Bentt is remarkably open and honest with me and isn’t afraid to put himself down. It’s been a long experience to get to where I am but I’ve found it incredibly gratifying. My dad was a huge admirer of Ali, or Cassius Clay as he insisted on calling him. Despite his natural ability, the sport was never a natural fit and, after a year in the ring, he finally plucked up the courage to tell his father that his nascent boxing career was over. “I remember seeing this light, turns out it was a penlight and I see this metal label saying: ‘John Sutcliffe’. Having torn both her right ACL and MCL in April 2019, Azzi Fudd missed nine months before returning to the court nine games into her junior year. Because of the color of your skin. But he emphasizes that this type of discrimination is why players like his son are protesting. One of the boxers who died was a fighter who had shown me kindness and was really my first mentor. About a week later, I knock on my boss’ door and I said: ‘Thank you for the opportunity, but I have to go’. Copyright © 2007-2020 Boxing News 24. I wondered: where would all these have people have been if I lost? Tagovailoa made his NFL debut on Sunday against the Jets. “I’m a kid from the suburbs and the culture there just bred hunger in the fighters like a disease. “So, we had a way to compete for a gold medal at the (Olympic) Games. For all those people who say that his son is being unpatriotic, anti-military by sitting during the national anthem, he’d like to point them to the 10 years he served in the U.S. Navy. But, you have to confront your fears.”. “I’m working with Evander (Holyfield) for his first or second heavyweight championship fight. Bentt shunned the opportunity to go to the Olympics knowing that one day his father would use the fact that he paid for the team to go as leverage against his son. If I didn’t have that contempt for my father, I would never have beaten Tommy Morrison.”, Bentt upset the odds and stopped Morrison in the first round to become a world champion. He remembered what happened on the last day of ninth grade. You’re the one that should leave the country if you feel that way.”. That’s not to take anything away from Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. It’s highly likely he suffered from anxiety at this time in his career, but admits today that he didn’t even know what anxiety was, or what it meant back then. “If I had lost to Tommy Morrison, this conversation ain’t taking place, man. “So I answered it. “At this time I’m working at a Long Island Jewish hospital in Queens, New York. At his very lowest, he took a gun and put it in his mouth. Georgie (Benton) is training Evander for this fight and I had something to prove to the entire boxing establishment. © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. I decided to fight on for him, even though the whole time my father thought I fought because of his enthusiasm for boxing.”, After just missing out on qualification to the Seoul Olympics after a defeat to eventual gold medallist Ray Mercer, Bentt returned home determined to hang up the gloves.

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