La position du Soleil et les phases de la Lune sont plus pertinents de leur point de vue. The Sirians were one of the first alien civilizations to visit our solar system, aeons ago. It allows them to have stereoscopic vision: in other words, they can see inside of an object as well as the outside and opposite side in the third dimension. The original star had an estimated 5 M☉[12] and was a B-type star (roughly B4–5)[101][102] when it was still on the main sequence. They appear human, and are distant relatives to us. The Sirians are members of a large Galactic Federation, and some time before our so-called "recorded history," Earth used to be a part of this Federation also. Les mesures de Huggins demeuraient entachées d'incertitude : il publia une vitesse radiale de −40 km/s, alors que la valeur mesurée aujourd'hui est de −7,6 km/s. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. [78] Alternative explanations are either that the description as red is a poetic metaphor for ill fortune, or that the dramatic scintillations of the star when rising left the viewer with the impression that it was red. The Venera program: Interplanetary probes from behind the Iron Curtain. A first permanent settlement, however, was established approximately one million years ago, in what is now Latin America. « Nous pouvons conclure que, dans l'ensemble, la parallaxe de Sirius n'est pas supérieure à une demi-seconde. Order now to get your Black Holes Collection from Space & Beyond Box! With regard to the inhabitants of Sirius, one should keep in mind that the Sirian system is the home of many galactic species, both physical and non-physical, humanoid and non-humanoid. They helped create the bodies we have now; so genetically, we are almost identical to them. They work with some of us on the third dimension in subtle ways that we cannot easily see with our mere five physical senses, and on higher dimensions in more blatant and direct ways, which we still can't perceive unless we have access to those dimensions. [147] Dante and John Milton reference the star, and it is the "powerful western fallen star" of Walt Whitman's "Then Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd", while Tennyson's poem The Princess describes the star's scintillation:[148]. Select at least 3-5 forecast methods or Les écrivains chinois décrivaient Sirius blanche, mais déduisait des pronostics de ses changements de couleur (par la scintillation), tout comme pour les éventuels changements de couleur des planètes (d'origine atmosphérique). Sa température de surface est d'environ 9 900 K et son diamètre environ 1,711 fois le diamètre solaire, diamètre mesuré directement par interférométrie et en accord avec les modèles stellaires. They are more advanced in the metaphysical sense as Sirius is home to one of the most advanced training centers or universities known as the Mystery Schools, to which the Ascended Masters travel. The orbital motion of the Sirius binary system brings the two stars to a minimum angular separation of 3 arcseconds and a maximum of 11 arcseconds. Currently 10,000 times less luminous in the visual spectrum, Sirius B was once the more massive of the two. ] Du fait de sa proximité et de son éclat, Sirius est une des étoiles les plus étudiées des astronomes et fut l'objet de plusieurs « premières », notamment la détection de son mouvement propre et de sa vitesse radiale. Simply select the calculation technique Likewise with the Pleiadians and Nordics. higher than expected level of infrared radiation, "Contributions to the Nearby Stars (NStars) Project: Spectroscopy of Stars Earlier than M0 within 40 Parsecs: The Northern Sample. [32], Bright stars were important to the ancient Polynesians for navigation of the Pacific Ocean. Debbie is available for personal readings and class/workshop requests. [18] The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the "dog days" of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, the star marked winter and was an important reference for their navigation around the Pacific Ocean. In Iranian mythology, especially in Persian mythology and in Zoroastrianism, the ancient religion of Persia, Sirius appears as Tishtrya and is revered as the rain-maker divinity (Tishtar of New Persian poetry). on the Forecast icon then select "Rectification". If you already know your birth time (usually listed on a birth certificate) you do not have to use this feature. [86], At a distance of 2.6 parsecs (8.6 ly), the Sirius system contains two of the eight nearest stars to the Sun, and it is the fifth closest stellar system to the Sun. [59], The visible star is now sometimes known as Sirius A. [49][50] Compared to the modern value of −5.5 km/s, this was an overestimate and had the wrong sign; the minus sign (−) means that it is approaching the Sun. BY PHONE: Alex Collier mentions a benevolent Sirian civilization of Lyran / vegan descent that lives in the Sirius A system, called the Katayy. Early in its life, it is thought to have been two bluish-white stars orbiting each other in an elliptical orbit every 9.1 years. By modeling the evolution of a star with Sirius A's mass, the astronomers find the star achieves its current luminosity and diameter 225 to 250 million years after birth. [110], In 2017, a massive star cluster was discovered only 10′ from Sirius. Catalogue, Moon Calendar, Void of Course Moon Listing, Planetary It is positioned in the neck of Canis Major, the Greater Dog. Well, we do have access, just not usually in a conscious state. The Romans knew these days as dies caniculares, and the star Sirius was called Canicula, "little dog". [114] The name's earliest recorded use dates from the 7th century BC in Hesiod's poetic work Works and Days. Un siècle et demi plus tard, utilisant la spectroscopie, une discipline tout fraîchement introduite en astronomie, William Huggins parvint pour la première fois à mettre en évidence le rapprochement de Sirius vers le Soleil, c'est-à-dire sa vitesse radiale[4], après une première tentative infructueuse avec W. A. Miller en 1862-1863[5]. Sirius A is classed as an Am star because the spectrum shows deep metallic absorption lines,[99] indicating an enhancement in elements heavier than helium, such as iron. While it passed through the red giant stage, Sirius B may have enriched the metallicity of its companion. This will then make sure the children are being born with their full 12-strand DNA and automatically already have the infrastructure within their physical bodies for being fully conscious. At a distance of 8.6 light-years, Sirius A and B compose the fifth-nearest star system. About two million years ago, the Sirians began adding some of their own DNA to the genetic material of Homo Sapiens' forebears. Due to the concept of the yazatas, powers which are "worthy of worship", Tishtrya is a divinity of rain and fertility and an antagonist of apaosha, the demon of drought. Situé à seulement 8,6 années-lumière du Soleil, Sirius correspond au cinquième système stellaire le plus proche du Soleil, après le système triple Alpha Centauri (4,37 al), l'étoile de Barnard (5,96 al), Wolf 359 (7,78 al) et Lalande 21185 (8,29 al) (voir la liste d'étoiles proches). simply give us a call or send us an e-mail so we can recommend [82], Sirius, along with Procyon and Betelgeuse, forms one of the three vertices of the Winter Triangle to observers in the Northern Hemisphere.[83]. In 1844, the German astronomer Friedrich Bessel deduced from changes in the proper motion of Sirius that it had an unseen companion. © 2020 Debbie Solaris. Dans l'Égypte antique, le calendrier était basé sur le lever héliaque de Sirius, annonciateur des crues du Nil, indispensable à la vie du peuple égyptien.

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