The overnight lodging and public showers are closed for the season. If you are in need of some help, please go online and register to receive food assistance this Saturday. In the summer and late fall, this drive is especially beautiful. [6] By 1884, the line was complete from Ogden, Utah to Denver.[7][8]. The road was built by Otto Mears in the 1800’s and was used by the mines located near Bonanza to access the railroad which passed by “Shirley Site”. GPS Coordinates: LAT/LON (N38° 25.192´, W106° 7.749´) – UTM (397891.23E, 4254100.96N). It's one of the highest standard To that end, The Eastern Illinois Food Bank is offering assistance with food distribution. Visitors need to be on the lookout for multiple work zones. The water district completed purchase of the ditch in 2011.[11]. The creek trail is more interesting, but a bit more challenging. (approximately 12 miles)  You can get gas at Sargents and on some days durning the summer the restaurant is open. Coordinates: 38°23′29″N 106°14′50″W / 38.39139°N 106.24722°W / 38.39139; -106.24722. Just before reaching the Toll Road you will pass the Silver Creek trail head for the Rainbow Trail, which is a single track motorcycle trail. The pass is part of a backcountry alternative to U.S. Highway 50 between Salida and Gunnison. I’m unsure about beyond that, but we heard reports it was open as well. This railroad line was completed before the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad completed the Alpine Tunnel, so it was the first crossing of the continental divide in Colorado by any railroad. It lies in northern Saguache County on the Continental Divide between the Sawatch Range to the north and the Cochetopa Hills to the south. If you go west (straight), from the Shirley Site parking lot you can follow the Poncha Creek trail, or take the car road (the old railroad bed), to the top of Marshal Pass. On June 9th, the town of Marshall added a new lion to the pride. All across America, and all across the world, people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities have been meeting and gathering to gain awareness and garner hope for change. ( GPS N38° 21.818´, W106° 10.639´). Town of Bonanza - An old mining town area in Saguache County in the Marshall Pass area. Information on bicycle restrictions and average bicycle times may be found in the park newspaper available at park entrance stations, or online on the park’s bicycle information webpage []. We love and honor all of our citizens. All Hope is Not Lost for the Opening of the New The Glacier National Park Conservancy bookstore will be operating inside of the Logan Pass Visitor Center, with access at the upper level. Marshall Pass Road - My previous drive along the east side of Marshall Pass.

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