Blundstones have always been pieces of crap. I have a pair of 500s that I wear everyday. © 2020 Everything Australian. The secret is well out. I plan on downgrading my older pair for recreation, and keeping my new pair for work/casual purposes. If you want comfortable boots get a soft wedge sole. I’ve tried and owned lots of different boots and leather shoes. I can't get rid of the nagging suspicion that the lack of laces would make for a loose boot at some point. Price: $150 As long as you keep them polished like any good leather shoe they should last you a long time. SHOP NOW, When you need to trudge around in the mud, sand, snow, whatever, there's no better boot than a classic muck boot. Blundstone, Redback or Rossi boots? I was in Munich a few days ago and I was surprised to see Blundstones selling for €150+. SHOP NOW, find more design-driven products in the Field Mag Gear Guide, The two outdoorsy brands team up for a two-piece collaboration drawing inspiration from the iconic speckled camping mug, Late 80's Acid House meets Portuguese-made suede in new limited-edition urban trail shoe for the urban inclined, Deep in the Peruvian Andes exists an ancient land of unbelievable natural beauty, if you're willing to work for it, The 3rd collab for the two American brands pays special homage to the Pacific Crest Trail and bold 90s style, A true Pacific Northwest collaboration boot designed to tackle the wet and rugged evergreen region both brands call home, The celebrated lightweight, waterproof hiker introduces urban-inspired Dune and Jet Black colorways for everyday adventure, Field Mag® is a registered trademark with U.S. Pat. Side-by-side comparison: 1 year old vs brand new Blundstone 550s. Price: $95 By continuing, we assume you consent to receive cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. SHOP NOW, Keen makes shoes that are so ugly they are cool. You buy them for life. I like their style more but is the quality 3x as good as blundstones? Built of durable hand-lasted rubber with a four-way stretch inner bootie and antimicrobial insole, on top of a rugged non-slip outsole, this waterproof clam digger is a welcomed addition to the list. Need to speak to us? I’m working construction / development at the moment and wear Rossi’s. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Forget the Original 500 vs Super 550 debate. When I was growing up I owned a couple of pairs of blundies. Blundstone is famous for its rugged Chelsea boots. If anything, they'll loosen up for the better. They are great boots, that last years, and can be resoled ore repaired if needed. Buy it for life? First pair lasted me seven years. They're built to be worn everywhere from the hiking trail to the city sidewalk. Gotta love a design that's at home on feet of aging hippies at the local organic co-op grocery, art school kids in NYC, and fashion interns in LA alike. While all of the Blundstone hoopla was taking place, if you were from South Australia you may not have even noticed. I had a pair of blundstones for about 10 years that I only wore when helping my old man on site, which would be typically once or twice a year. I had a pair every year (big chunky work boots, not the dressy style ones) when I was in the workshop. SHARE. The Mission Statement:, Press J to jump to the feed. Redbacks or Rossi are quality Aussie made and last for years without the R M Williams 'fashion' mark up. At this point, if you don't already own a pair of Blundstones, are you even an outdoorist? Powered by vBulletin® Version 5.6.2 Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All times are GMT-5. Some of the best work boots in Australia are as follows: Blundstone 992, Rossi 700 Trojan Safety, Redback Alpine, Steel Blue Argyle Zip, and Blundstone 990. SHOP NOW, It's no secret we're Danner fans around here. I also have a pair of 550s but I actually think the 500s look a lot nicer. They slide on easy, protect against the elements, and look damn fine with just about any outfit. (PS - Bogs also makes a waterproof leather Chelsea Boot that's worth mentioning, too, since that's probably why you're here.) The last pair I bought the zipper failed after about 3 months, I took them back and got a full replacement. Re-soled them once in all that time. Always been extremely happy until the latest pair. Some more hiking style boots with laces might be better. I used to get issued Redbacks at work I destroyed 2 pairs in 2 years. These however have held up wonderfully and are very durable. I'm a customer for life. Is the price justified? This semi-low top iteration by Oregon-based Bogs is a real looker—but don't worry, it's functional AF too. I had heard a lot about Blundstones - mostly good reviews, and some great. Here is an album showing the physical differences between a one year old pair, and a brand new pair. I guess I kind of answered my own question here, but - would you recommend these shoes for the tripping I've described? Sole is intact, seams are holding together, and no cracks in the leather. I don't have any experience wearing R.M. I will need to replace my beloved Blundstones soon and have been reading about these alternatives. I do recommend inexpensive insoles just for a little extra arch support off you need it. Middleburg. Style: Style is subjective, but I think my Blundstones look great. That said, the new Pub Garden Chelsea is seriously cool. They fit with a pair of jeans, when I'm on my motorcycle, or when I'm at work. Great review by the way, concise, well written, seems to cover about everything, and good pictures. A year later, I am satisfied with my purchase. It seems to be a common problem in mudrooms across Canada, and it's all because of the popularity of Blundstone Originals — slip-on, ankle-length leather boots with elastic sides. A true 'all-purpose' shoe in my eyes. While researching where to try and buy Blundstones in Germany I came across the RM Williams. Nov. 3, 2011, 06:32 PM. Always been extremely happy until the latest pair. They last just as well. Here are a couple pics of my boots after a fresh coat of oil: The last time I wore them the shoe sole disintegrated. The third iteration of the slip-on boot now features waterproof suede, a sizable outsole designed for snow and wet terrain, and Keen's signature rubber toe cap for added protection. I treat my boots with this stuff every couple of weeks. Hell, it's even an upgrade. Subscribe to our newsletter for Sales, Promotion and the latest news. The waterproof, flexible, and durable 6" Ankle Deck Boot is a more wearable version of the brand's original knee-high boot first introduced in Alaska some 50 years ago. I read that blundstone moved production over seas but maybe we can leave this argument aside for a second? The elastic is made to last and I have no problem with it loosening. You say you can wear these for 8 hours on your feet and have no problems. And the utilitarian Anchorage Boot III is just that. There are a few deeper scratches (scuffing against rocks, etc) on the front of the boot, but that has not affected the waterproof. As feet come in all different shapes, we can't make any guarantees in regards to size recommendations. Price: $110 Excellent boot, I’ve thrashed them so hard and they’re still holding up! And now they make badass boots too. Ditch the Blundstone. This page was generated at 01:30 AM. Danke! UPDATE: Redbacks ROCK! The following list of the best Blundstone boot alternatives covers all the basis, from Chelsea boot suitable for city life to heavy duty, job-site approved work boots, from handmade in Australia to designed in Oregon, and so on. The high end ones are like $1k a pair. Yes. Durability: Fairly durable. I’ve had a few mates buy rms as a dress shoe and both a bit disappointed - the shoe itself is quite narrow and they’re definitely designed as a dress shoe these days. Ditch the Blundstone. This pair lasted 2 months of normal wear before the rubber layer of the sole wore thru at both heels exposing the foam "air" layer. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In Australia, some of the best boot brands are R.M. While I'm not going to provide a 'review', I will give my thoughts.

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