The primer is your first piece of bread, the foundation is the meat, the powder is the cheese and the setting spray is the second piece of bread. We need to set the makeup with a powder, especially on oily skin. 10 Easy Ways to Keep Greasy Hair at Bay Beauty products such as facial blotters can also go a very long way in the quest of attaining a nice and matte skin look. 4 Steps to Prevent Foundation from Transferring. It’s embarrassing. As weird as it may sound, but applying too much of setting powder can lead to excess oil production. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Blotting papers can be your best buddy! 8 Secret Ways to get Shiny Hair, Your email address will not be published. This, in turn, makes the skin look greasy and shiny in no time. 5 beauty items I never leave home without, Win A Stay In This Beautiful 19th Century Ballsbridge Hotel, 5 Things You Should Do For Your Skin In Your Early 20s, WIN: A Year’s Supply of Color Expert from Schwarzkopf, How To Safely Remove Shellac Nails At Home. Whether you are going for a subtle makeup look or heavy makeup, always use a mattifying primer. Honestly, for most days, it’s all you really need: perfect your skin, fill those eyebrows in and pucker up baby! As soon as you feel the oil resurfacing the skin, blot it away with the blotting paper or go for a little touch-up. Cream formulas can also often be effective at doing away with excess shine on the face. Add a de-greasing step to your routine with toner. Simply dab a small amount onto fingertips and pat into skin over shiny areas.”, Why Anais Loves It:  “I think there’s a misconception about charcoal peel-off masks. You're definitely not wanted anywhere. This one here, however, is a detoxifying peel off mask that is meant to naturally clear blackheads, impurities, and excess oil over time using charcoal. It's all about small light layers and building them up slowly in an effective way. But, it can backfire as the over-dried pores can increase the oil production to keep the skin moisturized. I won’t lie, I haven’t been feeling very eyeshadow-y lately. They also unclog the pores and tighten them up. Is it really necessary to wear an SPF under your foundation? Opt for an oil-free formula. Having oily skin can be a curse. 7 Tips To Stop Your Face From Getting Shiny CTM Routine for Oily Skin 10 Easy Ways to Keep Greasy Hair at Bay 7 Brilliant Ways to Avoid Cakey Foundation Look How to Stop Makeup from Creasing Under the Eyes 9 Ways to Prevent Makeup from Creasing Herbal Essences Colour Me Shiny Shine Enhancing Shampoo Essence #59 Funky Funky Sheer Shiny … I literally get over 11 hours of wear! Looking online, it seems many women struggle with leaving foundation on their clothing or even worse, someone else’s clothing! But I found that this multitasking oil helps brighten and calm excess sebum production on oily and acne-prone skin. The last thing you need is a parched and dehydrated complexion, after all. And don't even worry about schlepping to a spa or salon—the professionals will come to your home. Thus, instead of blotting away the oil, try to control the oil production with some treatments. If you want to kiss shine away with makeup, use Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive, which is an HD (high definition) foundation primer that's immediately mattifying. While looking for a setting spray for oily skin, skip the one with emollients and choose the mattifying one. It can also reduce the appearance of pore size and make acne scarring, blemishes and fine lines appear markedly less noticeable. It's one of those things that drive you demented when you have to constantly touch up all day long. So how do you stop it? Have you heard? Stay updated with newsletters full of the latest happenings at as well as great offers and things we think you might find interesting . Always apply a moisturizer to keep moisture intact but do not put on moisturizer with emollients liberally. When you wear this finishing spray, you don't have to blot your complexion as often. Have you heard? I usually apply with my fingers just like I would a moisturizer. Here are some tips to prevent the makeup from going shiny and greasy. There might be a white chalky residue once it dries, but this can be rubbed right off!”, Why Anais Loves It: “This setting mist is meant to hold your makeup all day long, giving you less to worry about. To find out more, read our updated, How to achieve the perfect smokey eye at home, Here's How To Tell If Your Makeup Has Expired, Reasons Why You Should Spend More on Skincare Than Makeup. Does concealer go over or under your foundation? Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray To get my makeup to last from day into night, I'll spritz on Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray as both the very first thing to touch my skin after cleanser, and the very last thing after applying makeup. This luxury finishing powder is finely milled and soft. Required fields are marked *. With its calming formula, this face wash won’t over-dry skin. Yes, oily skin needs moisturizers as well. Voila! This technique is so similar to my video and article of "How to Make Your Makeup … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Whether it's a massage, manicure, haircut or beauty booking of your choice, Priv's got you covered. No matter how hard you try oil always shows up after a few hours. Call in extra help. Setting Spray – setting spray helps to keep everything in place. For the past few weeks, I’ve been really rocking the whole “no makeup” makeup look. Moreover, you can also opt for long wear formula as they tend to keep the makeup intact for a longer time without making it look greasy or shiny. Your privacy is important to us. View chicagosnatalie’s profile on Facebook, View chicagosnatalie’s profile on Twitter, View chicagosnatalie’s profile on Instagram, View chicagosnatalie’s profile on Pinterest, View recruitmenatalie’s profile on LinkedIn, how to finally stop foundation from ruining your clothes, how to prevent makeup from rubbing off on clothes, how to prevent makeup transfer to clothing, how to prevent oily face after applying makeup, how to stop makeup getting on your collar. Having oily skin can be a curse. Well, I’m glad you asked! Try applying with a foundation brush or beauty sponge for a truly flawless look. Whether it is a foundation or a concealer, always opt for oil-free and oil-controlling formula. The setting spray will help in keeping the makeup intact and smudge free for a long time, preventing the greasy look. This product is terrific for mattifying the complexion and also for making it appear nice and even. Thus, in addition to a good makeup primer, you must also invest in a good setting spray. It works like a setting powder, but you don’t even need a mirror to apply. If you are usually oily, try an oil-free foundation instead. In the morning, dab an alcohol … In addition, a clay mask or a deep purifying mask keeps the skin mattified for a longer time. These are oil-free, fragrance-free, preservative-free, making it perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. Get rid of shine on your face by softly dabbing oil-prone parts with a single blotter at a time. I haven’t tested beyond that point but isn’t that like a standard day? Reach Ireland's biggest beauty and fashion audience with our ad packages: uses cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising. I have a beauty group now dedicated to giving daily tips, beauty hacks, skin care tips and inspiration! Well maybe not that dramatic but it’s made a major difference. If you worry about shine and about roughness of skin texture, this primer is a superb makeup product. Thus, to avoid such situation, do not keep touching your face. Moreover, if you have super oily skin, then try using gel-based moisturizer to make your skin feel comfortable. Oil-based foundations will only make the matter worse. Moreover, the mineral-based products also keep makeup from going shiny. Farewell, shine! This technique is so similar to my video and article of "How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer". With its velvety, lightweight texture you’ll have a long-lasting matte finish throughout the day. Moreover, touching the face can clog up the pores and make your skin acne-prone. The right products, however, can absorb, hide, and prevent excess oil from summer without leaving skin looking overly matte. Cleansers. I have a beauty group now … Not only does this paper absorb excess oil, it also gives you a bronzed sun-kissed look while eliminating unwanted shine. 9 Ways to Prevent Makeup from Creasing It's one of those things that drive you demented when you have to constantly touch up all day long. A well-moisturized face provides a smooth base for makeup. How to get your foundation to lasts all day? Prices are subject to change. I personally recommend opting for translucent powder as opposed to pigmented. Simply blot areas with unwanted shine and leave a bronzed, contoured look along the way.”, Why Anais Loves It: “This amazing formula acts like a smart filter that immediately absorbs excess sebum from your skin’s surface. The resurfacing facial you can do from home. It makes your skin feel baby soft . Be the first to know about all the best fashion and beauty looks, the breathtaking homes Bravo stars live in, everything they’re eating and drinking, and so much more. You can apply a product like Ben Nye Banana Powder to your face. as they are beneficial mainly for dry skin. Tip: if you need to freshen up during the day, be sure to have a mattifying pressed powder so it’s not as messy as the loose powder. Herbal Essences Colour Me Shiny Shine Enhancing Shampoo Setting Spray – setting spray helps to keep everything in place. Step 4. 7 Tips To Stop Your Face From Getting Shiny Here are more quick videos from this how-to series: The expert trick for how to make your makeup last longer. Sign up to become a Bravo Insider and get exclusive extras. A nice finishing spray can also be terrific at keeping shine on your face at bay. To absorb excess oil produced use blotting papers, especially when outdoors. If you are very oily, you still may experience some shine and need to “powder your nose.” Translucent powder easily tackles the shine and prevents the makeup from looking cakey if you apply too much.

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