This particular possum is also known for emitting a very unpleasant musky smell. One species, the feathertail glider, can “fly” up to 65 feet. They are mostly found in forests while others are found in woodlands whereby they spend most of their lifetime in trees and rarely on the ground. For instance, the rock-haunting possums from tropical Australia appear to choose just one mate, which scientists call monogamy. This particular possum is found sparingly in Australia. The jills carry the joeys in their pouches for a time. Its Greek name is Trichosurus Vulpecular and means “the furry tailed little fox’. If you are 13 years old when were you born? It was once thought that the reason for this physical feature was that they bred with the female's nose. Like all marsupials, possums have pouches and give birth to live young. Sometimes the opossum is able to escape death by “playing ‘possum” or feigning death, and in so doing the predator may lose interest in the apparently dead animal and not eat it, The name “opossum” is derived from an Algonquian Indian word “apasum”, meaning white animal. Certain types pf Australian possums, especially gliders, like the blossoms of a variety of native trees and plants such as eucalyptus, callistemon (bottle brush), melaleuca and grevillea. Though they aren't picky about where they hang out, opossums love trees and will stay aloft in trees as much as possible. This species is highly endangered and as such protected under the law in Australia. These are classified into five categories depending on their species. The nocturnal opossum is attracted to our neighborhoods by the availability of water, pet food left out at night and overripe, rotting fruit that has fallen from trees. Short-tailed possums are solitary creatures with night time habits, so they do not like captivity. It is said that possum fur is warmer than wool. NY 10036. Like other marsupials, opossums have thumbs, called an opposable hallux, on their paws. Another group of possums is the ringtails, which reside in communal nests called dreys. This possum is commonly found in South-west Western Australia. How long will the footprints on the moon last? It is usually referred to as so because it blacks in color with three white stripes that run from its head to the tail. They often communicate using different sounds and scents. [57][58] In 1909, a "Possum and 'Taters" banquet was held in Atlanta to honor President-elect William Howard Taft. Conjugate pairs dissociate into separate spermatozoa before fertilization. This species is the only one of its kind and very little is known about it. They mostly have reddish-grey fur at the top and pale grey on the underside. In Australia, it is also known as Noolberger. It can be found in sandstones and sometimes in the woodlands. In the city they will eat roadkill and garbage. Please take a little time to enjoy our site. The color of their fur depends on its habitat. Over 70 million years ago dinosaurs roamed the Earth. This is the world’s smallest possum; it weighs only around 10 grams and growing up to 7.5 cm. Baby opossums, like their Australian cousins, are called joeys. The mother in return makes the clicking sound and waits for the baby to find her. The stiff, curled form can be prodded, turned over, and even carried away without reaction.

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