You can ask pet store owners if they would be willing to give you some bedding from a gerbil's cage. Ball pythons are popular exotic pets and are a common first snake. What Do Ball Pythons Eat? For babies and young pythons, they still only need to eat one every seven days. Recently imported ball pythons can stop eating for … Ball Pythons are one of the thousands of snake breeds to have a strictly carnivorous diet. It is important to weigh your snake weekly to ensure they are not losing a lot of weight. Feeding snakes live prey is controversial and can be potentially dangerous for your snake as well as inhumane for the live animal. As a result of this, ball pythons can be very sensitive to the temperature of their prey. Truth is, adult ball pythons, that is one year old plus, can usually go for a while (10-14 days) till their next meal. Female ball pythons most likely will not eat if they are gravid. If your snake has inappetence, it is essential to first ensure that your husbandry standards are satisfactory. Ball pythons prey exclusively on birds and mammals, however, the males prey mostly on birds, while females, who are more terrestrial, prey mostly on mammals. African soft-furred mice are another option that are natural prey for ball pythons in the wild and may be more desirable. Here are some tips: This ball python may be overly exposed in this large, wooden hide. However, they are notorious for refusing food, whether pre-killed or live. Try to stay out of a view and leave immediately if your snake takes the prey. While you can offer gerbils or other rodents, but they might be more expensive and harder to find for sale. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It takes snakes a few days to digest their food, and you should never handle the python for 24 hours after its feeding. Ball pythons are particularly sensitive to feeling insecure and getting stressed. It was very helpful and useful, I am getting a ball python soon and would like to know as much information as I need. Mist the snake. The ball python (Python regius), also called the royal python, is native to Africa and is one of the most popular pet snakes because of its relatively small size and easy care requirements.In the wild, these snakes regularly eat a variety of rodents such as shrews and mice, and their diet may also include small birds, amphibians, or fish. If they maintain their body weight there is nothing to worry about for the time being. Younger ball pythons may eat as often as every 5 days, but as they mature, ball pythons tend to wait longer between meals, ranging from 7–14 days as adults. This week for Feed My Pet Friday (FMPF), I take in a ball python from a local pet store that was refusing to eat. In addition, smaller ball pythons under 70 cm have been found to prey almost exclusively on birds, while those larger than 100 cm gravitated towards mostly mammals [10][11]. This method refers to the process of getting the snake to grab the prey by mildly "irritating" it. Wet prey can be a big turn-off to ball pythons. The ball python breeding season is within the winter months. Some ball pythons will only eat mice, unfortunately (rats are said to be the healthiest prey source for them), and if this is the case with your snake, offer mice with repeated attempts of introducing rats scented with mice.

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