Work Outlook search seems to always spin/indexing but eventually find some of the messages I’m searching for.... @v_aravind @Toepher_Joyce @rob_tam @andyheeps Hi Christopher, Microsoft has released an updated version of the Outlook app for iOS devices and the team are currently testing to see if this resolves the issue. All rights reserved. Problems with Office 365 mean I am using desktop app for outlook. They've dug in on their strategy, and nothing will shift them from their 'Vaccine at any cost' outlook. Now it is working, but my gmail isn’t loading. @NorthFaceHiker @windowsinsider So my insiders build 20231 is borked again. @mtnbikeut @RyanM_Anderson @filevine @40tech Failure to refresh. Your California Privacy Rights Page last updated by No timelines or updates! @fayelafee Now, just 48 hours after you thought everything was back to normal, Microsoft Outlook has gone down again. Email:, Global Fixed Income Insight: How long will the disconnect be between the economic reality and financial markets? @Outlook guess your server is down again???? @Outlook Just want to let you know, in addition to the "new" outlook acting weird, it has now stopped working completely; when I open the browser it immediately crashes and asks me to send a report to microsoft(I did, multiple times).. I personally use David's service for a fundamental outlook. Microsoft said it is starting to see improvements after multiple services went down during an outage. We’re pursuing mitigation steps for this issue,” the company said in a status update. Every time I log in I am redirected to my Outlook inbox. @vuecinemas hi I'm having issues with outlook and i canmot retrieve my ticket details for tonight. I have a few people who are reporting being affected... #email, Is anyone else having issues with @Outlook webpage won’t even load for me to login. Outlook was formally known as Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail. For us to isolate the issue, we'd like to know the following information: @mcreiternj Lol, I had major issues with Lightroom, After Effects & Outlook recently ? The company did not fully explain the cause of the problem, which took about six hours to fully resolve. Will I ever be able to sign in to my email? I have a few people who are reporting being affected... #email, @DrLipschitz1 @emreunal85 The majority of users of our Exchange services are also seeing service recovery as we work towards full resolution," a Microsoft spokesperson says. Via How is my mom, in her late sixties and not tech-savvy, supposed to figure this out? Update October 1st, 6:30AM ET: Microsoft’s Outlook service is now recovering. @netflix and @Outlook I get weekly scam emails asking to update payment info for a Netflix account that doesn't exist.

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