Does the issue only occur on all of .jpg file? Same result though. One final update, this feature has now been officially launched as part of yesterday's "New to Office 365 in November—new collaboration capabilities and more" announcement: "Outlook already lets you attach cloud-based documents to an email, helping you better collaborate with others using a single version of the file. Hence, use this solution to transfer emails from Outlook to OneDrive. I've just realized that this "save to onedrive" is a screenshot from the mail composing window, where you can upload the attachment to onedrive before you send the mail. Right clicking is for saving one file, not files. We already know that, Google provided this feature of saving email attachments from Gmail to Google Drive few days back and now it is the turn of Microsoft. Yep, have been using it for a few days now. It occurs on any attachment I try to save from Outlook 2016. Right click on the attachment and click on save to OneDrive and the files will be directly saved to OneDrive. I have no issue with OneDrive syncing from any of my OneDrive folders on the PC or the app. The feature of saving the attachment to OneDrive will help you to save a copy of attachment to cloud. You can use this article to know more information to troubleshoot attachment issue. So that in case if you lose the email or the attached files from your local drive after saving them, you can re-download the attachments from OneDrive. Save email attachments from a specific client/person to a designated folder in OneDrive … Now you can easily transform a traditional attachment into a shared cloud document right within Outlook. Saving to ODfB just says save failed, but hopefully its coming soon! internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and multiple PC's). Check if you are able to locate the saved file on File Explorer after doing the above steps. Most of the peoples want to know how do I save Outlook emails to OneDrive account.Here is the answer! All attachments sent to your inbox will be saved in a folder called Email attachments from Flow. If I go into the email account settings the type says Microsoft Exchange which would be correct for this account. The save to OneDrive menu options do not work. Saving to OneDrive for Business now works for me. Yes, that's right, you can save attachments received in your inbox. Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. It never saves the file. I have tried multiple Please help. We would like to know the additional information to further isolate your concern: I did try to manually locate the attachment by file name.

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