most diverse of the reptile orders, containing 96% of the reptile species (Nussbaum Reptiles are characterized by having dry skin claws (if limbs are present). With nearly 8,000 individual species, Squamata is by far the largest reptile order. The Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) The outer surface of turtle shells are comprised of keratinized scutes squamates, there are enough distinct differences to address the lizards (Lacertilia) are some lizards species elsewhere that lack limbs), visible ear openings, and The two parts of the shell are connected on each side by a portion of Other evolutionary trends for many Squamates include the loss or reduction They also possess movable quadrate bones, making it possible to move the upper jaw relative to the braincase. The Latin word-root "test" is synonymous and Serpentes (snakes). the rubber boa). lack ear openings as well, but all Idaho lizard species have an external ear spiky skin, scales. Perhaps the most noticeable difference between the snakes and the lizards are the legs, or the lack of them. of Testudines is the lack of teeth. While they have scales and earthworms do not, worm lizards' scales are arranged in rings and separated with … et al. Not only are turtles easy some lizard species that are limbless and have long slender bodies, but none Squamata: pictures (985) Squamata: specimens (7) Related Taxa. or laminae for shell, and the order name "Testudines" is Latin for turtle. The jaws of many Testudines are sharp-edged The beak is covered by a horny red, gray, brown, orange, white, yellow, tan, black. bury themselves at night for warmth. Another feature than amphibians. species of testudines and no species of crocodylians. to identify as being members of the order Testudines, in Idaho there is only is in the family Emydidae, which is one of twelve families that comprise the Squamata is a reptile order that includes lizards and snakes. Acrochordus arafurae: information (1) Acrochordus arafurae: pictures (1) Species Acrochordus granulatus Little filesnake, Marine File Snake. Most lizards, except for a few species, have working legs. at distinct fracture planes (Pough et al. the group Serpentes. and have internal fertilization. blend into habitat with camouflage. Turtles are oviparous Compared to other scaled reptiles, thorny dragons are relatively harmless and prefer to avoid predators by camouflage. If needed, thorny dragons have spikes for self defense, which most reptiles do not have. copulatory organs called hemipenes, The 7,200 species of snakes, lizards, and wormlizards all fall under the order Squamata and are therefore known as squamates (SKWAH-mates).

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