[3], As the book was based on the real-life events of the storm, Ruckman also incorporated references to cities and landmarks within Hall County and central Nebraska into the book (including points of interest within Grand Island such as Dodge Elementary School, Mormon Island State Park and the Fonner Park horse racetrack, as well as the nearby towns of Dannebrog, Phillips and St. Paul) as well as an Associated Press report on the storm that is included as the book's foreword; however, the neighborhood depicted as the one where Danny lived was partially fictionalized, although incorporating two real-life streets in the city, Sand Crane Drive and Fonda Way. The story follows the adventures of 12-year-old Dan Hatch, his best friend Arthur, and his 2-year-old half-brother Ryan when a freak tornado passes over their small Nebraska town. Other than that, I really recommend this book. Having grown up 5 hours west of Grand Island, I had heard plenty about the night the twisters ripped through town. This opens up avenues to tie your reading/language art to science instruction. Night of the Twisters ... Ivy Ruckman is the award-winning author of fourteen books, including No Way Out, for which she also wrote the screenplay. A loosely adapted made-for-cable television film of the same name was released on February 14, 1996, airing on The Family Channel (now Freeform). Written by Ivy Ruckman, The Night of the Twisters is a popular choice for reading lists because it’s a fascinating story that injects the elements of adventure into a true story. I think this gives readers a quick look into what has happened to several over the year. Tornados are terrifying. This was one of my favorites as a child. After all, tornado warnings are a way of life during the summer in Grand Island, Nebraska. A fictional account of the night freakish and devastating tornadoes hit Grand Island, Nebraska, as experienced by a twelve-year-old, his family, and friends. The film premiered on The Family Channel on February 11, 1996, as the cable channel's first original movie. Night of the Twisters is a young adult realistic fiction novel by Ivy Ruckman that was released in 1984 by publisher Harper & Row (now HarperCollins). Mrs. Ruckman lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the film is structured as a coming-of-age story, most of the adaptation both follows portions of as well as differs from the book (among the differences, Danny's mother – who is renamed Laura (Lori Hallier) – works as a diner waitress, instead of as a hair dresser-turned-homemaker; the inclusion of characters such as storm chaser Bob Iverson (David Ferry) and a more prominent role of Danny's grandmother; as well as the absence of four of Arthur's younger siblings and the Hatch family cat, Minerva), with more of a focus on Danny's heroic efforts to try and reunite with his family. When they return to the Hatch house, as Linda sews a birthday dress for Grandma Hatch, Arthur sits down to watch television, and as Danny looks for snacks, the show they turned to on KGIN (referred to in the book by its real-life brand name, "10/11," in reference to Lincoln parent station KOLN and its Grand Island-based satellite) is interrupted by a severe weather bulletin about a tornado and funnel cloud sightings north of Grand Island, in St. Paul and Dannebrog. Among the summaries and analysis available for Night of the Twisters, there are 2 Short Summaries and 3 Book Reviews. by HarperCollins. After all, tornado warnings are a way of life during the summer in Grand Island, Nebraska. Peak tornado season is March through June so this is a great time to bring this story into your classroom. The story ... Book Summary from Goodreads (goodreads.com) When a tornado watch is issued one Tuesday evening in June, twelve-year-old Dan Hatch and his best friend, Arthur, don't think much of it. Then the emergency siren starts to wail. Grants, Fund Raising, & Government Program, 100 Great Resources for Middleschool Teachers, 100 Great Resources for Middleschool Students, Resources for Middle School Students and Teachers. The names were changed, but the story is true. The three go to rescue Belle from the basement, using her kitchen table to navigate to her amid the partially collapsed back stairs, after Dan and Arthur find her asleep on a sofa, which they use as a makeshift ladder to get her and themselves out the window with Stacey helping them from outside. Dan and his friends are forced to respond in the emergency and accept responsibilities they have never had to as kids. Dan, his baby brother, and Arthur have only seconds to get to the basement before the monstrous twister is on top of them. After Dan spots the wreckage of Goldie's home and Linda's car in the next yard over, Stacey and Arthur spot Linda running toward them, later recalling how she and Mrs. Smiley took shelter as the tornado came at them. It's a story about a pre-teen boy named Dan and his best friend Arthur that weather out a massive tornado in Dan's basement with Dan's infant brother. This was another book I loved as a child, and so it also made the read-aloud list. I think it may be an elementary or middle school book [s], 32 New Historical Fiction Novels Readers Are Raving About. Add to cart. Book Summary from Goodreads (goodreads.com) When a tornado watch is issued one Tuesday evening in June, ... Other editions - View all. I would recommend this to someone looking for a little more grown up version of The Magic Treehouse books or someone interested in storms. Sites with a book review or quick commentary on Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman. Laura and her friends drive up as well and the family is reunited. Reviews tend to be short and light on plot details. . Dan and Jack continue into town looking for Laura. Night of the Twisters is a 1996 American disaster film that was based on the book and directed by Timothy Bond. Depending on the study guide provider (SparkNotes, Shmoop, etc. Dan finds his grandmother and gets her into the truck. The skies were clear, and forecasts called for only a slight chance of thundershowers -- a 20 percent probability for Tuesday night. Start by marking “Night of the Twisters” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Depending on the study guide provider (SparkNotes, Shmoop, etc. He arrives just before his mother leaves for work. They then find Jack and help some fireman get Jack free. In the beginning, Dan is feeling almost like an outsider in his family because his mother and stepfather have a “new son” to dote on. Little do they know t. When a tornado watch is issued one Tuesday evening in June, twelve-year-old Dan Hatch and his best friend, Arthur, don't think much of it. In the short story, “Night of the Twister” by James Michael Ullman, the main character Karen Smallwood is an intelligent teacher who was raised by a lawman. Jack : Dan’s stepfather. Night of the Twisters: Whole Book Test is a fifty-question matching style quiz covers the whole book and checks for basic, FACTUAL comprehension. The family temporarily stayed on the Hatch farm, along with Arthur, whose family members stayed elsewhere, with Stacey living with her friend Evelyn, while Ronnie Vae (who did not talk or speak for three days after being tossed into the bushes by the tornado) stayed with cousins in California, before the Hatches and Darlingtons moved into government-provided trailers that August. The students were spell bound. With all streets barricaded either by bulldozers and various emergency vehicles or downed lines and water on the roadway, Mrs. Minetti offers to either take Danny to her house in Doniphan or back to the armory; Danny asks to walk the way to the Kmart on his own, and dodges all obstacles along the way once he departs. GoodReads community and editorial reviews can be helpful for getting a wide range of opinions on various aspects of the book. They drive back to their house. After all, tornado warnings are a way of life during the summer in Grand Island, Nebraska. As the twister starts to obliterate the Hatches' home, they ride out the storm in the shower of the basement's bathroom; they remain there for several more minutes after the tornado passes, as rain and hail hit them from above the gaping hole where the first floor of the house once stood, and as water from one of the severed underground pipes seeps in underneath them. Also includes sites with a short overview, synopsis, book report, or summary of Ivy Ruckman’s Night of the Twisters. The movie also stars Amos Crawley as Arthur Darlington, Laura Bertram as Stacey Darlington and Alex and Thomas Lastewka as Ryan Hatch. Read this to the girls while traveling Nebraska. Your email address will not be published. How frightening, Betty! Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Offers plot summary and brief analysis of book. This book is about two best friends that live in Grand Island, Nebraska. The book incorporates events occurring to the Rozendahls in the book; among them, Florence – like Linda Hatch – had been sewing a dress at her kitchen table, as her children repeatedly asked if they were going to shelter in the basement as the weather worsened; as experienced by Danny and Arthur before the tornado hit the Hatch home, the Rozendahls heard sucking noises emanating from their sink and pipe drains, and sought cover from the tornado in their basement shower (where Danny, Arthur and Ryan sheltered within the Hatch family's home in the book). The home on Bismark Road in Grand Island that was inhabited by Rozendal, her husband, Harley, and their three children – sons Mark and Ryan, and daughter Cindy – was destroyed by an F4 tornado that caused severe damage throughout the southern portion of the city during the early evening of June 3. When he arrives, he finds out the store's parking lot has been turned into an emergency command post and all civilians taken to the store were evacuated during the night due to high water, being transported to other shelters. Required fields are marked *. Start studying NIGHT OF THE TWISTERS SUMMARY QUIZ. Filmed in Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada, it is based loosely on the 1984 young-adult novel of the same title by Ivy Ruckman, itself a semi-fictionalized account of an outbreak of seven tornadoes that struck … But soon enough, the wind begins to howl, and the lights and telephone stop working. But soon enough, the wind begins to howl, and the lights and telephone stop working. It is told from the point of view of its 12-year-old protagonist Danny Hatch, who – after his home and neighborhood are destroyed by one of the tornadoes – begins a search for his parents as the event takes place. AudiofileMagazine - Night of the Twisters. The movie version is a loose adaptation of Ruckman's novel, set in the fictional Nebraska town of Blainsworth,[4] in which a teenaged aspiring artist Danny (Devon Sawa) deals with his father (John Schneider) – who is renamed Jack and established as his stepfather, whereas Danny's biological father died in a plane crash years prior – constantly pushing him into being an athlete. This article is about the original book. Have you ever read a book that is so grasping, you just can't put it down? Little did they know that a few of them will be going through their town. The next morning, Danny, Arthur and Stacey discuss walking to the Kmart and the local armory, when the jail matron, Mrs. Minetti, asks the policewoman on duty to take the kids there on her way to her house in Doniphan, when the group experiences the grayness and mugginess of the weather. Arthur has two sisters and spends quite a lot of time at Dan’s house. The main characters of the book live in a fictional town known as Blainsworth in Nebraska. Little do they know that even if they do survive the storm, their ordeal will have only just begun…. The School Story through the Eyes of a Tween, Brave Hearts Come in Small Packages: The One and Only Bob, Working through grief and loss: A Taste of Blackberries, Historical Fiction with a Twist: Al Capone Does My Shirts. Hour by hour, Dan Hatch, 12 years-old recounts the series of events the night seven tornadoes touched down in his small town in Nebraska.

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