Here's part 1 of my fourteenth spoof and my very first Las Vegas Picture. She meets her end when she is crushed to death as the giant peach rolls over her. In the 1996 film, she and Sponge survive being crushed by the … James never hears either aunt laugh out loud during his three years with them. Instead of caring for him, she and Sponge force him to do all the work around the house, they had a tendency to beat him when he disagrees with them or backtalk, and almost always make him go into his room without dinner. "How dare you speak to us this way!" She and Sponge never call James by his name, but always refer to him with mean, insulting, and opprobri… However, like all rhinoceroses, the Rhino is still a herbivore, as it feeds on plants. After the death of James' parents, Spiker and Sponge had no choice but to take in James and "raise" him. The book showed the Rhino as a savage animal that ate people like a carnivore, similar to that of an alligator or possibly a giant snake. Aunt Spiker Trotter is James' aunt, Sponge's sister, and one of the two main antagonists of the 1996 live-action film, James and the Giant Peach. Assumably the older of the aunts, both she and Sponge are vain, each singing praises of their imagined beauty while they are in fact repulsive, but each attacks the other's repulsiveness. Happy 20th anniversary of this film! Enjoy and comment! In the movie, the Rhino appeared to be a sadistic and intimidating monster when it haunted James' dreams. No complains and dislikes. It is unknown whether Spiker and Sponge are the sisters of James' father or mother, or possibly his great-aunts since they appear to be elderly in the book’s illustrations. ―Aunt Spiker to James.

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