86 min Oh, sure, this fairly straightforward thriller -- which is about a bunch of teenage friends who take advantage of a quietly unhinged woman in their neighborhood -- would probably be decent enough with anyone in the lead role, but it's the effortless wit, warmth, and (occasional) weirdness of Octavia Spencer that makes Ma a whole lot better than average.Where to watch it: Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Release date: May 3Cast: Israel Broussard, Aurora Perrineau, Samantha MathisDirector: Chelsea Stardust (Satanic Panic)Why it's good: A brilliant scientist has discovered the key to human cloning, and what does she use it for? 92 min 107 min And they will almost certainly watch this movie at least twice. Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. 95 min Zawe Ashton, An endless nightmare trapped in The Hole. Ruben Fleischer Emma Greenwell, A pizza delivery girl at the end of her financial rope has to fight for her life - and her tips - when her last order of the night turns out to be high society Satanists in need of a virgin sacrifice. Menashe Lustig, | | A family attends a live taping of The Banana Splits television series, but are forced to survive as soon as the characters go haywire and start a killing spree around the studio. | Gross: Four ancient kaiju (including Godzilla) have awakened from hibernation and destroy a whole bunch of stuff while a group of hard-working character actors do all they can to keep the "talky bits" interesting. Stars: The Perfection highlights the depths of our rage, cascading to a grotesque, utterly disturbing outro. The seventh (yep!) Stars: In fact, virtually all of this year’s sequels all fell around in the same area: You’ll see Annabelle Comes Home, It Chapter Two, and Zombieland Double Tap all clumped together in this guide. Stars: 98 min Tom Sturridge, R Stars: | A single mother living in the Irish countryside with her son begins to suspect he may not be her son at all, and fears his increasingly disturbing behavior is linked to a mysterious sinkhole in the forest behind their house. After his brother returns home from war, Jacob Singer struggles to maintain his sanity. | And break it she does.Where to watch it: Stream on Shudder and Amazon Prime, Release Date: October 8Cast: Emily Tyra, Munro Chambers, Christopher GrayDirector: Rob Grant (Alive)Why it's good: Three estranged but oddly close friends find themselves trapped upon a drifting yacht with no way to control the vessel. To qualify for this list, the horror movie simply had to be Fresh or Certified Fresh after at least 20 reviews – whether it was a theatrical or streaming release was not a factor. | Director: Action, Adventure, Horror. Ninian Doff Ally Ioannides, 87 min Henry Czerny, Votes: Ema Horvath, Part sci-fi mind-twister, part claustrophobic horror story, it features some fantastic work from Pattinson and a whole lot to say about the innate nature of humanity -- and not much of it is pleasant. The X-Men universe is already scary if you think about it, but The New Mutants leans into the horror, following five young mutants who are trapped in a secret facility and must work together to escape. Juliette Lewis, | | Visually striking and oddly compelling, this bizarre combination of dark comedy and offbeat thriller may go to some unexpected places, but it's certainly never boring.Where to watch it: In theaters; rent on iTunes and VOD, Release date: February 9Cast: Keith David, Tony Todd, Loretta DevineDirector: Xavier BurginWhy it's good: This one is cheating a bit, because it's not a horror movie, but a fantastic documentary about the impact, influence, and artistry of black filmmakers within the horror realm. Director: Ava Preston, Nothing good can come of that (except a good scary movie, of course). $26.80M, R 88 min Drama, Horror, Thriller. Talitha Eliana Bateman, Summer Lenton, R Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Lee Eddy, R Imagine sort of a gender-switched Robinson Crusoe story, only with the added threat of a sea monster, and you may enjoy this well-shot and gradually intensifying thriller.Where to watch it: Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, VOD, Release date: June 21Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Mark HamillDirector: Lars Klevberg (Polaroid)Why it's good: Chucky's earned himself a whole bunch of sequels by this point -- and he also has a TV series in the works -- so it only makes (financial) sense to deliver a remake of some sort. Katie Stevens, The movie starts out in fascinating fashion -- a bunch of interviews with the dancers is followed by one of the wildest dance numbers you'll ever see -- then it slowly, gradually, eventually gets all sorts of mean, cruel, nihilistic, and nasty. Expect her to bring a nomination to the horror fiends early next year.Where to watch it: Stream on HBO Go and HBO Now; rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and VOD, Release date: July 2Cast: Florence Pugh, Jack Raynor, William Jackson HarperDirector: Ari Aster (Hereditary)Why it's good: Have you ever found yourself on a vacation trip you immediately regretted? Stefanie Scott, R Scott Beck, Cliff Curtis, R María Mercedes Coroy, Mike Flanagan Chapter Two makes for a perfectly horrific double feature with Chapter One, only this time around we have some pretty fantastic grown-ups doing the running and screaming.Where to watch it: Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and VOD, Release Date: April 5Cast: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André BenjaminDirector: Claire Denis (Trouble Every Day)Why it's good: If you're in the mood for something ambitious, strange, occasionally shocking, and oddly thought-provoking, here's a deep-space "adventure" story that rapidly devolves into chaos. $54.72M, PG-13 Ross Anderson, Votes: 99 min | Ari Cohen, Kevin Kölsch, Starring: Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper. | Gross: Raymond Cruz, Jennifer Laporte, | Gross: Strange occurrences plague a small town detective and his family as he investigates the disappearance of a young boy. Ivan Massagué, Stars: Travis Cluff, Stars: 2019 Horror movies, movie release dates. Director: Brittany O'Grady, 77 min Johannes Roberts Highlights include a truly creative slasher flick subversion that opens the anthology, plus we get Joe Dante tackling plastic surgery and a few more freaky stories that deliver the goods. James Quinn Markey, Sabrina De La Hoz, 85 min 87 min Sid Haig, Where to watch it: Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, VOD, Release date: July 12Cast: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross AndersonDirector: Alexandre Aja (High Tension)Why it's good: Horror fans love a good killer croc (or alligator) flick, from 1980's Alligator to the snarky Lake Placid, with lots of goofy indie flicks in between. After hearing a young boy's cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out...and that something evil lurks within. Maybe that’s because we’re at a point in history when bizarre situations (like, say, anything that’s trending on Twitter) have frightfully become our norm and what we eagerly debate. Where to watch it: VOD, Release date: July 4Cast: Martha Higareda, Richard Cabral, Barbara CramptonDirector: Gigi Saul Guerrero (ABCs of Death 2)Why it's good: Hulu's "Into the Dark" horror film series has been a decidedly mixed bag -- although certainly worthy of a look if you dig the scary stuff -- but this entry ranks among the best of the bunch. A group of teens discover a set of scary stories written by a young woman named Sarah Bellows—and the stories take on a life of their own. Gary Jay of Curiosity is also producing a new film in 2019 and is hoping to re-visit one of the UK's most haunted locations, the site of his most watched investigation to date. | Drenched in dreamy colors that hide a malevolent interior, Greener Grass marvelously exposes a byproduct of suburbia unlike we’ve ever seen before: family as social currency. [2] However, in … Rob Zombie Madeleine Arthur, | Dominic Mafham, Director: | Jackson Robert Scott, 99 min Tell us what you think about this feature. Director: $74.15M, R Dennis Widmyer | | Lupita Nyong'o, | https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/best-horror-movies-2019 | That is until the young sorority pledges discover that the killer is part of an underground college conspiracy. He interviews a team of icons and experts (including actress Rachel True, director Ernest R. Dickinson, scholar Ashlee Blackwell, actor Keith David, and author Tananarive Due) to help peel back the layers in horror films from yesteryear to today through the lens of black history. 98 min Eddie Izzard, In other words, they’ve reminded all of us why the genre is so important. Adventure, Horror, Mystery. This energetic horror comedy is sillier than it is scary, by design; it's populated by a collection of game actors who seem to get the joke, and features a few gore scenes that'll delight the hardcore horror fans.Where to watch it: Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, VOD, Release date: August 13Cast: Dani Kind, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, Romeo CarereDirector: Danishka Esterhazy (H & G)Why it's good: Now here's a weird one! From deranged doppelgängers to severed monsters, and from bedeviled dresses to literal soccer moms, horror this year has satisfied our appetite for the off-kilter just as much as it has encouraged us to consider beyond what we think we know. Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Michael Ealy, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Starring: Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, and Colm Feore. Director: 152 min The quiet Rose works in women's fashion clothing, hoping to be a designer. Most of the requisite components are on hand -- such as a stitched-together corpse and a diseased brain -- but this version also taps into some decidedly modern themes as well, including PTSD, pharmaceutical company malfeasance, and the true definition of "toxic" masculinity. Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Horror. Joely Richardson, A haunted dress sounds like an absurd premise for a movie that boasts heavyweight talent like Jean-Baptiste; but when you add masturbating mannequins and a malicious washing machine to that towering mix, you’ve got yourself a deeply eccentric and unsettling gem that will make you hesitate the next time you step inside a dress shop. Godzilla's latest Hollywood production is, for my money, the best one yet, and a worthy counterpart to the equally entertaining Kong: Skull Island from a few years back. Thanks to an extraordinary special effects team, we’re paralyzed in horror as creatures like The Jangly Man, whose body slithers down a chimney in pieces and quickly reassembles itself limb by limb, captivate the screen. The answer: It's not great. Kyliegh Curran, Kevin Guthrie, TV-MA In the wake of humanity's extinction, a teenage girl is raised by a robot designed to repopulate the earth. Jaeden Martell, Whether or not there's an actual point to all this madness, however, is up to you.Where to watch it: Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, VOD, Release Date: September 27Cast: Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Jeremy GardnerDirector: Joe Begos (Almost Human)Why it's good: An angry young artist finds her muse after getting hooked on a freaky new drug and discovering a taste for human blood.

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