she deserved so much better... Top 10 Everyday Things that Could Be Eliminated by 2030, Top 10 Moments Where Michael Jordan Took It Personally in The Last Dance Series, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. I couldn't...I mean...I cried. Rainswept Flower is an example. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! He was brave to die in such a horrible way. Made me think about him for ages. A Dangerous Path had me crying late at night. It was all because of stupid Tom and I'm glad One Eye killed that kittypet. I will kill Clear Sky until he's dead. She followed her mate on a journey to revive a lost clan. Feathertail. Longtail’s dead? He saved Graystripe's kits! Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called … He didn't even see his kits grow up. At school, every day I have a "funeral"for her.It's just too sad. Swiftpaw died letting Brightpaw live, but Brightpaw mated with Cloudtail. And Leopardstar even agreed! I will always miss him and this is truly the SADDEST warrior cats death "sniff" good bye Gray Wing. He died a sad long death, he was trying to save his brothers clan, poor Gray Wing. Poor Snowkit, I think it would have been cool to have a deaf warrior/medicine cat! If feather wasn't one of your favorites then... shoo ;w; I mean, come on. Hollyleaf spares his life because of the warrior code, and Sol promises his … He died of liver cancer at Barleys paws, after fighting do end SKYCLANS TROUBLES<, and after taking barleys cousins to join SkyClan! Badgerfang was 3 moons old at death because that stupid TIGERSTAR made him an apprentice too early, but they proved Badgerfang was his real name. Firestar is the best of all the cats, he doesn't deserve hate. After all, she died saving queens! I cried. And then I will kill him some more. Gray Wing has the saddest death of all Warrior Cats because he says good bye to everyone and when he dies the book ends. RIP Gray Wing. One day, Cinders' mate came to her and told her that he found a new mate who didn't complain so much and left her. poor sweet gentle ferncloud, killed by that brute! Bluestar should have used her brain keep the kits Mosskit would have never died. Even his own brother, Clear Sky, and Thunder was being mean to him. Snowkit is so underrated. I remember he was the first death I had cried for. Cinders never gave them names and always complained, unless she was telling stories to him and his littermates about the Clan that lived on the clouds, fought for good, and could fly.Sol promised his mother he would be a SkyClan warrior. 😥. He should go back to being a fat, lazy kittypet. So I never really cared for Gray Wing. But she didn't even give him an honorable death. Cinders left her kittens at a different two… I mean, I see tigerstars point of view but seriously dude. Clawface killed her, and then Mapleshade. True, it would have been very hard, but perhaps possible. Move out of the way apprentices, I WANT BONE TO BE THROWN UNDER A CAR THAT SNAPS HIS BACK BUT DOESN'T KILL HIM AND THEN I WNAT HIM TO DIE SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY UNTIL I'm SATISFIED AND HE BEGS FOR DEATH! Rip bluestar. First Snowkit, then Swiftpaw (and I honestly thought Brightpaw was dead, too), then Bluestar.

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