5. endstream endobj 236 0 obj <>stream Lorax Instruments Worksheet (provided) Crayons/pens/pencils Procedure: 1. A little boy is the main character and … ��H��v]�=_w�~�z :�}u�ڵ��� Շ�"���VD�>l�g����J��]���c�1s �D@���:J�G���D�V���tsC視�hM�6��1U��Ag�u�X��|@5M�rG-�+$:��7>�:���i����u8�a� LWH�1)�{�� ���o|���diL_� 4mI`HR��9V��������ߑ��(=���i�n��.�/��X��e���q�#�pt�>��C��p"|�[����7[�mN�fN�h. hެVmk1�+�9K>�Aɇ�-�16z�0ad�k/�]�����J�m5�Β}��Ȗ����"�D-��=���������l���BP+"�}5�(H��,wZ��5� ��YqȞ�������q/�϶puլ��)>L#h�Y ��M��U)X��5������O��g��y��4������"�f����[\.���j|���M�fH�c(c����k1ru�0�z�c�*ǚj��-bt�j����ϣ��ї�1�j���� ��Q��B�P��lO"V�'�ME�Wv�)���������?�잌���J��Xϭ�z�༸�6NBPM6��~L��Lq�. Make other instruments for the “Sounds of the Swamp” 4. The Lorax Read The Lorax. Think about the story and respond to the questions below. Using The Lorax instruments sheet, help your students complete their instruments. h�24�T0P����+�-�6�6�0�-���1�6�ҦP�J�Ci(m ��Jsr- �9��#d�1�kg` T�" Why did the animals have to leave to find a new place to live? Ask students to predict what they think will happen in the story, and talk about who PROCEDURE 1. ;f� =�* Make origami animals that represent the characters in The Lorax. Take a moment to let students observe the illustrations throughout the book. endstream endobj 235 0 obj <>stream 4. What are 3 words the Once-ler used to describe the Lorax? !J����ԉ�6�h� ?8��U�DV���o�>ˢ`��0l,K�1-�+�ASV�����[�j�ZA%�yU� ���3���:7ЌM��H�� XQ�|v�á��ɤjݦ+[��/Bc�� ݞe2mj7��("S�.�u�n�i�t����� l��F5QU�,���{�M&���Y2s��y�� 3. 234 0 obj <>stream H�� %PDF-1.6 %���� Activity 7: The Lorax Debate “THE LORAX” by Dr. Seuss In this animated story from the 1970’s, Dr. Seuss uses fictional characters called the “Oncelers” and the “Lorax” to portray different sides of the environmental situation of that time. 3. and pond. hތ�[o1���#�����FU�PZ(! The Lorax by Dr. Seuss* Student Worksheet *available in libraries, bookstores, and at online retailers. 5. Introduce the story, The Lorax. Read or watch The Lorax provided in the trunk. 2. What did the Once-ler make with the Truffula Trees? Answer Key 1. Name the animals that lived among the Truffula Trees. 2. Just before dealing with The Lorax By Dr Seuss Worksheet, you need to realize that Schooling is your factor to a much better down the road, and studying won’t only halt right after the university bell rings.Of which becoming reported, we supply you with a a number of uncomplicated yet informative content articles and layouts designed made for any educational purpose.

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