To address this challenge, RapidIdentity has introduced a browser form-fill plug-in. Many customers are adding the new color backgrounds simply to jazz-up their portal appearance and increase user enjoyment. In place of entering a password, users verify their identity by responding to a push notification that’s sent to their mobile phone. Please ask your teacher if you have questions. The bottom line: raw material QC testing can be reduced from hours or days to only minutes per batch. The latest release of RapidIdentity overcomes this challenge by providing users with multiple authentication options. If you’re ready to upgrade to the latest release of RapidIdentity at no additional charge, call 877-221-8401 or email to contact our Support team today. The article describes how the RapID system is an effective tool as it works reliably through the most common incoming containers in pharma manufacturing. Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes. With RapidIdentity OTP,  providing a viable second verification factor is possible, even when users lack a cellular or wifi connection. At Identity Automation, we put a strong focus on our customer’s needs and strive for continuous... I’m excited to announce the launch of the Studio module for RapidIdentity with enhanced Extract,... Left to right: James Litton, CEO of Identity Automation, Dr. Tom Røtting, CEO of Uninett AS. Without getting too technical, bad actors are now using Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) to execute malicious payloads on popular websites and web applications. The new RapidIdentity Mobile App makes it easier to increase authentication security during sign-on. © 2020 Copyright Identity Automation. This saves significant time and back-and-forth with IT, as typically, users would need to get support/an administrator to reset the TOTP keys. The RapidIdentity Mobile Client can also generate TOTP passcodes for RapidIdentity and other personal SaaS services and web applications that support mobile-generated passcodes, enabling users to consolidate other authentication tools into a single app. Spatially offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) is a unique way to analyze objects when the contents are behind non-transparent layers or containers. With the explosion in the number of cloud-apps now available, it is not uncommon for RapidIdentity administrators to manage hundreds of applications, with many instances of the same application. A translated excerpt of an original article published in Pharm Tech Japan, in which authors at Astellas Pharma Tech Co., Ltd., Japan compare the use of a RapID system with more conventional raw material testing methods in accordance with PIC/S GMP compliance.

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