He went out and had sex with someone the next night. In astrology, the “qualities” or “triplicities” reveal the role you play in a relationship or collaboration. I’m a Scorpio and I meet a Sag girl in chat room… I was challenged. @yvette, it is easy to flip the switch on with a scorpio. Scorpio are too experienced to know that once a thing is done, there are more chances of it being repeated than otherwise. In fact, you both have a way of pushing forward actions and discussions. If its meant to be it will be… Dont force it….dont waste time… I invested my entire 20s in a in and out relationship. I’m dating a 34 yr Old Scorpio man. He is amazing, caring and loves so very hard. Anyway, back to my scorpio, I have learned (from him) that I too should live life without worries or regrets. Do Scorpios and Sagittarius make good friends? though its quite clear that our view of being in a relationship have different expectation, I still feel that human will always be human, it’s not always about money. Being a Sagi woman, I’m very forward and honest. We met over two years ago, and have never parted a day sense. Apart from this, you both will have a bad relationship if you do not share the same feelings and mission about life. I just can’t read him and his negative traits are driving me nuts. I’m a sag woman December 8th birthday, (I don’t like the hoopla about the oculus-whatever I’m a sag.) We are so good in bed we can get into relationships and keep most signs just based on that one characteristic. Just ask him out, if you like him give some sort of physical signal, and he will takeover from there on out. We talk at this point, and all is clear. Maybe it’s their way of testing us or attempting to control us for their own security. In this love match, it can be hard to get in sync. Sag women need to travel and the scorpio man delights in making you happy. That’s when I knew that my stinger was still in her even though I had made the adjustments. Scorpios are really great as friends; loyal, supportive, always ready to listen, take you out to your favorite places. try { Mind you, we have yet to sleep together if that makes a difference. You will have to make the 1st move. If there is anything that you would do, you will enjoy being patient with your lover. Years passed and we see each other again, his stares bring chills to my bones but he was already married so I finally moved on and got married too and then the fate twisted, we became very close and seems like the universe conspires and brings us together even more. Copyright ©2020 Ask Oracle. You will be a little bit inflexible and strong-headed with the way you speak and relate to others. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations of action could be the order of the day in the love match. I would never, for a million bucks, traid my Scorp…then again…I couldn’t anyway…GOD made us twin flames….so we are BOTH stuck..LOL! That’s what it was like for me. The Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship is a love/hate affair that’s never short on passion. I would really like it if someone can gives me a little heads up in maybe what the best way to go about this. God Bless You. Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? Now she is locked on getting everything in order, and I barely see her. Where you click: Run for cover! This is like days new. Its like we are total new ppl we communicate now and work things out before an argument fires up. I understand we are mutable but it can be exhausting and emotionally draining. Last time he saw me I lost some 60 pounds, now I regained it plus some extra. I’m 21 and he’s 22 but I was engaged to a capricorn (ughhh) about two years ago, and when that relationship failed I was unscathed. I still have a slight distrust because of the past but hopefully we work out because i cant live with out him. I love his desire and passion but I do not want to be suffocated and caged by it. Success will be yours if you choose to employ your passion and powers combined with overcoming problems. Hello evrybody. She is inspirational on all levels, motivating me to be a better person every day. In exchange the fixed sign will have to give an inch and be willing to try new things. He is sensitive to what you say to him. You will come across someone who feels the same for you… Then you will suited to each other. i think I should shut down completely and change my behavior because I’ve been too accessible. Do Sagittarius and Scorpio make a good couple? If you could find a way of connecting with each other’s connectable spots, you will be good with each other. I know I am wrong here otherwise as per our signs we should have been separated long long time ago. You are always ready to give your lover a normal and reliable relationship. Can we make a plan around here? He pleaded and begged me to stop it, to choose HIM. LOL. If we’re with you, we’ve already decided we want you; but with Scorp their games just seem to suggest they haven’t decided; and who has time for that. I will never forget her, or the way we laughed. My problem is she had just gotten out of a relationship of 4 years, has 2 kids, and after avoiding all the hard stuff for 4 months she couldn’t do it anymore. When I was 17 I fell in love with a scorpio 3 yrs older than me. Realize that no one compares to you. I feel like I took his soul I hate it and now I HATE CHEATERS and would Never ever do that to him again. Like swimming or rrrrrr bath or drive drive and e really good. He loves to be I’m ccontrol… So I let him think he is. We are both married now and the love we have is too painful. Talk to your Scorpio. They stare a lot. This compatibility score is a little bit below the average score required. The trust both of you have for each other is not something to write home about. Then 10 phone calls a day, she initiated as much as I, have turn to almost zero. I’ll never date a Scorpio man again But I’m trying to figure out if my Scorpio man is no longer interested, playing control games, or should I back off and allow him to take care of his personal issues. My life is a cage. It would annoy me because I felt like he was playing games with me and he lied to begin with. So one day I reached out to her friend and her friend told me that she hadn’t seen her in three months. Hes a go getter n i love that about him. When you care for someone even a little you give them respect and consideration. This relationship needs some work to keep it positive. This is very true in my relationship with my love we may be different but at the end of the day I love her and will be there for her. The Archer slings arrows of truth, exposing Scorpio’s soft underbelly. I am brutally honest but I learned I should hold my tongue back or show what I need through actions. But then this would be one-of a kind year, a period which would rarely visit a Scorpio native in terms of relationships. I guess we grew up in those passed 3 years. The space grew and grew and about the five-year marker  she said she wanted to take a vacation and go back home for a while. Of course, all that friction can lead to explosive sexual chemistry, even an obsessive quest to figure each other out (you never will). It is the case that you often face your lover with a lot of outdated views. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); He just focuses on one thing He thinks im too dramatic and harsh with words especially when im angry. Thing. Her mother was with a man whom was completely out of control. If they don’t, then it would’ve been the hardest lesson I’ve ever learned. I am older by at least 10 years even though he looks older than me. The planet rulers for this relationship are Jupiter and the combination of Pluto and Mars. Communication is the key and that’s with any sign anI any relationship. I have learnt a lot about life, love and myself. You cannot be an emotional prema donna and have this one stay interested in you. I have to say, though, that I’m disappointed that hardly any of these Scorpio descriptions ever mention that some of us transcend the neediness and jealousy. Instead of trying to hit the same note, find a duet that harmonizes your disparate talents. It doesn’t have to be necessarily true in all the cases but Scorpio don’t take chances in love. Sometimes I think what if he’s getting revenge on me subconsciously? I’m a sag woman and went out with this Scorpio man a few times. And he makes me feel loved in ways I never thought possible, I love him, and alllllways will! She didn’t do so because her mother told her not to, so she didn’t. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you don’t like someone then you don’t stay with them. Now, it’s gone. The yin sign can be too passive (or passive-aggressive) and sacrificing, while the yang sign may act domineering, aggressive and selfish. But after learning more about astrology it really explained alot. I figure he knew a little about my intentions but refuse to say or do anything because he must have felt I am being stand off-ish. I just have to sit and wait and hope that she can heal enough to trust me again. Thanks. Then 4 months ago she asked me back, or at least she said we should get back together. Traveling is your hobby, as you often travel around the world to catch new information and experience. You both will be deeply into yourself. hello..Sebastian,your story really touched me.Trust me,i am a saggi girl and all i can say is she really loves you.You may find this absurd,but even though she is far and all this years she might have come across different colors of life,but there was something deep in your relationship,that she kept ignoring to cover her heart break,but knew it was true.Saggi.. girls need a lot of space,which you realized,do not get disheartened,she will always come back to your arms again..because you are the one she is loyal to.I too am in love with a scorpian guy,just had a fight,he is far from me and i miss him. They are quite simply ridiculous, spiteful and repulsive!!! I held back and didn’t give her what she deserved the biggest mistake of my life ultimately she ended up feeling invisible to me the love of her life, how selfish of me. According to the scorpio diagnostic when they fall they fall hard and stay untilll they become extremely hurt and then they take vengeance. She craves and deserves that attention. I’ve never been loved so much by any other sign: Scorpios are very intense and make you feel like the only person in the world I do find that he can be secretive and that breeds suspicion at times.

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