Raimi served as second unit director, shooting the hula hoop sequence and Waring Hudsucker's suicide. The Hudsucker Proxy: Official Clip - Norville's Great Fall, The Hudsucker Proxy: Official Clip - Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round, The Hudsucker Proxy: Official Clip - The Hula Hoop Catches On. A bleak WIND MOANS. Their camera soars, traveling at the speed of progress, gossip, capitalism itself. It was the product of something we discovered editing the movie, not previewing it. Meanwhile, Aloysius, a Hudsucker janitor, discovers Amy's true identity and informs Mussburger. "Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia" from the ballet Spartacus by Khachaturian is the basis of the main theme and additional music from the ballet runs under the Hula-Hoop sequence. [20], Despite the New York City setting, additional skyscrapers in Chicago, Illinois provided inspiration for the opening sequence of the skyline, such as the Merchandise Mart and Aon Center. [5], In addition to the film under-performing at the box office, The Hudsucker Proxy opened to mixed reviews from critics. This wonky sentimental tale does bring up some interesting questions, even for those who were there. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. "[2] The Hudsucker Proxy presents various narrative motifs pertaining to the Rota Fortunae and visual motifs concerning the shape of circles. Charles Durning's fall was shot conventionally, but because Tim Robbins had to stop abruptly at the camera, his was shot in reverse as he was pulled away from the camera. Paul Newman is not happy. [10], This was the first time the Coen brothers chose big stars to act in their movie. Norville escapes to the top floor of the Hudsucker skyscraper and changes back into his mailroom uniform. Peter Chesney, mechanical effects designer on many Coen brothers films, created a pair of 16-foot angel wings for actor Charles Durning, who portrayed Waring Hudsucker. Across town, Amy Archer, a brassy Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Manhattan Argus newspaper, is assigned to write a story about Norville and find out what kind of man he really is. [22], The score to The Hudsucker Proxy was written by Carter Burwell, the fifth of his collaborations with the Coen Brothers. Your email address will not be published. From the Brazil-like scenes in the cavernous mail room to the convoluted machinations in the board room, this film is pure satire of the nastiest and most enjoyable sort. Suddenly, while Norville plummets, Moses stops the building's giant clock which freezes time. Something that would seem, by any sort of rational measure, to be doomed to failure, but something that on the other hand the audience already knew was going to be a phenomenal success. "[17] However, the wider amount of vision meant that the edges of the frame went beyond the fringes of the model city, leaving empty spaces with no buildings. Both were manufactured by Wham-O. Mussburger also convinces the board that Norville is insane and must be sent to the local psychiatric hospital. [8], One film critic described the numerous influences: "From his infelicitous name to his physical clumsiness, Norville Barnes is a Preston Sturges hero trapped in a Frank Capra story, and never should that twain meet, especially not in a world that seems to have been created by Fritz Lang – the mechanistic monstrousness of the mailroom contrasted with the Bauhaus gigantism of the corporate offices perfectly matches the boss-labour split in Metropolis (1927). A gaggle of children see this and squeal with delight. This is the plotline of The Hudsucker Proxy, a grossly underrated film directed by the Coen brothers. The film was a box office bomb. Snow falls. With a STINGING CHORD we --CUT TO: 1 CITY SKYLINE - NIGHT (CIRCA 1958) 1 Lights twinkle. [12] The Hudsucker Proxy was revived and the Coens and Raimi performed a brief rewrite. The consensus states, "Intriguingly strange and visually distinctive, The Hudsucker Proxy is ultimately almost – but not quite – as smart and absorbing as it needs to be. No featurettes were included. The Hudsucker Proxy: Official Clip - You Know, For Kids! [7], The first image the Coens and Raimi conceived was of Norville Barnes about to jump from the window of a skyscraper and then they had to figure out how he got there and how to save him.

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