Special forces spokesman Sabah al-Numan said his troops had completed their initial mission, but stood ready 'to support any other forces if we are ordered to by the prime minister'. SAS-R Sniper Rifle. Previously Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong had set the world record in 2002 at 7,972ft when he gunned down an Afghan insurgent carrying an RPK machine gun during Operation Anaconda in 2002. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The REAL signs you're getting old! Seeing your friends 'could ward off dementia' and doctors should consider prescribing get-togethers to keep... China's super-wealthy got $1.5trillion richer during pandemic that began in Wuhan, with one analyst saying:... Lockdown is a deadly scythe: Cruel irony of severe coronavirus restriction is it costs more lives than it... Lockdown's lethal toll laid bare: 50,000 children see surgery postponed, treatments for strokes plunge by... Swedish cites finally face coronavirus lockdowns… but authorities say they will be VOLUNTARY with 'strong... William says he fears a 'mental health catastrophe' from lockdowns in call to two hospitality business... How infection rates are falling in big cities across England - as official data shows Greater Manchester's... Matt Hancock reveals that millions more people in South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, the... Has the stress of Covid given Boris dandruff? You can WhatsApp us on 07810 791 502. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It comes as the Iraq's special forces declared their mission in Mosul complete on Saturday after the group retook the last western districts from the Islamic State group within their area of operation, according to a military spokesman. Chief inspector of prisons blasts 'dangerous' and 'self-serving' Covid rule of locking inmates in their... Can John Leslie EVER shake off the seedy image that has haunted him for 20 years? A source said: “A terrorist climbed out of the cab, looked at the engine and began shouting instructions to the driver. He is believed to have used a Barrett Light .50 calibre rifle to fire the incredible shot. Swiss Arms SAS 10 SNIPER RIFLE Swiss Arms SAS 08 Sniper Rifle Black With Bipod Sniper Rifle from Cybergun 20mm rail under the body for bipod Rail 20 mm higher for scope / dot Pad back for comfort and shooting accuracy Adjustable tactical stock Rings for integrated sling Weight 2960gr Length 1090mm /1115mm (adjustable) To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Email us at tips@the-sun.co.uk or call 0207 782 4368 . The security forces set the ground for an SAS ambush by deploying a decoy patrol, but this counter-sniper operation failed twice. Currently this gun held the fastest boss kill records for me against any kind of elite bosses (level 60 here) below 10 seconds, with shockfield, HKS and Sublight few seconds behind it. At the end, the sniper squad was tracked to a farm complex and arrested there. The soldiers is said to have only taken a single shot to take down his man, living up to the gun manufacturer CheyTac's motto of 'Make every shot count'. Costing $13,800 (£10,500), it is at the forefront of warfare weaponry. Located on the Persian Gulf and bordering Kuwait and Iran, the city is also Iraq's only outlet to the sea and the hub for most of the country's oil exports, with 3.23 million barrels exported from Basra last month. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? This sniper rifle was designed to withstand hard use. It took three whole seconds for the bullet to reach its target - the throat of an Islamic State terrorist in the Iraqi city of Mosul. As John Leslie is found not guilty of groping woman's breasts in 2008, his... Britain's 'biggest bankrupt': Steel tycoon Pramod Mittal who spent £50million on his daughter's wedding... STEPHEN GLOVER: Who will rid us of these anti-Brexit, grenade throwing bishops? Theresa May livid as Gove addresses Brexit security fears, Ireland Taoiseach orders full national lockdown for six weeks, Manchester: Govt threatens Tier 3 if agreement not reached by noon, Gove accuses Andy Burnham of 'indulging in political positioning'.

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