An indictment of the amoral world of 50's Hollywood and its corrosive effect upon the artist. The comic character actor, best known for television roles on Spin City, Mad About You, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, gets to show off his dramatic chops as high-powered studio head Marcus Hoff, the type of guy who could be your best friend until you look at him the wrong way. $47.24. Click Here to buy The Big Knife tickets today! He must make critical decisions regarding his career, his marriage, his art & morality. | While it is fascinating to rediscover the searing work, one can't help but wish this generally rudderless production was sharper. It's been more than 60 years since Clifford Odets' Hollywood drama The Big Knife has seen the footlights of Broadway. Stay abreast of discount offers for great theater, on Broadway or in select cities. Charlie Castle is, on the surface, a success. If only the entire production had a similar edge. The play concerns the disillusionment of a mo… Reviews The Big Knife Bobby Cannavale stars as a conflicted movie star in Doug Hughes' lumbering revival of Clifford Odets' forgotten drama. In the end, it's Richard Kind who delivers the most fascinating performance. Summary: National Theatre, Dwight Deere Wiman presents the Strasberg and Odets production, John Garfield in "The Big Knife," a new play by Clifford Odets, directed by Lee Strasberg, with Nancy Kelly, J. Edward Bromberg, Paul McGrath, Reinhold Schunzel, Joan McCracken, Theodore Newton, setting by Howard Bay, costumes by Lucille Little. He is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, so successful that a studio is willing to negotiate an exclusive, long-term, and very lucrative contract with him. Enjoy live events at insider prices. MSRP: $79.99 Add to Cart Buy Now. Charles Castle is a successful Hollywood actor who has opted for screen success over art. Hollywood actor Charles Castle is pressured by his studio boss into a criminal cover-up to protect his valuable career. The show premiered at the National Theatre on February 24, 1949, directed by Stasberg, set design Howard Bay, and costume design Lucille Little. The script is packed full of overwrought dialogue and while the cast is great, everyone overacts (some more than others, I'm looking at you Rod Steiger). By signing up you are confirming you are 16 or over. As in a soundly motivated melodrama, they get what they deserve in the final act. Quick view Add to My Wish List. Charlie hates being trapped in the role he has been forced to play again and again, that of a tough, illiterate hood. Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play Complimentary and Deeply Discounted Shows. July, 1948. "[1], Atkinson summed up Odets' theme seemingly as being, "...a study of the immorality of success as measured solely by money; and he is showing how the conspiracy of money destroys those who works for it." He must make critical decisions regarding his career, his marriage, his art & morality. Everyone surrounding Charlie depends on him to maintain his artificial image—his publicist, his agent, the studio heads, the public. © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. On John Lee Beatty's airy Hollywood manse set and in Catherine Zuber's stunning period costumes, he looks like he's jumped out of the society pages of an old magazine. KERSHAW LEEK CARBON FIBER HANDLE 154CM ASSISTED OPENING POCKET KNIFE 1660CF American Made .

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