| Rating: 3/5 He is excited to be a freshman at Tate University. A wonderful blend of acting, direction and writing that improves with each viewing. The package turns out to be a Komodo dragon. |, August 1, 2013 Released in 1925, Lloyd was well-established as a comedian of feature-length films by this point, and enjoyed something so rare in Hollywood as full creative freedom. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. I just expected more laughs. This is my second feature length Lloyd film and I really enjoyed it, even more than the previous one (The Kid Brother). The key to comedy is to play things serious and straight ahead. The job involves a trip to Little Italy, and the cloistered world behind the anonymous shop front of a social club where Carmine Sabatini keeps his office. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Outside being lap-slapping hilarious throughout, it has some most original, poetic, and convincing romantic moments as well, like when Harold saw the girl from the reflection of the mirror in his room; or while dancing with other women he saw how she revealed her love for him on the bouquet he gave her, that moment is a wonder. He made the mobster employer more amiable and endearing than any other mobster character featured in the Godfather films, the kind that doesn't resort to uttering threats regarding offers that one can't possibly refuse. And what film are they studying? The viewer is led to believe that the movie is a serious "Godfather-like" clone, but one realizes after about 30 minutes that the movie is really a comedy-suspense spoof, with a touch of whodunit. An N.Y.C. What he does with a beat-up hat and two walnuts, for example, is just a classic of New York "method" acting -- creating something magically amazing out of nothing much at all. |, August 1, 2013 During the movie his "freshie" friends try to do both. He's mostly mocked without realizing it, and after trying out for the football team, is used as a tackling dummy in practice and then as a water boy during the game, though of course thinks he may go in at any time. Broderick is good, as always along with a great supporting cast of Kirby and Miller. It's the germ for many screen comedies; few have done more with it than this. Upon arrival, the upper classmen led by The College Cad prank Harold. Regal They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. How a reviewer can focus on Brando's piece of business with walnuts is beyond me -- his business with the espresso is even more effective. Seriously, this movie is hugely affecting. I found starting it off with so many in a row made it hard to jump right into enjoying and understanding the film. Lastly, and this is kind of a quirky thing of mine, but I like how Lloyd gives us shots of objects or things in print in his films, in this case various books from the period, newspaper articles, and a crossword puzzle he notices Jobyna Ralston doing on a train and tries to help her with. Don't have an account? "Remember when it was sent over here to tour all of the museums?" Few films have made me so elated honestly. I found their interaction to be really meaningful even without voice. The job sounds suspicious $500 to pick up a package at the airport and deliver it to a specified address. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher. I highly recommend this movie. Penelope Miller also played her part well--I especially liked her character's behavior toward Matthew Broderick's character as she assumed he was going to marry her and be part of the family. She helps out at her mother's boarding house where Harold is forced to live after treating the entire college to ice cream!!! In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. By the way I am 35 years old and I've been waiting for and trying to locate a complete version for more than 20 years! | It's his most accessible comedic film performance, if not his entire career. film school student accepts a job with a local mobster who resembles a famous cinema godfather and who takes the young man under his wing, after demanding total loyalty. Miller asks. Many situations don't pay off at all. The one minor flaw is the performance of a Komodo dragon that looks suspiciously like a Monitor lizard - OK, is a Monitor Lizard. Brando and Broderick play off each other beautifully and Penelope Anne Miller is equally wonderful as Brando's sexy daughter. The young man is played by Matthew Broderick. and the Terms and Policies, Directed by Andrew Bergman. I did not come to that conclusion right away. Bottom Line: A nice popcorn movie and an excellent example of the art of comedic film-making. The man promises to return his property and get him a job with his uncle, Carmine Sabatini (Marlon Brando), who turns out to be a Mafia boss. This underrated comedy made the American Film Institute's list of 100 funniest comedies -- I could hardly believe it. When Brando finished filming "The Freshman" last September, he attacked the movie in a notorious interview in the Toronto Globe and Mail, claiming it was trash and that he was retiring from acting. He is humiliated until he start imitating his movie hero gaining the nickname Speedy. Happened to see THE FRESHMAN over the weekend for the umpteenth time. He knows all the cheers, has read all the books and has even perfected a meet and greet dance that he saw in the movie "The College Hero" again and again and again!!! Copyright © Fandango. Free Movies Online: 200 Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free, August 1, 2013 I always enjoy seeing (and hearing--love his voice) Bruno Kirby, and I especially like that he was cast in a movie about the Godfather, given the fact that he had played the young Clemenza in the Godfather II. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. This is one of the most fun and genuinely positive movies I have seen in a while! THE FRESHMAN (1990) *** Matthew Broderick, Marlon Brando, Penelope Ann Miller, Bruno Kirby, Frank Whaley, Maximillian Schell, Paul Benedict, BD Wong, Jon Polito. But the big guy's self-parody is so charming that the whole picture resonates with his presence. When he steps off the train and goes into his "routine" he is secretly thought of as a college boob but Harold thinks he is on the first rung of the ladder to popularity. You could refuse dis offer but it wouldn't look good if you did, capeesh? They don't think it's funny. The World Television Premier of the full length newly restored version will air on TCM the first week in April. When mugging and a comedy "push" takes over, then we have one of the awful Fockers movies. FAQ It's not a copy, as Broderick assumes. A few days later, he retracted his statements and conceded that the movie might be all right after all. The first 3 or 4 times I saw it, I was laughing too much to evaluate what I was seeing. | Rating: 3/4 Coming Soon.

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