But did you know that having the right sleep pattern can provide you with a lot of health benefits? For example, one study found that blood pressure drops during a short afternoon sleep when compared to being awake. Dozing after lunch for 20 minutes or so can also improve your energy levels and increase your performance. The last thing you want is for a colleague to barge through the door—or a phone call to wake you up—just as you were starting to doze off. During these times you experience a natural dip in alertness due to your circadian rhythm, making it the most ideal time to power nap. Find out how the cardiac diet can be good for your heart. The main benefits of the micronap is that you’re still more or less conscious—you don’t have too much time to drift into phase II sleep. Naps are great for everyone—no matter the age—one of the clearest signs that you’re better off taking a power nap during the day is if you show signs of sleep deprivation. But before we go into those studies, keep in mind, how much we gain from napping is determined by how long we nap. You will fall asleep for a short nap easier if you are in a dark place that isn’t too warm. Schon 10 Minuten täglich können Deine Produktivität steigern und auch körperlich für mehr Wohlbefinden sorgen. Even if you just lay awake for 20 minutes on the couch, you’ll still feel calmer and more collected afterwards. Planned napping is when you have a long night coming up. Why? Having a power nap after lunch is also good for your health in general because it can boost your immune system. You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. Do you know how long to nap? The best spots to take a nap are places where you won’t be disturbed (conference room, car, library—even a bathroom stall works). All it does it show you that you’re sleep deprived and are better off taking a real nap. I used to have a battery powered alarm clock in my car. Auch super: Im parkenden Auto den Beifahrersitz weitestmöglich nach hinten stellen und den Kopf zusätzlich mit einem kleinen Kissen polstern. Naps can be a double-edged sword. And finally, we have REM (rapid eye movement) napping. It’s also a great way to combat sleep deprivation and counteract the health damage from a long night. Your email address will not be published. You’ll also experience full dreaming with this nap, as dreams occur during the REM sleep, which happens during deep sleep. Das mit den 90 Minuten=voller Schlafzyklus ist wirklich mega interessant. Most of us feel tired between 1 and 4 pm, so try to fit your nap during those hours. It’s tough to concentrate and it costs a lot of mental energy to get something done. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. However, a long nap seemed to negatively impact on alertness and productivity. Ansonsten probier’s einfach mal aus: Eine verständliche, leicht umsetzbare Anleitung zum Erlernen der Power-Nap-Technik folgt direkt im nächsten Absatz! Chances are the caffeine wakes you up anyway. It can help you remember faces, names and facts, but the downside is some grogginess upon waking. It reclines back to a nearly perfectly horizontal position, allowing you to completely stretch out for an office power nap. On the concrete side, it means that you can lose all the guilt that you might have when taking a nap. Ab einer Dauer von rund 90 Minuten durchlaufen wir sämtliche Schlafphasen inklusive des sogenannten Rapid Eye Movements (=schnelle Augenbewegungen, kurz REM). We’re not master painters, but we can learn a lot from this. The best way to find out is to try different ones, let’s quickly check what the main benefits of each nap were: The following questions will help you decide which naps is better for you: This is the main determinant of how long your nap should be. A: Naps are OK. Every hour of sleep that you miss has consequences in regard to your focus and functioning. Your body has a circadian rhythm that keeps a tab on what time it is. Power naps have been shown to physiologically decrease stress markers in the body. Why? Nach diesem Artikel würde ich es gerne mal mit Power-Napping probieren. Not getting enough sleep decreases the production of testosterone in men. At this point you can start enjoying all the benefits that naps have to offer! My naps last from 60 to 90 minutes and depending on the night before, I can even take 2, one in the morning and then in the afternoon. Teste die Snooze Project Matratze jetzt 100 Tage lang und lass Dich überzeugen. (2), Many studies have tried to establish the perfect nap length. They cite the fact that 85% of all mammals have polyphasic sleep as a good potential reason that we too can benefit from some afternoon zzz’s. 100 Tage Probeschlafen + 10 Jahre Garantie = 0 Risiko. (14), One of the reasons why a power nap is good for your heart is that it helps improve your circadian rhythm.

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