about the intriguing sender. Has he requested a break to think it out or is he ok with just dating you but does not wish to take it to the next step for now? A Sagittarius man is open and trusting but will find it difficult to forgive if his trust is abused. But then there would be times where he would not contact me for a day or two, which was strange for us.

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