The content in past releases may contain data for historical periods that have been revised in the latest release. Population: Rebased estimates, Queensland 2007 to 2011 presents revised population estimates based on results from the 2011 Census, as released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the publication Australian Demographic Statistics, Dec 2011 (ABS 3101.0). This table provides a time series of the projected population of Queensland by single year of age and sex. Ten of Australia's thirty largest cities are located in Queensland. The north-eastern Australian region was explored by Dutch, Spanish and French navigators before being encountered by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770. Secondary industries are mostly further processing of the above-mentioned primary produce. Queensland's eastern coastline borders the Coral Sea, an arm of the Pacific Ocean. Major public hospitals include the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital, the Mater Hospital, the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital, and the Queensland Children's Hospital in Brisbane, as well as the Townsville University Hospital, Cairns Hospital, Cairns Hospital, Gold Coast Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital in the regional cities. The state’s capital city is Brisbane. Australia's first major airline, Qantas (originally standing for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services"), was founded in Winton in 1920 to serve outback Queensland. In the National Rugby League, the Brisbane Broncos, North Queensland Cowboys and Gold Coast Titans are based in the state. Other major universities include Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, the University of Southern Queensland, the University of the Sunshine Coast, James Cook University (which was the state's first university outside of South East Queensland), and Bond University (which was Australias' first private university). Townsville is Australia’s largest urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast, with a population over 185,000. [44] Snow is rare in Queensland, although it does fall with some regularity along the far southern border with New South Wales, predominantly in the Stanthorpe district although on rare occasions further north and west. The state’s capital city is Perth. Growth in Australia’s key capital cities accounted for 79% of the countries overall population growth. There is also a large bus network including Brisbane's large dedicated bus rapid transit network, the Brisbane busway network. In 2018, there were 134,312 international students enrolled in the state, largely focused on Brisbane. This tendency was exemplified by the government of the state's longest-serving Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen. The most recent population estimate is 4,990,700 people. [59], In 2019, Queensland had a gross state product of A$357,044 million, the third-highest in the nation after New South Wales and Victoria. The settlement, initially known as Edenglassie, was then transferred to the current location of the Brisbane city centre. Population growth, Queensland presents quarterly Queensland statistics on estimated resident population, natural increase, overseas and interstate net migration, as released in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) publication Australian Demographic Statistics (ABS 3101.0). Warming again made the land hospitable, which brought high rainfall along the eastern coast, stimulating the growth of the state's tropical rainforests. The city has been experiencing a growing population as it is becoming known as a center for innovation and is the location of many new startups. © The State of Queensland (Queensland Treasury) 1999 - 2020, Components of population change (persons), Queensland, June quarter 1981 to March quarter 2020, Rebased Estimated Resident Population, Queensland, 2016, Population: Rebased estimates, Queensland 2007 to 2011, Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Non-resident population, Queensland resource regions, Statistical standards and classifications, Queensland Government Statistician's Office, Queensland's preliminary ERP at 31 March 2020 was 5,160,023 persons (20.1% of the Australian population). This was the first recorded landing of a European in Australia, and it also marked the first reported contact between European and Aboriginal Australian people. Ten of Australia's thirty largest cities are located in Queensland, with the largest outside Brisbane being the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns and Toowoomba. The executive branch simply referred to as the Queensland Government. With an urban population over 33,000, the city is the 11th most populous place in Queensland. During the last ice age Queensland's landscape became more arid and largely desolate, making food and other supplies scarce. Victoria has a total area of 227,416 km2 which accounts for 3 percent of… Continue Reading, Tasmania also known as TAS has the 3rd smallest population in Australia after Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. The content in past releases may contain data for historical periods that have been revised in the latest release. Western Australia’s density is 0.89 people per kilometer, which is ranking 2 nd least populated state in Australia after Northern Territory. [32] In 1942, during the war, Brisbane was the site of a violent clash between visiting US military personnel and Australian servicemen and civilians, which resulted in one death and hundreds of injuries. In 1788, Arthur Phillip founded the colony of New South Wales, which included all of what is now Queensland. Legislative authority is exercised by the Queensland Parliament which uniquely for Australian states is unicameral, containing only one house, the Legislative Assembly. There is ample rainfall along the coastline, with a monsoonal wet season in the tropical north, and humid sub-tropical conditions along the southern coastline. Three series of projections (low, medium and high) are provided to account for a range of possible outcomes. Based on our research Cairns population will reach 154,230 by the end of June 2020. These components include natural increase, net overseas migration and interstate arrivals and departures. Book: Reid, Gordon: A Nest of Hornets: The Massacre of the Fraser family at Hornet Bank Station, Central Queensland, 1857, and related events, Melbourne 1982. Half of these have <10,000 people (July 2020)">clarification needed] not to have recorded a temperature above 40 °C (104 °F). In 1962, the first commercial production of oil in Queensland and Australia began at Moonie. Of all the states, Queensland’s population growth is above national average. Cases may be appealed to the High Court of Australia. It is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Queensland is also home to the Brisbane Lions and the Gold Coast Suns in the Australian Football League (Australian rules football), and the Brisbane Roar FC in the A-League (soccer). The current partisan makeup of Queensland's Senate delegation is 6 Liberal National, 3 Labor, 2 One Nation and 1 Green. Natural disasters are often a threat in Queensland: severe tropical cyclones can impact the central and northern coastlines and cause severe damage,[46] with recent examples including Larry, Yasi, Ita and Debbie. Melbourne has an estimated population of over 4 million people. The estimated resident population as at 31 March 2020 was 5,160,023 released by the ABS publication Australian Demographic Statistics. Note - Highlighted data refers to the year to 30 June 2019 unless otherwise specified. Includes those identifying as, A History of Queensland by Raymond Evans, Cambridge University Press, 2007. In the latter decades of the 20th century, the humid subtropical climate—regulated by the availability of air conditioning—saw Queensland become a popular destination for migrants from interstate. In 2020, Queensland was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. [66] Accommodation in Queensland caters for nearly 22% of the total expenditure, followed by restaurants/meals (15%), airfares (11%), fuel (11%) and shopping/gifts (11%). The capital and largest city in the state is Brisbane, Australia's third-largest city. Population data used in this report are sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) publication Regional population growth, Australia, 2016–17 (ABS 3218.0). Three series of projections (low, medium and high) are provided to account for a range of possible outcomes. [N 6][6][7], At the 2016 census, 81.2% of inhabitants spoke only English at home, with the next most common languages being Mandarin (1.5%), Vietnamese (0.6%), Cantonese (0.5%), Spanish (0.4%) and Italian (0.4%). This led to the world's first seed-grinding technology. The 2016 census showed that 28.9% of Queensland's inhabitants were born overseas. It has a total area of 800,642 km² and covers 10.4 percent of Australia. This table provides a time series of the projected population of Queensland from 2016 to 2066. Based on our research, Gladstone population will reach 34,520 by the end of June 2020 . Information on the fastest and largest growth in South East and regional Queensland is provided. [78] Each local government area has a council responsible for providing a range of local services and utilities. Cook claimed the east coast under instruction from King George III of the Kingdom of Great Britain on 22 August 1770 at Possession Island, naming Eastern Australia, including Queensland, 'New South Wales'. Most of the state's international students are from Asia. Brisbane is the third most popular destination in Australia following Sydney and Melbourne.

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