The establishment of this simple and obvious law should be enough. At that point it was obvious that this was no longer play. The latter, besides its more obvious advantages, speedily freed large tracts of country from stagnant water and their inhabitants from ague, and prepared the way for the underground draining which soon after began to be practised. This system has in great measure been followed throughout the present work, but it is obvious that in numerous instances these rules must prove inadequate. But when Conrad died, the electors chose his nephew Frederick, surnamed Barbarossa, who united the rival honors of Welf and Waiblingen, to succeed him; and it was soon obvious that the empire had a master powerful Fmder!ck of brain and firm of will. At least he was considerate enough not to comment on her obvious interest in his physique. Betsy and I had both jumped to too obvious a conclusion. Returning to the case of the charged body with the space around it cut up into electric cells by the tubes of force and shells of potential, it is obvious that the number of these cells is represented by the product QV, where Q is the charge and V the potential of the body in electrostatic units. It is obvious that the results of such advances prescribe for the clinical physician methods which cannot be pursued without expert assistance; a physician engaged in busy prac- Spec;a;ism. Mr. Rinehart regarded them both with obvious confusion. Towards the end of 1700 the need for the act was obvious, if the country was to be saved from civil war. Administrative indifference to the eminently useful officials forming the service has led, in many cases, to diminishing instead of increasing their number and their salaries, but it is obvious that the extension of their duties and a corresponding raising of their status would be much more in accordance with the national interest. ? He retained his intellectual lucidity and an absolute command of his faculties to the last, reading Shakespeare with obvious appreciation until within a few hours of his death. After their realization by Bismarck these ideas have become sufficiently commonplace; but they were nowise obvious when thus published by Lassalle. When the length of the flowering season is considered, it will be obvious that it is impossible to keep up the show of a single border or plot for six months together, since plants, as they are commonly arranged, come dropping into and out of flower one after another; and even where a certain number are in bloom at the same time, they necessarily stand apart, and so the effects of contrast, which can be perceived only among adjacent objects, are lost. The obvious objection to this view is that a work of such importance, composed at so comparatively late a date, is scarcely likely to have perished so completely as to leave no trace; if there were one poet held as an authority, the name of that poet would surely have been mentioned. “Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply an admission of the obvious. Find more ways to say obvious, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Definition of Obvious. It was obvious he had something on his mind. The obvious solution would be to say that where two agree their reading is probably correct, but the followers of WH maintain that the agreement of the Western and Eastern is often an agreement in error. The most obvious feature the Apteryges afford is the presence of a back toe, while the extremely aborted condition of the wings, the position of the nostrils - almost at the tip of the maxilla - and the absence of an after-shaft in the feathers, are characters nearly as manifest, and others not less determinative, though more recondite, will be found on examination. When the child touched the hot stove with his hand, his obvious reaction would be to never touch the stove again. People are more attracted to the mysterious than the obvious.”, Panic! The deficiencies in the system soon became, 16. Connectives are words which link or join up ideas to build compound or complex sentences Mrs Large ran a deep, hot bath. Its obvious inconvenience for celebrating the holy mysteries, however, caused its gradual modification. As hard as she was laughing, squirming away would have been impossible, even if she had possessed the strength - and it was obvious she didn't. It is obvious that the contraction of these muscles 7?']0?0(dQOOOC?n.. The obvious remedy for these evils was to concentrate the executive power, to render the petty chiefs amenable to one tribunal, and to confide the management of the defensive force to one hand. But in order to obtain an adequate field of view, the mirrors, and therefore the box, had to be made somewhat large, and in the close-quarters conditions of trench warfare even the few inches by which they projected over the parapet or ether cover made them sufficiently obvious to draw fire. What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? 1. Show More Sentences Humpbacks can easily be identified by their stocky body, obvious hump, black dorsal coloring and elongated pectoral fins. "I'd believe you, if Sofi hadn't told me to look beyond the obvious with you," Damian continued. Standing there gazing up at him, it was obvious that he knew it too. "It's obvious he's not going to address the issue," Betsy grumbled as we spent our Saturday climbing nearby Mount Monadnock. It is only when such obvious truths are clothed in the technical terminology of "positive" and "preventive checks" that they appear novel and profound; and yet they appear to contain the whole message of Malthus to mankind. Such is Koheleth's view of life, and it is obvious that such a conception of an aimless cosmos is thoroughly non-Jewish, if we may judge Jewish thought by the great body of the extant literature. It is extremely probable that Acrae was not founded until after two obvious outposts had already been occupied - a post guarding the road to Acrae itself, and including the sacred enclosure of Apollo, which later, when it became a quarter of the city, acquired the name Temenites; and another post on the road to the north, in the upper part of the region known as Achradina. Easily discovered, seen, or understood; self-explanatory. See more. Its most obvious weakness is that 5000 yds. The most obvious non-Amosian passage in the book is the concluding passage, ix. Transcriber's Note on text: Some obvious errors have been corrected. On account of this, it has been suggested that in a forgotten past the Sakai were themselves the fashioners of the stone implements, and certain it is that all tools which have no representatives among the stone kelts are known to the Sakai by obvious corruptions of their Malayan names. The implication was as obvious as it was annoying. The present article will first describe its general structure and more obvious contents; compare it with the Synoptic Gospels; and draw out its leading characteristics and final object.

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