© Waldo's Friends 2018 All rights reserved. She eventually got accepted to Harvard University in season seven's "Twinkle Toes Faldo," but decided to decline the offer because her parents could not afford the tuition, though she told them it was because she could not live so far from home. Waldo Coolbaugh of Nixa, MO, was born on August 4, 1919 in Highlandville, MO, to Dutch and Myrtle (Arterberry) Coolbaugh. "Weasel" was an obnoxious and highly irresponsible jerk, having persuaded Eddie to break curfew and to gamble on football games (in "Money Out the Window") without having enough money to pay the lost bet. Send in the Clone He is able to explain the postcard mess that one of his cousins made while he was away and hosting a tap dancing cooking show. He insists that his last name is supposed to be pronounced "Lou-né" (stating "It's French" each time it comes up). Harriette is very reluctant to tell people what they want to hear, as she is very frank and upfront about her feelings. In season 9's "Don't Make Me Over", Myrtle gets a makeover with Laura and Maxine's help. Steve is generally portrayed as odd and dorky but kindhearted and good-natured character. Within the span of one year, we came to know and love seven animals – all found or abandoned – from local shelters full of great people doing exceptional work. Now it's up to you to find Waldo and all of the hidden objects scattered by the storm before they are forever lost at sea! While Myra became a permanent character soon afterwards, Ted was dropped after the season four episode "Heart Strings," after he and Laura argued and broke up offscreen. She and Myrtle Urkel became enemies immediately upon their first meeting in season seven's "She's Back," and several episodes that follow centered on their battle to win Eddie's love. However, unlike Steve, Myrtle never respected Eddie's personal space and kept pursuing him much to his extreme terror. Nonetheless, all of her reasoning, however self-righteous, is motivated by her love for her family and her hopes that all sides can reconcile with each other. Her middle name is unknown (Laura's middle name is Lee and Eddie's middle names are James and Arthur). While Steve is known for having a strong sense of integrity, another likely reason for rarely being punished is that his parents and larger family were unsupportive and cold towards him, often leaving him to fend for himself; his attachment to the Winslow family makes sense in this context. While highly intelligent, he is also quite accident-prone (spawning his catchphrase, "Did I do that?") Uncle Jalapeno (uncle)Aunt Velveeta (aunt)Gary Faldo (cousin) Nacho Faldo (cousin) Unnamed uncle Bob Faldo (cousin) Doofus Faldo (cousin) His cousin (singer) Lynn "Sabre" Faldo (cousin, American Gladiators) Cannon Ball FaldoUncle Beaver face The actress who played Myra, Michelle Thomas, fell ill with cancer in August 1997, and died in December 1998. Waldo says when asked why his sister was given that name that it was because she was born at a Taco Bell and his parents weighed over naming her either Quesadilla or Burrito Grande ("And that's a stupid name!" Committee Member and Tech Advisor/ Kitty Litter and Dog Patch Manager, Superpower: can deconstruct world affairs while enjoying a good cat meme. Waldo and friends meander through sets of movie spectaculars . Committee Member and Tech Advisor/ Jedi Master for young padawans everywhere, Superpower: can help anyone block out the noise and focus on the real stuff, with not a single ‘well, actually’. The second was in Talk's Cheap, when he called Laura, Eddie, Myra and Myrtle back to their senses with Stefan’s help. He was introduced as Urkel's "Little Brother" (in the season seven episode "My Big Brother," which pays homage to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America program) and later becomes friends with Richie. Family Matters is an American sitcom revolving around the Winslow family, a middle-class African-American family living in Chicago; the series ran for nine seasons (eight on ABC and one on CBS). Reginald VelJohnson later made one appearance on Perfect Strangers in the 1989 episode "Crimebusters" as Carl Winslow, policeman and husband of Harriette Winslow. Steve Urkel is the Winslows' extremely annoying, nerdy, irritating, quintessential, pesky, boisterous, reckless, vain, clumsy, carefree, and mischievous neighbor with large, thick eyeglasses, "high-water" pants held up by suspenders, a high-pitch nasal-tone voice and a snorting laugh. Waldo has also shown that he has a sense of morality in three key episodes. When Myra learned about their engagement, she was furious and continued to carry the torch for him as he drifted off into outer space. Committee Member and Fundraising Partner/ Mother of Huskies, Superpower: can talk to dogs. Although once antagonistic towards Urkel, and even to Laura, he was one of Laura's few consistent and level-headed boyfriends, even seeking forgiveness for betraying Laura's trust and reconciling with her. Waldo Geraldo Faldo(Born March 6, 1970) was portrayed by actor Shawn Harrison and part of Family Matters from 1990 to 1996. Her feelings towards Urkel were much softer than that of Penny's and even Laura's own, mainly due to Maxine's and Steve's coming from neglectful families. Match up the sets of three identically colored fish. Waldo has also been afraid to walk, until he was ten. Though she felt better about it, Eddie wanted to beat up Steve for interfering. Though he learned to accept himself, he would still occasionally and temporarily turn into Stefan when needed. The series is a spin-off of Perfect Strangers. Rachel considered herself more beautiful than Harriette. It is revealed in the episode "Whose Man is it Anyway?," that his mother is a waitress and Carl took him there (not realising the connection) for lunch and that one day she would like to reunite with him but until then, Carl promises to take care of him and would remain keeping in contact with her. It is inferred that he may have a crush on Ms. Steuben. She (unlike all of the other Winslows) was a friend of Steve Urkel for the entire series and loved him like a grandson. As of the series finale, Eddie and Greta are still dating and are living together in an apartment, in spite of Mr. McClure having disowned her. They became a couple in the final (ninth) season episode "Trading Places" and were engaged to be married in the third to last episode, "Pop Goes the Question". His catchphrases include: "coo" (cool), "no prob, Bob!" In the pilot episode, he approached his father to make an exception and let him stay out past curfew and confessed to his father that his straight-A report card was a classmate's prank once he found out. We believe it’s the first step to growth. Sadly, not all animals left behind by selfish owners get this lucky, and most of these shelter workers operate on frightfully low budgets – often through community volunteers and fundraisers. The series featured 12 main characters with their actors appearing during the opening credits. Steve and Carl ultimately stopped him, risking their lives while trying to get him off the bell tower in the process, before Mr. Looney reunited with another old female friend. Estelle is the mother of Carl Winslow and his four brothers, Harriette's mother-in-law and grandmother of Eddie, Laura and Judy Winslow. As the voice of reason, she is quite good at mediating conflicts in her family, often pointing out faults to everyone, but this also makes her very reluctant to take sides. She became less persistent and less aggressive in clinging onto Steve, and Steve became more comfortable and welcoming with her. And while he has a kind heart, he often doesn't appear to care how he is affecting others with his behavior (in a way, Urkel was a forerunner of the Sheldon Cooper character on The Big Bang Theory, who was also a genius and rarely noticed/cared about the way he made other people feel). See her inspiring work here or find her on Instagram, Waldo: Name Partner/ Vibe Coordinator Eddie's first serious girlfriend, introduced in season two's "Rachel's Place". television series in the episode The Living Exhibits. Judy is the younger daughter and youngest biological child, of Carl and Harriette Winslow. Waldo's most famous trait was his dimwittedness and his uncanny ability to misinterpret a simple question, comment or directive. Like Urkel (the show's most famous character), Waldo was an outlandish, almost surrealistic character. Although Maxine is the series' longest recurring secondary character, she was never officially part of its main cast. His catchphrases include: "Cool", "No prob, Bob! The Little Rascals (1994) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The first was in A Test of Friendship, when he told Eddie off that cheating is wrong and he should've known better. She tried to start a babysitting business when she was a child, sneaked out of the house to burn herself out studying for a test despite her parents' insistence to rest and worked a graveyard shift to save money to buy a car. Estelle and Fletcher get married in a wedding ceremony held at the Winslow's backyard in the episode "Mama's Wedding". The Winslows, seeing that he needed love, decide to adopt him. Eddie frequently had a stormy relationship with his father, especially concerning Carl's strict rules but also because of Eddie's immature attitude and penchant for breaking rules. As revealed in "Midterm Crisis," his fiancée Lois works as a stripper, although he is not too happy when Carl tells him about it as he already knew. Played by Rosetta LeNoire (1989–1995, 1996, 1997). Rachel was Harriette's attractive and widowed younger sister. Waldo mentions that anyone who drinks and insults friends is no friend of his, though in true Waldo fashion he was most angered that Eddie's drunken slam that Waldo would win the gold medal "at the Stupid Olympics" referred to an event that didn't exist. The two later got married at the Winslow home in season four's "Mama's Wedding". From Season 4 to Season 7, he was a main character. A terrible twister has swept through the lands. She also had a crush on Eddie. Steve pays him a rare baseball card to serenade Laura in order to impress her in the latter episode. Worried that she may sell herself just to have guys date her, Steve teaches Vonda the dangers of making herself easy, and she learns to accept and respect herself more. She soon relinquished her love for him in season nine's "Don't Make Me Over," and set her sights on other guys. In the 1996–1997 season, Orlando Brown was added to the cast as Jerry Jamal "3J" Jameson, a troubled youth being mentored by Steve who becomes the foster child of the Winslows. Laura's boyfriend and cousin of Myra Monkhouse. However, Maxine's judge of character regarding boys is arguably as inept as Laura's, as she has similarly dated many selfish and unfaithful boyfriends, and even shared some of the same antagonistic suitors as Laura.

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