Read: How to Extract Lavender Essential Oil. Ramblers may be once-blooming, repeat, or continuous. Hi folks, I’m going to close comments on this now, but I just wanted to take a moment to say that I am truly grateful for all your visits, pins (wow!) Hi Katrina. The beautiful simplicity of their flowers and the added interest of a wide and fascinating variety of hips produced in the autumn, like the large black hips of 'Rosa pimpinellifolia', just add to the romance of these roses. The species collection covers all types of rose, ranging from small shrubs that only grow 1 metre high, to very large shrubs and even rambling roses. POLYANTHA These types of roses are characterized by prolific sprays of small blossoms held above the foliage like a cloud and in flower from summer through fall. I really hope that you were able to find some use from this information, and do please check back as I will be updating this page since I often stumble upon something I missed when I first sat down to type this out–one wintry evening with several cups of tea and dreams of spring. I am currently unable to locate a vendor selling this rose, but before I go further in helping you search I wanted to verify this is the one you’re looking for. A number of species are cultivated as ornamentals, and some are the source of attar of roses used in perfumes. How many varieties of roses are there? I’m so glad this helps. Good luck! R. macrophylla Doncasterii. Great info for rose gardeners everywhere! It’s a pleasure having you here! Rosa multiflora blooms once in late spring/early summer with trusses of white, honey-scented blossoms (distinguished from the Native American species rose which does not produce so many flowers per branch) followed by a multitude of bright red hips in autumn. Breeders have been able to widen this range through all the options obtainable with the range of pigments in the species. A popular example of a hybrid Setigera rose is ‘Baltimore Belle’ introduced in 1843. Hi…..I’m new to gardening and found your website very interesting. Famous Gallicas include: Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’ (Apothecary’s Rose) and ‘Rosa gallica ‘Versicolor’ (or ‘Rosa Mundi‘). MONTHLY: According to the Help Me Find Database, a Monthly rose may refer to the damask ‘Quatre Saisons’ or the famously popular China, ‘Old Blush’. For “Alabama Crimson” I found 2 roses, one, a Hybrid Tea, that goes by the name of ‘Alabama’ and another a miniature. David Austin’s roses are often referred to as “English Roses,” however, I prefer calling them “Austin Roses” as there are many other hybridizers who also hail from England. In my experience, Bourbon roses are susceptible to fungal disease such as blackspot and mildew. I believe the name was “king aurther’s coat,” or something to that regard. Now that Peter is sadly no longer with us, it is encouraging to see that the interest in these historic and important roses is still strong. These Damask roses are best known for their intense heavy fragrance. Also why is it hard to grow hybrid roses over here? I’ll add to this page as I stumble upon something new, so do check back and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch! Most are three to six feet tall; they tend to lack foliage at the base of the plant due to susceptibility to foliar diseases. An example of a Macrantha hybrid is ‘Raubritter’. Anyone reading this want to weigh in? They lost popularity when Hybrid Tea roses were introduced. RAMBLERS: In general, once-blooming hybrids of Rosa wichuraiana or R. multiflora which are characterized by long, sprawling, pliable canes which can be trained as a climber or left to cover wide areas. I am looking for a rose we once had in our garden a few years ago. Any help with the proper name and possibly a vendor would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and this is a very nice site, by the way! HARKNESS: Marketed in France and Germany as English Legend® these are a group of hardy shrub roses much in the vein of David Austin and Romantica roses created by the English company, Harkness, which has been in business since 1879. Anyone else have some suggestions for Rebecca? As many of you know already, the genesis for this page was a running list of notes that I had made up for myself to help me as I shopped for our garden. “Arcata Pink Globe” A Found (also a Hybrid Setigera) Rose. Simplicity roses have been in cultivation for about 18 years but there are not many individual representatives in the group. A popular hybrid Spinosissima is the Damask/Spinosissima cross ‘Stanwell Perpetual’. Classification of Roses: Rose plant is one of the most favorite plants in the world. ‘Tuscany Superb’ a Gallica from the early 19th century and an Old Garden Rose, OSO EASY®: The origins of Oso Easy roses are confusing as they are developed by different breeders, but they all share the distinction that they are own-root, easy care landscape roses which are promoted (many through Proven Winners) as being tough as nails and free-blooming hence the name, they are “Oh, so easy!”. CENTIFOLIA: An Old Garden Rose. AYRSHIRE: An Old Garden Rose. Used within garlands, which would have been worn by loved ones, these were then left in the tombs with the bodies. The species collection covers all types of rose, ranging from small shrubs that only grow 1 metre high, to very large shrubs and even rambling roses. Foetida roses are winter hardy, once-blooming and can reach heights of up to 10 feet. ‘Reine des Violettes’ A Hybrid Perpetual Rose. They are highly scented, large-flowered, in shades of pink and red with scattered repeat bloom and graceful form reminiscent of their Old Garden rose ancestors. FLORIBUNDA: This is a modern rose, a cross between a hybrid tea and a polyantha, with each stem producing clusters of large blossoms. Colors are bred during plant breeding programs which have existed for a long time. You can find it here. The “moss” rose (small hairs with scented glands on the bud) has a rich scent when rubbed or on a warm day. ), ‘Ghislaine de Féligonde’ a Hybrid Multiflora rose. EURODESERT: Actually not a type of rose, but a company that has since closed it’s doors. The canes are usually long and arching which was probably inherited from their Damask heritage (although some Bourbons are shrubby) and make good candidates for pegging or training as a climber. Climbing roses are mainly two categories they are natural climbers and climbing forms of hybrid teas (or other bush roses). Climbing, with arching semi-smooth canes and flushes of bloom in early summer. Peter Beales always had such a strong passion for species roses and spent much of his working life trying to save and preserve them. Albas can tolerate shadier conditions are cold-hardy.

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