Rosenthal Theater None of these criticisms are aimed at the performers themselves, however. sweet - Steven Stanley - StageSceneLA - full review, © 2020 Better Lemons. Candid, uninhibited and visceral. By nature of the writing, which is still very beautiful, the non-linear play interrupts itself and the lines are dripping in poetic-speak and pseudo-realism, as if to copy the way we really think and talk, but in a theatrical way. sweet - Paul Myrvold - Theatre Notes - full review. The supreme honesty of two people ‘speaking’ all that they cannot or will not say to each other most of the time. A Deaf couple’s relationship is revealed through their lovemaking in a startlingly intimate portrait of a marriage — made even more intense by Deaf West Theatre’s signature performance style combining American Sign Language with spoken English. Take control of the means of news production. Frank and Cooley rip your heart out with their impassioned performances while Camunas and Apostolina add the right amount of shading to their vocalizations. $75 Premium. Let’s get real…. }, Phil and Alice are in love - familiar, flawed, ordinary love, An intimate, tender play about loss, hurt and rediscovery. What it is, is beautifully raw. It is strikingly real in its delivery and the story is hardly unusual, it can relate to any one of us. “The Solid Life Of Sugar Water” is a fascinating and quick look into the complex nature of human physicality and intimacy. RECOMMENDED. We don’t know if these characters are American, British or mixed, or even truly both Deaf or not, inconsistencies that the text, as it stands, does not help us sort out. Jack Thorne’s previous credits include Let the Right One In and Hope for the stage, as well as television dramas Glue, Skins, Shameless and This is England. All four performers are appealingly warm and likable, and their mature, matter-of-fact approach to the graphic language sets a helpful example for the audience in getting through the yuckier bits. At least, the very best you’ll get, immersed between audience and stageplay. To search for an exact name or title, use quotation marks at the beginning and end. In her five-star review, UK Guardian/Observer theater critic Susannah Clapp called it “unflinching…. It’s clear from the moment Phil (Tad Cooley) and Alice (Sandra Mae Frank), side by side in their marital bed, launch into their verbal blow-by-blow that something is different in their love-making this time round. Cooley’s quirky Phil is engaging and lovable, making his inability to console his wife all the more harrowing. Inner-City Arts ( Log Out /  Photo (above) by Brandon Simmoneau: Sandra Mae Frank and Tad Cooley. There are residues in the script of Phil struggling to communicate with the Deaf Alice—he calls himself a good lipreader, for example, and he chooses an LP recording to play at Alice’s apartment on their first sex date. Don’t be surprised if it ends up being one of the year’s most acclaimed, talked-about productions. The Solid Life of Sugar Water plays at the Rosenthal Theater at Inner-City Arts, 720 Kohler St., Los Angeles 90021 (just south of Little Tokyo & the Arts District). Deaf West Theatre presents the American premiere of The Solid Life of Sugar Water by Tony Award-winning playwright Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). These days, playwright Jack Thorne is best known as one of the team of authors (including J.K. Rowling) behind the stage juggernaut Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — but shortly before this huge success, he penned this powerful, elegiac tale of grief and grief’s … It would be correct to call this a bilingual production: Deaf members of the audience (and there were quite a few on opening night, Sept. 12) could fully follow along. If it’s never occurred to you just how graphic sign language can be, I dare you right now to go out and ‘listen’ to it for yourself. The projections —the bed; life size reproductions of the actors — elevate Deaf West’s production beyond more modest aspirations, with Tad Cooley as Phil and Sandra Mae Frank as Alice, drifting in and out of the evolving scenes, punctuated by front–of–stage interactions with their speaking counterparts (Nick Apostolina as Phil and Natalie Camunas as Alice), who also portray other characters as necessary. But we’re all passionate about theatre and we all work hard to share that passion with you and the world’s online community. From left, Nick Apostolina, Natalie Camunas, Sandra Mae Frank and Tad Cooley / Brandon Simmoneau. Reviewed by Paul Birchall Deaf West Theatre Company Through October 13 . The Solid Life of Sugar Water, written by Jack Thorne, follows a couple as they negotiate the waters of trauma due to the stillbirth of their child. ( Log Out /  closeEffect: "none", We can deliver any play in print to any country in the world - and we ship from both the US and the UK. Press Opening: Thursday, September 12, Performances: Sept. 13 - Oct. 13 This week, it is Deaf West’s extraordinary production of Tony Award-winning playwright Jack Thorne’s, The Solid Life of Sugar Water. In truth though, while there is plenty of awkward and silly boy-meets-girl romantic comedy during flashbacks of how the relationship began, this very dramatic depiction of a couple trying to readjust from a stillbirth, is dark and deeply thought-provoking, and not just because of the script. It’s an approach that yields multiple rewards, not the least of which is taking a good if not great play and turning it into something extraordinary. I’ve regularly attended ASL productions in the last several years and it’s always a treat to sit in the audience and observe a specific form of communication that although foreign to most hearing individuals, myself included, resonates far louder than simple sound. The ensemble of four (for the speaking actors are not just off to one side but are an integral part of the action) are all supremely present in their roles. Performances run through October 13, Thurs., Fri. and Sat. The couple often makes love or attempts it up close and personal and directs their innermost thoughts to the audience, every funny, angry, scared, kinky, gross, messy, TMI notion, making the can’t-turn-away intimacy inescapable sans the porn effect. This image of a couple in crisis ends in an explosive confluence of events so emotionally fraught that, on the night I attended, the action sent at least audience member from the room. Despite jumping around in time, the story moves seamlessly, held together by the strong emotional thread of the core relationship. The Solid Life of Sugar Water premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival prior to an acclaimed run at England’s National Theatre. Speaking actors Natalie Camunas and Nick Apostolina give voice to Alice and Phil's most private thoughts, both in and out of bed, by shadowing the actors and often portraying other characters being described during Alice and Phil's ASL conversations, with the quartet's true partnership presenting both characters visually and verbally to perfection. A discount is offered to students with valid ID. I don’t mean emotionally, for disability of almost any kind still allows for a full range of human responses. Because of this, I was never bored for the 80 minutes, but neither was I fully engaged. loop: false, For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator”. Sex, described by its participants in the most graphic of terms, begins the recovery process for a young married couple in Jack Thorne’s The Solid Life Of Sugar Water, a provocative British two-hander made something quite special indeed when translated into American Sign Language and staged by Deaf West Theatre in its American Premiere. The graphic nature of human communication when there’s nowhere to hide.

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