I just can’t help but laugh at people who think that skin color is going to degrade the story playing out on screen. This motivates Ali to dig deep down into the lives of social media celebrities and keep you updated with the ongoing developments throughout the world of internet! — James Brandenburg (@j_brandenburg22) April 6, 2020. since they are all described as having a very specific appearance, with the sea folk being used as an example characters use to compare how dark some one is, and the aiel being the descendants of a specific ethnic group, even in the age of legends. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Staying away from controversies in 2020 is a highly difficult task, especially if you are a public figure. Next up we have our first non-human character for the series! Needs to look different than the rest of the Two Rivers folks. This casting is spot-on and matches the book description of the character precisely. And Andorans and Carheinens need to be white for Rand. It’s bound to happen that the show will be cast to be diverse. Jordan’s original 15-book epic, which puts even the Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire series to shame in terms of sheer page count, largely focuses on these characters. (She’s a sort of Dumbledore, to continue the Harry Potter analogy.) and community for comics, movies, gaming , anime and TV! If the casting directors attempted to stay true to the books, they would be hamstringing themselves, especially in the casting of Rand. Great to watch if your having doubts. Wheel of Fortune Facing Controversy for Re-Inviting an Ex-Contestant? Basically this. So count me impressed when Amazon announced they were pursuing adaptation of the series, with an early announcement of Roseamund Pike as Morraine. Danish actor Alexandre Willaume (Tomb Raider) will play this role. He put on a phenomenal performance and bagged over $93K (cash and other prizes). In the meantime, join us in the comments speculating on what to … TBF the video wasn't meant to be exciting but a slow grinding down of all the inane arguments about racial purity. Announced in 2018, Amazon's adaptation of the 14 volume Wheel of Time series will be presented in one-hour episodes. “It was not about me. Casting news for The Wheel of Time show on Amazon Prime has been steadily rolling out. as far as i'm concerned the only two times race should matter for the show is the sea folk and the aiel. Who would have thought that a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant would be the subject of a controversy at a time when a pandemic has us all worried? All other ethnicities of the actors are not directly relevant to the overall plot, and are up for some degree of debate.

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