they keep adding new subscribers and its getting worse. Didn’t work the first time they did it. I kindly declined as I really don't need home phone and paying $150 for my internet/TV service right now which is fine for what I need. They’re claiming even faster download speeds. No one in a residential use case needs RADIUS. I’m genuinely stunned that no one from Rogers has dropped the “it says UP TO 250” excuse on you…. Impressive. I remember the terrible customer service on all levels and the inability of any single Rogers employee to resolve an issue on their own. The bad service coupled with the agents that cannot or simply refuse to attempt to resolve the issue was a surprise. Bell (dsl infrastructure) will have to pull fibre to the home long before cable will. Rogers has a variety of high-speed internet plans, and they do not target clientele that browses or downloads lightly. I can't help but wonder why Shaw BluSky or Telus Optik are not offering their service in Ontario. Was the customer service for this (and any fees applicable) reasonable? Happy wife happy life. Never start by demanding free service, I’ve learned. So now the good news. Or stay. What the Bell rep told you about sharing the connection and getting slower speeds is accurate. He transfers me to customer service. Edit: Furthermore, even bridging the modem can cause the tech to fail the install as we are under strict rules to leave the router as the router. Later swapped the old modem for a new one which was suited for 250/20 from the Rogers store. I was offered this, but I'm not rich and do not have so much disposable income for the $200 dollar monthly fee that you CANT BUDGE ON. they say the deadline is the 20th of may. What is this referring to? Search this thread. Thanks for the info, I actually gave up with Rogers. I told the rep how MISLEADING this was.. Why would you say “speeds up to” and think its okay to offer half the upload? I think it’s funny no one talks about your hardware. Even though that's kinda far from me, knowing that it works for online gaming and Netflix hd is still useful info. I'm anxious about getting lag for PC gaming and so the whole "shared network" thing is a draw back. Typically, we're aiming for 80% on the small scale, however, in most cases, you'll get higher speeds, usually around 170MbpsD~ and 17MbpsU~. I kindly declined as I really don't need home phone and paying $150 for my internet/TV service right now which is fine for what I need. Polk Audio S35 (Center). Will the price stay the same? Update:  I ended having so many problems with Rogers customer service that I tried to switch to the slower Bell service but their customer service was brutal. They got sued in 2013 for lying about their internet speed which is why they always tell you it goes “up to” the speed they advertise nowadays. (havent confirmed.. but may be available on just about any rogers service.. so could watch the same at a friends who has rogers) When outside of the house, only specific channels are watchable (probably based on license rights?) I however live in a new build area with Fibre to the Home. its not available in ottawa yet. I'm down to (I think $129 in year one and $139 in year two). If my equipment fails, I understand it's on me, But that's how I want it. I very much doubt there will be an app for Apple TV. I bought the 1000/50 specifically for the upload speed to push my offsite backups out. I was happy with this deal, and called about renewing since the 2 years is up next month (actually, they called us first). Lol. Rogers gave me a price of $199/month for 500U, Ignite TV, and home phone. I would like to re-state that I understand the tech has his scripts and procedures and did not ask him to deviate from them. It's the cheapest one size fits all solution that Rogers can find. Rogers over-promises and under-delivers. Got my hands on some audio recordings. Nothing has changed. Search this thread. Will give them a call. I appreciated the honesty at least. The best part was when she was saying that all the devices connected to the Wifi Router will evenly split the connection. If you have kids the Kidszone is amazing. We go back and forth a few times but I know it is going nowhere so I give up. He claims the reason that the speed is slow is because the work order on my install has not been completed. The rep was surprised by this. I didn't realize they were using an eero extender--- guess I'm going to have to sell my Orbi :(, Also if the ignite tv works I will have the Shaw Arris whole home pvr system with two recievers if you'd like to use them as opposed to the Motorola boxes from Rogers/cogeco. I tell him everything that has been done to troubleshoot. In most of the cases if they didn’t know something it was because they were never trained on/told it. I will update you guys with my findings as soon as I get the service. Sometimes Teksavvy emails me that prices went up. The ToS says "For PC users only." The real issue is I really really want a zero ping, no lag, type connection for gaming and the bandwidth is secondary. Thanks for all the comments, I think I will try It. Technician 1 arrives, plugs the modem into the wall, attaches the coax cable and I ask if this unit has the AC wifi and he says “this one does it all”. Aug 27th, 2018 4:24 pm #1; ninety5teg [OP] Deal Addict Sep 25, 2008 2495 posts 256 upvotes Scarborough . I saw your new internet packages and … Continue reading Open Letter to Rogers with My Review of Their Ignite 250u Package.

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