Our Tribe Members get answers that allow them to perform better, and I get insights into problems in the company that I didn’t even know existed. It may seem like the best leaders are supposed to be the ones with all the answers. The Power of Asking Questions. In fact, for leaders, I think there are at least seven ways that asking a good question can be better than giving a good answer. How do they feel about what they are doing? Sometimes we get so caught up in appearing smart that we become afraid to ask the question that will actually make us smart. “In trash bags? That’s the value of creating a culture where anyone can ask any question. He suggested that curiosity allows a person to ask questions, learn and truly grow. But I might not be explaining myself clearly. When we pose a question directly to them and give them the floor to respond, we are demonstrating that every voice is important. The three of us were interviewed in Zig’s studio by our friend Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power Inc. At one point during the interview, I reversed the question to Gerhard: “What do you think is the key to success?” He surprised me with his response: Curiosity. “You asked me to bring them.”. We ask for information, exchange ideas, request for status updates and seek support. For example, ask, “How can I help with that?” instead of, “What do I have to do?” Framing things positively assures the direction of the conversation and leaves others with a pleasant memory of the exchange. Asking Builds Our Knowledge. Garbage bags was not the look we were going for. Jumpstart Your Business. Image credit: Ask the Dumb Questions. The next time we get with our teams, maybe our thinking shouldn’t focus on having good answers, but on asking good questions. In Turn the Ship Around, Captain David Marquet explains how he learned to stop giving orders aboard his submarine. Every question has value -- even so-called dumb questions. We can give someone our best advice, but helpful insights will be much more powerful if our teammates come to important conclusions on their own, guided by the questions we ask. When we can get multiple sets of brains working to find answers, the odds of coming up with good ones are far better than if you relied only on your own brain. In asking questions, we engage the minds of others. – Malcolm Forbes Click To Tweet. How well they can express themselves? Being curious and asking questions can help you learn things you can use to create results faster. In group settings, some may struggle to get their voices heard. Even as they are answering our question, we are learning more about the person with whom we are talking:  how much do they really know? September 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM. In the rush to answer questions, we risk missing the opportunity to ask them. Related: Overcoming Mental Barriers Starts With Asking Constructive Questions. .form_preview{ background:#F0F0F0; border:2px solid #AAAAAA; border-radius:10px;padding:40px} table.form_preview_table label{ font-size:14px; font-family:Arial; color:#666666; } table.form_preview_table .submit_button input{ margin-top:20px;width:100% } .form_preview_table input[type="text"], .form_preview_table input[type="password"], .form_preview_table input[type="email"], .form_preview_table textarea{ border:1px solid #AAAAAA; }. Related: Want the Upper Hand? One effective tip for asking stronger questions is to frame questions in a positive tone. "Next time, ask the dumb question and leave the trash bags behind,” I advised. Then, two weeks later, the Ops Coordinator asked me the same question again. From a seemingly dumb question, we learned about a problem that we didn’t even know existed (and something about the Ops Coordinator). !” These were going to be handed out to workshop attendees. Want the Upper Hand? I explained to him that there’s no such thing as a dumb question, but there are dumb actions. Because you’re afraid of looking dumb. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. How can asking questions be more powerful than answering them? Why? And as Michael Hyatt says, one of the best ways to mentor others is to ask good questions. We’ve all been there: you’re in a meeting, conference, or lecture, and you’re completely lost. By posing questions, we establish an environment where thinking about what is happening, looking for better ways to do things, and questioning “the way we’ve always done it” are OK.  And that’s a good place to be. By asking for input from others, we are telling them that what they say is important to us. Why? Instead of waiting for his orders, they had to think about what needed to be done. By extension we are saying that they are important. Just use promo code SYOB99 to claim your offer. Entrepreneur Insider is your all-access pass to the skills, experts, and network you need to get your business off the ground—or take it to the next level. Both are issues that need to be addressed. You can learn from everyone. But if they didn't? RAPIDSTART LEADERSHIP © 2020   Ι   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Sometimes we get so caught up in appearing smart that we become afraid to ask the question that will actually make us smart. Our co-founder looked at the Tribe Member, then down to the trash bags. Get the Side Hustler's Handbook - Book #2 in our YouEconomy series, 4 Questions to Ask Before You Accept That Promotion, Thinking About Becoming a Digital Nomad? What are you doing to me? As they respond, it can be instructive to think not only about their answer, but about how they answered, and how well. Try risk free for 60 days. One effective tip for asking stronger questions is to frame questions in a positive tone. Now, the first time she asked, it was a fair question. It’s a way of changing it. When we ask the questions, the opposite becomes true – they respond to us. The smart ones ask when they don’t know. – Brian Grazer, A Curious Mind Click To Tweet. You can now sign up for just $99, plus receive a 7-day free trial. Over time, this approach made them better leaders and teammates because it taught them to think on a higher level. We created the SYOB course to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey. When we want to move attention and thought in one direction or another, a good question can be all it takes. When we ask good questions, we are more likely to get responses worth listening to and answers that have valuable information for us personally or professionally. It’s a way of changing it. I understand that the data I am submitting will be used to provide me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith. Listening matters. I’ve had plenty of people push back on that, asking me, “What if someone asks the same question over and over again?”. Just because something is easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for other people. The power of asking questions. Then someone else raises their hand, asks the same question, and you breathe in relief because someone else spoke up. People want guidance, direction, and need to understand priorities. by Steve Hipple. Here’s a rule I encourage everyone in Scribe to follow: Every time you have a question in your head, and you’re nervous to ask it for fear of looking dumb, assume that there are three to five other people in the room with the same question. Everyone would remain lost. In asking questions, we help others become better. And sometimes, when they do. In that moment, he was leading by asking that question. Great solutions and insights often start with someone having the guts to ask a 'dumb' question. Asking the obvious question Just because something is easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for other people. In the effort to demonstrate our worthiness to lead, often we find ourselves in a hurry to provide answers. Many leaders forget that, so you dismiss questions as … Here’s What You Need to Know, How to Undo Success-Sabotaging Habits Using the Enneagram, Why You Shouldn’t Invest All Your Energy in Small Things. Overcoming Mental Barriers Starts With Asking Constructive Questions, To Solve Big Problems, Assume Everything Is Wrong and Ask Dumb Questions, 7 Ways to Say 'No' Without Sounding Like a Jerk, 4 Mindfulness Tips to Start Reducing Stress In Your Life Today, Bulletproof Coffee's CEO Reveals the Simple Skill That Most Entrepreneurs 'Suck At', 4 Podcasts That Will Help Boost Your Self-Confidence, 3 Tested Ways to Achieve High Work Performance and Deep Thinking. Download the new YouEconomy resource that helps you figure out how to get started with your very own side hustle.

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