Highway 89 is closed in both directions at the site of the collapse. I recommend going with guide Jim Anderson of Kanab, Utah. There is a message on the BLM site saying that the road from Highway 89 is not maintained. Such a horrible law. The two major troughs which comprise this rock formation are 62 feet (19 m) wide by 118 feet (36 m) long and 7 feet (2 m) wide by 52 feet (16 m) long. Either at the wave/on the trail/at the trailhead? June 23, 2020 - The White Pocket and Coyote Buttes South are currently closed. I read that the winners have 14 days to pay for the permit online but in case of nonpayment the permit is released back to the system. Hi Susie, great question! Is there anything that I can do to give those two spots back? December isn’t crazy but you’ll want to be prepared for cold mornings/evenings and check conditions before heading out. It truly is a unique experience. An ideal time to photograph the Wave is the few hours around midday when there are no shadows in the center, although early morning and late afternoon shadows can also make for dramatic photos. Skinny is in a small side canyon and probably is never lit at sunrise or sunset. I don’t want to take up two of the daily spots if they are not going to be used. There were also a very small number of points where data was not available. The House Rock Road turnoff is between mile posts 25 and 26 on Highway 89 in Utah. I have seen recommendations of nine liters per person per day when temperatures are this high! What are the weather conditions there during the Dec-Feb timeframe? Enjoy the wave! When do the dates become publicly available in this case? After camping in Bryce Canyon and witnessing an incredible sunrise over the majestic hoodoos, we packed up shop and headed back to Kanab to begin our journey to The Wave. I strongly recommend access from the Wirepass parking lot. Is anybody tried it? I have submitted several times for a permit and not struck it yet but I will persist since this is a bucket list hike. There are proposals to change the in-person lottery to an online system (two days before the visit date). That’s really breath taking. You will want to photograph the bends when the Little Colorado is flowing. I’d call the ranger and ask. In 2018 the odds of getting a permit were only 3.6%. Thank you in advance. The National Park Service closed the area in early August due to two incidents of vandalism. 1. Permit up to 96 people per day or 16 groups per day, whichever comes first. If you do not have a permit and are considering bagging The Wave illegally keep in mind that BLM law enforcement personnel are still on duty and will be patrolling the permit area. Harsh weather is another factor to consider. If the permit is in the other person’s name, then you should call the ranger and see what they say. We are now in the fourth day of the shutdown. I've also added tracks showing the route to The Maze Petroglyph and of the Notch Trail to the maps page. Temperatures reached 101° F in Page on Monday. [15] The White House trailhead is the main entrance, and the one most commonly used. Good images can be had along the Spencer Trail, of the Colorado River, of an old Mormon fort, of John D. Lees Lonely Dell Ranch, and in the Balanced Rock area. As a result they have asked for input from the public on three alternatives. The lottery is held at 9AM and is followed by orientation/safety instructions, with the entire process taking up to an hour. 4. The Wind Pebble canyons are on Navajo land and you must take a tour to visit them. when you apply to the wali-in lotery, how many persons could be on your permit? I almost hired a guy to take us for a sunset and nighttime photo shoot of Delicate Arch last year but didn’t and it was not a hard hike. Also is going in December crazy? Getting close to your subject emphasizes it, and for me the incredible fine lines and sandstone patterns are the star of the show at The Wave. While the South Tufas are large and rock-like in appearance the Sand Tufas are delicate and have many branches. The privacy and exclusivity of this site make it all the better. Snow cover may make it impossible to reach Top Rock from the west side. Fantasy Canyon is best known as the home of Teapot Rock made famous by Michael Fatali in his image "Back Of Beyond". The walk-in lottery for Wave permits is still closed. Water and snacks are provided on all tours. Reader Anthony Marko recently sent me an image of an arch visible from the Notch Trail. The maps page includes a link to a Caltopo map of the area as well as a Google map. By 2013 there were 70,488 people in the lottery and by 2018 200,589 people. The Rimrocks is an area of hoodoos and badlands in south central Utah about thirty miles east of Page. We read many posts, watched videos and did our best to prepare for the hike, but for us, it was a long and hard hike. Is this a trail we can easily get lost on? I have also added a map suggesting shooting locations and hikes . We can always accommodate single travelers via private tours ($799). White Pocket visitation has exploded also, for the whole year 2010 there were only 660 visitors to the White Pocket, by 2018 this number grew to 11,794 users, or about 1,000 people per month. Bromley, and D.B. drove up at the last minute to the BLM office got my number, about third number called was mine and we got our permit, super lucky. You will shortly arrive at The Wave. You should arrive at 8:30 am to submit your application, and the lottery for the next day’s permit takes place at 9:00 am.

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