But this hasn’t stopped traders from stealing pangolins from the Palawan region and transporting them to various towns and cities to sell them for meat consumption or medicinal use. The Philippine pangolin has been reported to have an affinity with fig trees, as these trees provide tree hollows in hide in and attract their primary source of food; ants. Pangolins are the most trafficked mammals in the world, despite an international ban on their trade. “While the rise in pangolin seizures speaks to successful enforcement action, it is also deeply alarming news for this rare animal,” Elizabeth John, senior communications officer at TRAFFIC in Southeast Asia, said in a statement. The Philippine pangolin is one of Mongabay is a U.S.-based non-profit conservation and environmental science news platform. 2014. The International Union for the Conservation research, public education, harvest and trade management, and enforcement DONATE HERE. Welcome to the first of our Endangered Species Spotlight series. hbspt.cta.load(5981609, 'ffe07749-0055-4a95-85b3-bce123fc330c', {}); Mongabay is a reader-supported conservation and environmental science news service. More to come soon. The figures include a record-breaking bust in September 2019. Historically, the judiciary haven’t penalized convicted traffickers to the full extent of the law, and this may be one element that’s exacerbating the illegal trade, according to TRAFFIC. In the Philippines, pangolins are a protected species, and anyone caught trading them faces hefty fines and prison sentences of up to 12 years. Conservation methods are in place for Following a raid in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, authorities confiscated 1154 kilograms (2,545 pounds) of pangolin scales and other wildlife parts from a two-story home there. Podcast: Can the planet support a clean energy transition? For many years, it was believed that Philippine and Sunda scales, and skin. of our Endangered Species Spotlight series. Haze Seen on East Coast from West Coast Fires, Arctic’s Known Climate in Need of Adjustment after Climate Change, Endangered Species Spotlight: Scaly Foot Snail, Essential Finite Mineral Phosphorus Loss Amplified by Soil Erosion, Ninety-six Percent of Mammalian Extinction over the Last Hundred Thousand Years due to Humanity, Impact of Human Activities on the Nitrogen Cycle, Weekly Wonder of the World: Devil's Kettle, Endangered Species Spotlight: The Philippine Pangolin. distinction was made. Sy, E. Y., & Krishnasamy, K. (2020). This species is also known by the following name(s): Palawan Pangolin, Balintong. The scales have been used in traditional medicine, although 2007, Schoppe and Cruz 2009). But these estimates are probably quite conservative, according to Richard Thomas, global communications coordinator at TRAFFIC. tail ratio. In the last two years, there were also 18 “retrieval incidents” of live pangolins found roaming the streets of towns near Manila or nearby provinces, including the pangolin spotted on the golf course, the report states. There have also been three more retrieval incidents of smuggled pangolins since the start of the year. Your email address will not be published. Facts Summary: The Philippine Pangolin (Manis culionensis) is a species of concern belonging in the species group "mammals" and found in the following area(s): Philippines. A Philippine pangolin (Manis culionensis) or scaly anteater was rescued from an illegal wildlife trader in Quiapo, Manila, the Department of Environment and … “How many more seizures are ‘under water’ is anyone’s guess but I suspect the true figure would be jaw-dropping.”. Banner image caption: Frozen Philippine pangolins intended for the wild meat black market were seized in Palawan on 28th July 2018. Just last week, nine traffickers were caught and arrested Your email address will not be published. (commentary), Brazil moves toward transfer of deforestation and fire monitoring to military, Madagascar’s top court criticizes government handling of mining project, Mining covers more than 20% of Indigenous territory in the Amazon, More than 470 oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon since 2000: Report.

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