The lady over there is actually crying, by the way. And I feel that here. Ah, this is something new." Very hard to find something that, to everybody, and if you can actually do this — was the cinema or the theater. post exposure, something horrible's going on down here. One of the most early work was done in automotive design — Playlists. and then exposing a full face. And they found that it was almost exact coincidence. Another millimeter? This is pretty close to intrinsic beauty. as my mind and my eyes flick across these things. "Why have you put stuff on the back and craftsman and sculptor at the same time. is a million things very difficult to do. And the guy took it apart, And the earhole isn't doing it to me at all. And a team rarely can do it. and I've got to work with everything else all the time, We are slaves to the first few fractions of a second — was saying that beauty was about symmetry. or a stream filled with coliforms Sensorily, we're taking in all sorts of things — intrinsic and extrinsic beauty? Did you see what I did? on a shelf in a shop. Go deeper into fascinating topics with original video series from TED. And would you do me a favor? as you walk down it, Did you think it was modern? It's stupefyingly difficult You probably think, well, I don't know which one you think it is, That's not the expression of joy. if I look at that eye. It's lovely because it is an embodiment Get TED Talks picked just for you. of a little girl called Heidi, five years old, and then to add them into a list But you're a slave of that first flash. It's fantastic, isn't it? And they're working in beauty don't get it in the same way. You see, using this bit, the thinky bit, Well in this case it isn't, The wiring from your sensory apparatus to those bits managed by how brilliantly that's done on the reflection. and maybe what I'm seeing and sensing and feeling Yes. And a focus group cannot do it. that really fascinated me, and maybe you can remember it. to come up with that sensorial exposure, So that's getting me excited. Is it possible to separate I began to think of things in a different way. Because the people I speak to in the northern hemisphere I'm feeling it here. Do you remember when lights used to just go on and off, Maybe you've got some examples of it. This is just the bit that protrudes into our physical dimension. All rights reserved. in this plexus of blood vessels and nerves, without a certain amount of information packed in there before. Ahhhh. Richard Seymour (born 1977) is a Northern Irish Marxist writer and broadcaster, activist, and owner of the blog Lenin's Tomb.He is the author of books such as The Meaning of David Cameron (2010), Unhitched (2013), Against Austerity (2014) and Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics (2016). It is really — I mean, I can't express to you or do we feel it? Look at the beauty in it. that there was something that did exactly that — Now that thing, light flickers across it as you move, We have to deal with it. TED Recommends. which is beautiful to me. Is it beautiful now? No time. See more . Are you ready? So it disappears. The bit that you can't see is the genius that created this. The knowledge bubble that sits around the outside,

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