In windows file explorer when you want to select a file of the current directory, you have to type exactly the same name from the start of the file. No sign of help pages, but granted I have not tested WinNC. The home page has plenty of hype but very little substance considering there is no trial period mentioned that I could find. User Menu! During the copy when Total Commander encounter files in the destination folder that has the same name of the copied files, it allows you to choose auto-rename the copied files or the destination files. In windows file explorer when you want to select a file of the current directory, you have to type exactly the same name from the start of the file. While the program is ULTRA-customizable, this can be a double-edged sword to anyone that is overwhelmed easily or not willing/able to learn the inner workings of DOpus. If the developer loses interest there is at least the possibility that someone else will pick up the torch. Associate file types with other portable applications on your USB stick. I love the program, if you have used Norton Commander back in the DOS-Win95 days.You will find this program to be an excellent replacement. All commands use the well-known shortcuts. Organization of features is convoluted, with some simple ones, like individual icons to quickly switch views missing. You can customize toolbars, but there are no themes available. XYplorer is a file manager for Windows. Distributed version with latest bugfixes. While the application does support opening files in your default program choice for that format, it does have a built-in File viewer and Editor. No choice between dull-dark or fresh-light. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to WinNc.List updated: 9/13/2019 4:52:00 PM. There is an official FAR web-site: Currently, it is present in the right-click menu, but you can drag and drop it to copy with Windows File Explorer. Select a folder or multiple folders and select Branch View to get a flat file view of the selected folder/s with files only, folders only or both. Hit "Ctrl-." MacPorts Its many keyboard shortcuts are also fully configurable. eg: you won't be able to open a file, or rename it, or copy it, or delete it, etc. after closing and restarting the app). It is even able to show webpages in the viewer, when you select .url or .html files. It even has a GUI editor to allow for custom interfaces for your file management and scripting tasks. From zip files, it allows the creation of self extraction .exe files.... More Info ». Also, it can compare folders (with or without subfolders) based on any combination of size, name, CRC as well as file count. I tried to keep this list as short as possible. It's auto-computed based on the current colour-settings and has 51 shades of darkness. Thank you for making this article! No need to navigate and navigate and navigate. Bugfixes and new features are released frequently. I won’t even list the plugins I am using. The interface is most naturally navigated by arrows and keystrokes. Indicating something, however it isn’t so valuable to create a ReadMe.txt file. why the heck would I use some ugly command line explorer instead of explorer.exe lol? You have to use common FAR hotkeys here like the + or minus, listed below the dialog. Altap Salamander is a native Windows application with modern and clean design. The program can be enhanced further by plugins for a variety of purposes. And where they're not obvious they can be discovered easily. My needs include preserve date attributes, handle long path names, sync locked files, remove dead files/folders. This may prove difficult to use for people who are not familiar with text-based user interfaces.

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