Used wisely, technology is an important tool in our toolbox of solutions to climate change, overconsumption, and environmental degradation. It's hard for even the staunchest of climate "skeptics" to deny that. He spoke one day before the show aired. Frontline (TV Series) Plastic Wars (2020) Plot. North American Flexible Film & Bag Conference and Rigid Plastic Packaging Group Meeting collocated with the 2020 Global Plastics Summit. Synopsis. We brought together innovators from the industry as well as key partners from the region to help build a model that could be implemented across the U.S. Plastics News would love to hear from you. “Plastic Wars,” a new documentary from PBS Frontline and NPR, reveals the plastic industry’s decades-long coordinated campaign to sell more and more plastic. Plastics News editorial cartoon by Rich Williams. But for the larger public, I don't think there's a lot of success you can point to today. We really don't know if the technological innovations or programs like the AEPW that industry is banking on are going to work long term. Plastic Wars 1x54. Let us know in the comments. Measures like the RECOVER Act—which would designate funds to improve the recycling infrastructure in this country—and the RECYCLE Act plus the Save Our Seas 2.0 Act are the kinds of legislation our industry supports to build a robust recycling system. Her video of the encounter went viral, attracting more than 35 million viewers and focusing attention on what the documentary calls a “growing problem.” As a result of videos like that one, global anti-plastic movement is growing. But from the public's point of view, stepping back from the industry tunnel, all of those programs that the plastics companies and their leaders are talking about are still in their early stages. Join the brightest minds in the food packaging industry as they tackle regulations, both nationally and globally. For decades plastic producers have been manufacturing a lie about the recyclability of plastics to justify a toxic and unsustainable industry. Plastic waste is a huge problem, as a Frontline documentary titled Plastic Wars discusses. At PLASTICS, we are focused on innovation and solving our recycling challenges. Kickstart: Whatever happened to those anti-plastics activists in Ireland? The facility was briefly included. Please stay tuned for updates about future meetings. We can’t speak for anyone who’s no longer a part of our organization, or no longer a part of the industry. The Clean Power Plan will makes great strides in protecting human health. That shouldn't be forgotten. ‎Show FRONTLINE: Film Audio Track | PBS, Ep Plastic Wars - Apr 6, 2020 ‎With the plastic industry expanding like never before and the crisis of ocean pollution growing, FRONTLINE and NPR investigate the fight over the future of plastics. The solution to the growing plastic problem for decades has been recycling. Last year, I went and profiled the local environmental group behind the lawsuit, and they took me to the shoreline around the Formosa plant. Activities you can undertake to make a difference. Since a lot of the public attention goes to waste in Asia, the show presents very compelling images and arguments about plastic waste in Indonesia and that country's struggles to clean up packaging waste. Created by the Society of the Plastics Industry, its members include plastic manufacturers like Dupont and oil manufacturers like ExxonMobil. And it devotes time to the impact of China's National Sword program closing off export markets for low-value plastic waste. Labor: Apprenticeships may provide answer, Internships: Solving the skills gap in-house, Lean Six Sigma: Transforming business operation, Braskem successfully launches commercial production at its new world class polypropylene production line, Transform your molding capabilities with the Canon Shuttle Mold System. "Sea of Shadows" tells the story of the illicit trade for the swim bladder of the Totoaba fish. Take plastics labeled with the number four, which are used for bags. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, for example, is a serious effort, but it rests on the assumption that the industry's $1.5 billion in seed money can find solutions that then attract the much larger amounts of money actually needed. “Despite the backlash, the industry that makes plastic is expanding...plentiful supplies of oil are driving down the cost,” Frontline stated. Heavy Metal: Coronavirus edition, plus the work of working from home. But I watched both documentaries with the same basic idea in mind that there's a ton of work to be done to clean up plastics in the environment and to make plastics into a truly circular material. Take a look at the event calendar to discover which events are best suited to your needs. An investigation into the fight over the future of plastics, the crisis of water pollution and whether the plastic industry used recycling to sell more plastic. There's a lot of serious effort being expanded, like the $1.5 billion Asia-focused Alliance to End Plastic Waste, investments in pilot projects in the U.S. recycling system or plans to develop chemical recycling technology. Plastic is a sustainable material. The website Recycle Coach advises consumers not to put plastic bags in recycling bins because “most facilities don’t have the personnel and equipment they would need to process them.”. We all know how the fossil fuels industry and driving cars and big corporations are contributing to climate change, but we should also stop to consider what changes we need to make in our homes that will stop the planet's temperatures from rising. The Frontline and National Public Radio documentary "Plastic Wars" that aired in late March prompted a lot of teeth gnashing in the industry..

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