As the algorithmic thinking of the streaming music era tightens its grip on the record industry and consumer listening habits, artists are still writing and recording collections of new material, releasing them as cohesive units on specific dates, and suggesting that you listen to them in a pre-established order. The maxed-out bubble-gun noise of a single like "money machine," with its lyrical smack-talk about "big boys coming with big trucks," recalls the frenzied sugar rush of '00s bubblegum indie acts like Sleigh Bells and Matt & Kim. The work, consumed with questions of responsibility and purpose, demands a certain degree of musical intensity. Size: 66 Mb, Artist: Godford We'll also get to hear the next albums from future, global stars like Dua Lipa, ZAYN and The Chainsmokers. It's a record that stays in motion at almost every moment -- hop in and let the wind whip through your hair. Or launched into space. The pair's third record, What Chaos Is Imaginary, is yet another thoughtful, considered broadening of their musical scope, stretching out to 14 tracks and incorporating a wider range of instruments, including synths and strings. Release date: January 25Record label: MergeWhy it's great: William Tyler creates music that makes you want to buy a sleeping bag. Our Upcoming Releases calendar includes upcoming albums, EPs, 7-inches, live albums, and more in genres including rock music, alt-rock, hip-hop, … The tension of that question is reflected in the project's playful album cover, which finds Gunna posing underwater in designer clothing with an umbrella and naked models swimming in the background. II: Me Time remains a personal favorite.) (Before going solo, Tyler played with indie rock acts like Lambchop, Silver Jews, and Bonnie "Prince" Billy.) Read the rest of this entry », Artist: Lupin Release date: June 14Record label: Drag CityWhy it's great: "Let's spend a light year together," sings Bill Callahan on the wry and romantic "Watch Me Get Married" off his new record. Luckily, those feelings of despair are offset by melody-packed songwriting that gives just enough room for Hendricks' witty, pugnacious words. "I thought I couldn't love him any more." Style: Experimental Black Metal Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, get Streamail for more entertainment, and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. New Albums 2019: Upcoming Music Releases, From Adele To Taylor Swift. In the last line of "The greatest," she even replaces the fuzzy TV set with a hint of techno-optimism: "I hope the livestream's almost on." Release date: August 9Record label: JagjaguwarWhy it's great: Justin Vernon, the Grammy-winning, Wisconsin-dwelling songwriter behind Bon Iver, follows his creative instincts. Without relying on big name guests or chest-thumping choruses, Polo G brings you into his lonely world with each carefully observed detail. Yes @MileyCyrus! The prodigious 53-year-old singer-songwriter, known for his deep voice and contemplative lyrics, has the ability to bend time and space with a few casual words. Though the wordless opening track "Opening Night" is a John Cassavettes allusion, most of this record, her first produced in a professional studio, feels untethered to popular culture or recent history; it's difficult to imagine an album sounding more unburdened by the anxieties of social media. It's a common hope for any musician, but he cuts it with a dose of harsh realism, telling himself, "The odds are against you, kiddo." In the past on albums like 1996's Murder Ballads or 2008's Dig, Lazarus, Dig!! It's the type of genre-melding, mind-expanding music you can spend hours pouring over, discovering new meanings and possible interpretations. The albums should be notable which is defined as significant coverage from reliable sources that are independent of the subject. Treat Myself is American singer Meghan Trainor's third studio album. The thrill of speed, words piling up on each other in a boastful and playful fashion, powers both Kirk and Baby on Baby, DaBaby's other excellent record from this year. Release date: June 28Record label: RCAWhy it's great: The latest collaboration between rapper Freddie Gibbs and producer Madlib builds on the foundation of 2014's Piñata, a record defined by a sense of playful experimentation and good-natured competition. It's hard to predict what the Detroit-born rapper will sound like on a given track, verse, or line. Album: Letter To You Release date: February 22Record label: YSLWhy it's great: On Drip or Drown 2, Atlanta rapper Gunna, the artist behind 2018's inescapable hit with Lil Baby "Drip Too Hard," doubles down on the elements of his style that have always worked. Release date: June 7Record label: ColumbiaWhy it's great: "I done got so used to funerals, can't show no emotion," raps Polo G towards the end of Die A Legend, his melodically buoyant and existentially heavy debut record. British pop group Bastille are getting ready to release their third studio album in April 2019. The album benefits from the odd, ruminative textures of songs like "I'd Do Anything," which opens with a lonely piano and builds to an achingly vulnerable chorus backed by a lightly strummed acoustic guitar. She announced the EP and lead single back in September 2018. A duet like "Married in the Goldrush," which adds a touch of yee-haw to the band's studied art-pop, has a winsome radiance to it that's completely new and entirely welcome; similarly, a track like "Flower Moon," twitching and jittering with life, displays a jam band's sense of mischief that pushes against lead singer Ezra Koenig's more concise songwriting tendencies. Ever the underdog, he keeps rapping anyway. "Love free/Take me," she sings towards the end of "New Love Cassette," a slow-burn ballad that employs an unnerving cello to great effect. He sounds equally self-assured on a tough-talking single like "Numb Numb Juice" as he does on an eerie deep-cut like "Water," which uses whispers and space to convey a sense of dread. Style: Indie Pop (He's referred to this record, which was executive produced by A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip, as his "version of a stand-up comedy album.") Goes West by William Tyler. With its empathy and its anger, Patience provides a path through the flames. Ode to Joy, the first record from the group following the release of Tweedy's memoir and his two recent solo efforts, is more likely to linger. American singer and actor Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) is set to release his latest album ERYS in January 2019, the follow-up to 2017's Syre. Trading backing vocal duties and swapping tales of woe, the pair puts a joyful, resilient spin on the old "misery loves company" proverb: It turns out misery loves collaborative side projects, too. Anticipated Future Releases. The song begins in motion, like a movie that kicks off in the middle of a breathless footrace with the camera trailing the protagonist, and it ends before a more conventional song structure can emerge. On this record, he turns the burgeoning "prestigious" elder-statesman hip-hop album on its head, lending it a much-needed touch of mischief. But the record is also more musically eclectic and thematically varied than its one-note reputation would suggest, with songs like the backward-looking "Do You Remember," with that soothing Ben Gibbard chorus, and the forward-looking "5 Year Plan," which includes a Randy Newman cameo, stretching the central conceit way beyond a single day.

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