One or both of them will have to make sacrifices. He continues to narrow the field, ultimately to one woman to whom he proposes marriage in the series' dramatic finale. The next day Hannah has a date with Tyler. Watch The Bachelorette season 15 episode 12 Online Week 11: Season Finale, Part 1 : Hannah's love story continues in Greece, where she feels torn between the three final men. They talk about their future, and Tyler says he'll be happy wherever they live as long as he's with her. Unfortunately, we still have one more date with Jed to get through. "Somewhere Luke P.'s head just exploded," Chris jokes. "These feelings, I don't ever want to lose them," Tyler says. When Robert asks Jed about his goals in life, he talks about his songwriting career (without mentioning, oh, how Hannah might fit into that). With that, let's move on. Jed gives a vague answer about wanting various income streams, then mentions that he recently signed a deal to write a jingle for a dog food company. Their confidence in Tyler inspires Hannah to tell him she's falling in love with him. I think Suzanne must be feeling very whelmed about Jed. The first "all-star" reunion from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, this competitive reality show has the participants living together as they compete to win a cash prize, and maybe even find "the one.". LOL. Or is he just so perfect they had to do him dirty just to make it seem like a fair competition? made her realize that, no, this is love. Part two of the finale will air July 30. The Bachelor embarks on a romantic journey meeting 25 women, then selecting 15 as potential mates. Eventually he leaves. THE BACHELORETTE - "1501" - It's a tractor...It's a plane...It's the self-appointed king of the jungle! My God. He wanted their relationship to be as organic as possible, despite the circumstances. It wasn’t an easy journey but somehow we’ve managed to make it here, and now we must wait and see what Hannah has decided. Today’s biggest stories, from pop culture to politics—delivered straight to your inbox. How are we feeling about part one of the Bachelorette season 15 finale? Peter takes it well—not that the bar is high, given Luke's reaction to being dumped. "You did!" Hannah points out that she plans on being successful, so it doesn't matter whether or not Jed is the breadwinner. It's a good look for a potential Bachelor candidate to have his adorable mom by his side, blowing kisses and wearing a pair of fabulous earrings. Episode 12; Episode 13; Episode 14; Episode 15; Week 1 The Bachelorette Season 15. Qualities! Then Robert asks Jed if he might be able to financially provide for Hannah (which, ugh, the patriarchy). 'BH90210' drops new promo: 'Let's do this for real'. The Bachelorette: Tyler C. is breaking the internet with his latest Instagram follower, Best TV Actors and Actresses from Each State, Back to the Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles, 50 Most Heartbreaking Moments from the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Ranking the 67 Best Characters, Ranking All 50 Episodes of Game of Thrones, 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History. Please tweet at me @annamoeslein if my theory is correct. ",, They cry and hug for what feels like hours. The rest of the season would have been footage of us cuddling on the couch while I write Bachelor recaps. Rather than worrying about whether or not Jed can "provide" for Hannah, you should be questioning his intentions for going on a popular dating show to talk about his music. From the creator of The Bachelor comes a dating show that changes all the rules. The Cougar is one glamorous, sophisticated woman surrounded by 20 younger men all vying for her affection. Episode found on: Follow her on Instagram @annamoeslein. That is the only correct response to watching your parents find out you had sex four times in a windmill on national television. Later she tells her daughter, "He has qualities." (Woo, Hannah!) Peter's all teary-eyed and sniffly as he describes how much he loved Hannah. The conversation continues along the same lines that night. The Bachelor embarks on a romantic journey meeting 25 women, then selecting 15 as potential mates. We’ve all seen the promos for this week’s episodes but I have to say, I don’t think they will do justice to what lies ahead. Luckily, Tyler has an easier time with this horse. "Oh my God, this is so weird," Peter says, mortified. Jed just stands there. ",, Hannah's dad tells her that Tyler was more direct with his answers. On the latest episode of "The Bachelorette," Hannah must choose between Peter, Jed, and Tyler. "Well, I mean, it was very passionate," she replies. "I want more than anything to take care of you," Jed replies, adding that he's never considered "forever" with anyone else before her. They're supposed to enjoy a sexy boat ride, but the waters are so rocky—foreshadowing, much?—Hannah gets seasick and nearly pukes over the side of the boat. Hannah talks to Chris Harrison about her experience. The Bachelorette finales are always filled with drama, tears, and skeptical parents—but tonight's episode (part one of two) really took the show to the next level. Tyler gets the second, which means Peter "The Pilot" "Windmill" Weber is out. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. The audience whoops. "This sucks, and this hurts, but I don't regret anything about it. Buy The Bachelorette: Season 15 Episode 12 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices.

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