Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. You said somewhere that you also like using a long f/ratio 60mm and comparing the views . Hi John, sorry you`re getting drowned. Their distance equals … Delta is a handy stop-over on the way to the galaxies; eight degrees north is epsilon, ‘The Door to the Chamber of Galaxies’. My first split of Porrima this season! They orbit each other in 169 years, but because of the extreme elliptical shape — it ranges from five astronomical units (AU) to eighty-one AU’s — the separation between the two stars changes relatively quickly (see below for an orbital diagram). The telescope design – SCT? Back to porrima, let it drift slowly in from right side of fov. It’s definitely within reach this year! Use the Search box below to find doubles by popular name, RA, or telescope size. Porrima is a splendid binary (Struve 1670), AB: 3.5, 3.5; 10º, 1.9" with an orbit of 168.7 years. I may have achieved this with the 20mm TV Plossls on their highest power – I do know that’s what I used when I split the Double Double later in morning twilight. N . And now for something totally different — a Refractor Review! (See the sketch above if you haven’t already). Clean split at 6 – better yet at 5 – better than the 5mm Nagler. Glad to hear it’s now in range of an 80mm – albeit a very good one! In Porrima’s case the stars are not equal – they are 3.48 and 3.53! Distance:   38 Light Years This raises the 120x to 140x in my 600mm focal length ed80 and with the barlow gives 280x. of 20º. They orbit each other on highly elliptical paths in only 169 years, and as a result, a single observer can watch them easily move over the course of a lifetime. At 166X it was acceptable. However – this is why I don’t put a whole lot of faith in such “tests.” Perhaps when I put the Orion in I just had better seeing? And for this task it seems clear that larger scopes simply demand better conditions – they don’t offer a real advantage. Humidity was 50%. Curious. I thought perhaps yesterday would be it. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Izar. christmas together. I really would like to get a pristine split of that […]. On the same point i thought you frequently used a 127mm APO?? It should be a bit higher in your sky and I suspect the pre-dawn sky may make it a tad easier – cutting down the glare some. I’ll try it again next time I go Up Top. Now good luck in determining which that is! In it went — and out of that mini-pin-hole-of-a-lens emerged two distinct and very round globes of white light! It’s 10 PM before the light fades enough to see the two objects, and it’s not completely dark until 11 PM — and by then, the trees are tugging at them. Which star are you referring to, Steve? and physics. Unfortunately the entire northern hemisphere seems to be “enjoying” volatile weather. In getting it back I knocked the focus and by the time I refocused, it wasn’t there. Seeing was good, although not totally dark. regards and good luck, rich. Located about fifteen degrees to the northwest of bluish-white first magnitude Spica, Porrima “A” and “B” are two of the fastest orbiting stars you’re likely to encounter. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Porrima. Your notes on the views through an 8″ SCT made me feel a little less unhappy about getting up at 5.30am. Thank you for you answer doctor water bear. it count for half my grade!!!! Additionally, we are playing the role to provide comprehensive global sourcing of specialty ingredients to our client and customer. something like your weather and what i tried to leave behind in the UK. It means “The Angle (or corner) of the Barker” and refers to the area lying within the curve formed by Epsilon (ε), Delta (δ), Porrima, Eta (η), and Beta (β), which can be seen on the chart above. Porrima  (Gamma {γ} Virginis)   (Σ 1670  [STF 1670] )   HIP: 61941   SAO: 138917 That is amongst the best blogs I have actually examined . Dozens of galaxies are in the vicinity but large telescopes are needed to resolve them. “With a single temperature for all whole cuts of meat and uniform 3-minute stand time, we believe it will be much easier for consumers to remember and result in safer food preparation,” USDA Under Secretary Elisabeth Hagen says in a news release. I used a 10mm zeiss ortho. Unlucky, sir . I still get a P.A. 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