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It was a bunch of friends getting together to make a movie. We were shooting near dairy farms and there were tons of flies; they were all flying in and out of his hair [laughs]. Duff: I was definitely shocked [to get a call about the cartoon], because it had been so many years. That was all toward the end of 2001, when we shot the short. Don’t worry Napoleon, I’m sure there’s a babe out there for you too. There is one title shot with a trapper keeper with the micro machines, and in grade school me and my buddies would hide stuff in there. Absolutely. It's kind of weird, but because they wanted to show that the film takes place now, there's a title where a hand pulls Napoleon's school ID out of a wallet and it says "2004"[16]. It was a character that they fell in love with and I’m glad that I didn’t change that early on based on other voices that were trying to change how I saw it and heard it. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. So I think everyone who works in independent film relates to Napoleon and Pedro and Kip and Deb. You can sit on the steps of the front of the school, right where Napoleon and his friends sat. We actually had Jon Heder placing all the objects in and out [of frame], and then showed it to Searchlight who really liked it and thought it was great, but some lady over there was like "There are some hangnails, or something -the hands look kinda gross! He believes in bringing about positive change to the world through good-natured humor and innovative technology. I remember meeting my manager and thinking, “Maybe I’ve made a big mistake.” But when I did Napoleon Dynamite and met Jon Heder and all of the guys, I thought, “Maybe this is my home for a while.” Don’t get me wrong; I really would like to work with Billy Bob Thornton, he’s a brilliant actor. This isn’t very good…” So I was kind of worried. If the protagonist sounds slightly familiar, it’s because he was the prototype for the titular geek hero of Napoleon Dynamite, the micro-budget indie that would become the toast of that city’s other film fest — Sundance — and catapult the classmates to the top of Hollywood’s rising stars list by the end of January 2004. Napoleon Dynamite: The worst day of my life, what do you think? Get it because it's faster than the guy who's running to pee. It went from a black screen right to Napoleon standing in front of his house waiting for the school bus, and we had a very basic credit roll at the end of the film. Don’t do it. Eight months after the film was completed, the title sequence was filmed in cinematographer Munn Powell's basement. It didn’t have any music in it, it hadn’t been scored, and we were still messing around with it. [38] At the time, Entertainment Weekly gave the film a C-. 26 Kip: [Napoleon has Kip in a sleeper-hold] Ow! So we reshot, but they're now intermixed, so if you look there are like three different dudes hands (our producer's are in there too.) Saucy credits garnish high school foodstuff alongside screamingly mundane high school ephemera serving as cringe-worthy currency all the while inducing smile after smile. This, of course, was my first interaction with a studio at all, so they flew out a hand model a couple weeks later, who had great hands but was five or six shades darker than Jon Heder. I don’t think that I’ve ever been on a set with such organization, though. [8], Peluca was shown at the 2003 Slamdance Film Festival[9] and was well received. [11] Among the established actors in the cast was comedy veteran Diedrich Bader, who filmed his scenes as virile martial art instructor Rex in one day. My wife’s cousin was a hairdresser and said that if we re-permed his hair it would break off. It was also sort of when Sundance was different, too; people were still making really tiny movies and they were really getting a chance to have people see their films. But I had so much trust in Jared when we made the movie and him knowing exactly who these characters were and what he wanted to convey with some of these scenes that when I heard they were going to make the cartoon I was like, “Okay, cool.” Then when I realized that everyone from the original movie was behind it — writing the episodes and directing everything, doing the voices —it was just a no-brainer for me. Napoleon Dynamite: [Cut to Pedro jumping] You got like three feet of air that time. But here was this independent film about these two cats who don’t really know each other, but become best friends and help each other get through life.

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