Call for submissions for Croatian Book... Croatian Web Archive launches new website. A complete title list is available here.NOTE: Fulltext access is only available via the library catalogue. It holds around 3 million items. Every one time of non-use, the five days will be restricted from using the study room, Application Process : Fill out and submit application form → Pay annual fee for membership, Application Counter : Circulation desk(1F) in the Central Library, Processing Period : Until 5:30 p.m. on weekdays (excluding lunch break and weekends), Membership Application Form : Available with the Circulation desk in the Central Library, ID : Kyungpook National University student ID, Resident Registration Certificate, Driver's license, Application within three years from graduation : 50,000 won (Term of Service Use: 3 years), Application after three years from graduation : 50,000 won (Term of Service Use: 1 year), Deposit account informed when application form is submitted to the Circulation desk, Payment to be deposited under the applicant's name, Membership Application Form : Available at the Circulation desk in the Central Library, ID : Resident Registration Certificate, Driver's license, 100,000 won (Term of Service Use: 1 year). Croatian libronauts successfully complete Croatian Book... Latest NSK exhibition featuring a valuable... Another valuable work of Croatian Glagolitic... Latest NSK exhibition: “Drawings by Hugo... “Is digital disruption the new normal?…”,... NSK hosting “Václav Havel: Antikódy” exhibition. 3. the promotion of Croatian printed and electronic publications. This navigation is designed to work well regardless of which device you’re using. Trial access to all Elsevier e-books is now available until 12 November 2020. Where to copy and reproduce the Library’s materials? and password, KT_KNU_UNIV (members of Kyungpook National University only) : Integrated ID (student No., faculty No.) NUS university of Singapore is ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities. in Ljubljana. Apart from being the oldest Croatian collection of this type, the Print Collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb is also the largest print collection in Croatia. 5. the organization of the Library as the centre of the library system of the Republic of Croatia and the University of Zagreb. If you haven't already, we suggested reviewing the following resources in anticipation of the upcoming change: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our Faculty Concierge team ( for additional assistance.

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