Mr Brandon died of asphyxiation at his home in Church Crookham, Hampshire, on 25 August 2017, Basingstoke Coroners’ Court was told. As well as Tiny, his bedroom was home to another nine snakes and 12 tarantulas. “She was his baby. “He was an experienced herpetologist who cared for his reptiles and would have had a good relationship with his animals. According to Rapid City Journal, more than half of snake bites occur when a human is trying to kill or capture a snake. He said she’s very strong. He [Brandon] would say: ‘For goodness’ sake, Tiny.’ At other times he would tell me: ‘Mum, you’ve got to come and look, she’s being really good today.’ I don’t think he ever got bit by Tiny. While it’s rare, there have been cases of these snakes attacking and killing their owners (or some innocent bystander like a child). Mike said: 'It was a thrill to see the power of a leopard in action while hunting the impala. She said: “All the family wanted was answers to our questions and I have no idea yet whether we have that or ever will.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers, Uncontrolled release of birds for shooting threatens UK’s only venomous snake, expert warns, Discovery of reptiles comes days after 13 royal pythons were found in same location, Allan, a 1.5 metre corn snake, had been driving to Oldham with its owners for Christmas, Abandoned corn snake was discreetly left in a takeaway tub on Saturday night. First published on Wed 24 Jan 2018 12.07 GMT. “He was more wary of Tiny than the other snakes. His mother told the court her son kept 10 snakes, along with 12 tarantulas at the family home. On the evening of Mr Brandon’s death his mother was at home. “All the family wanted was answers to our questions, and I have no idea yet whether we have that or will.”. The coroner said he did not believe the snake had been aggressive towards Brandon. The items are tied together and are used in ceremony during the week-long festival of Sukkot. Temperatures during the day on Saturday will be between 10C and 14C, but set to plunge as low as 1C overnight, An employee pulls a pint in the Tib Street Tavern in Manchester, as Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announces the government will pay two thirds of the wages of staff in pubs, restaurants and other businesses if they are forced to close under new coronavirus restrictions, A jogger runs over the Armstrong Bridge in Jesmond, Newcastle surrounded by Autumn colours, Artist Hannah Uzor with her painting of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Queen Victoria’s African goddaughter, at Osborne, the Queen’s seaside home on the Isle of Wight. Paramedics were called but Brandon, a landscape worker, could not be saved.

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