Common names include: white-lipped island pit viper, Lesser Sunda pit viper, and Sunda Island pit viper. Trimeresurus insularis is a venomous pit viper subspecies found in Indonesia and East Timor. It is one of the most venomous snakes in Latin America. Trimeresurus Insularis (Blue Viper) In Indonesia. Related Video What’s particularly special about this incredible creature is the fact that most white-lipped pit vipers are actually green, as … Called the white-lipped island pit viper (Trimeresurus insularis), it’s related to the white-lipped pit viper (T. albolabris), endemic to Southeast Asia. WEST SUMATRA, INDOENSIA - JANUARY 20: Trimeresurus Insularis (Blue Viper) in West Sumatra, Indonesia. No subspecies of Bothrops insularis are currently recognized. The species is named for the light yellowish-brown color of its underside and for its head shape that is characteristic of the genus Bothrops. Trimeresurus insularis is related to the white-lipped pit viper, endemic to Southeast Asia. Bothrops insularis, commonly known as the golden lancehead, is a highly venomous pit viper species endemic to Ilha da Queimada Grande, off the coast of São Paulo state, in Brazil.

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