There are 8 species in total, 4 in Asia and 4 in Africa. Malayan/Sunda/Java pangolin (Manis javanica) (Asia, Critically Endangered) Like other pangolin species, Sunda pangolins are hunted for their skin, scales, and meat, used in clothing manufacture and traditional medicine. Pangolin meat is often served as a delicacy in upmarket restaurants throughout Southeast Asia … Pangolins are among the most heavily poached and exploited protected animals. When threatened, they do not run or attack, they curl up into a ball which allows them to be easily picked up and sold through trade networks. They are found in tropical Asia and Africa and are 30 to 90 cm (1 to 3 feet) long exclusive of the tail. The Chinese pangolin is shy, elusive, and extremely non-aggressive. Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica ... Arboreal pangolins live in hollow trees, whereas the ground-dwelling species dig tunnels to a depth of 3.5 m (11 ft 6 in). Population Population threats. ... Do pangolin live alone? Chances are about 50–50. Pangolin, any of the about eight species of armored placental mammals of the order Pholidota. They 8 … Pangolin is a name derived from the Malay word "pengguling," which means "rolling over." Map created by Craig Pemberton via Wikimedia The map above shows the habit range of Pangolins (aka scaly anteaters) in Asia and Africa. Temminck's Ground pangolin (Smutsia temminckii) And four species live in Asia: Indian pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) Philippine pangolin (Manis culionensis) Sunda pangolin … They are capable of climbing trees, though they rarely do. The species is unique for its ears that stick out, and for the scales that cover its head. ... Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica): ... Do we live in a simulation? They range in size from from 30 to 100 cm (12 to 39 in). The Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica), also known as the Malayan or Javan pangolin, is a species of pangolin. Some pangolins walk with their front claws bent under the foot pad, although they use the entire foot pad on their rear limbs. Sunda pangolins are primarily poached for their meat and scales. Four pangolin species occur across Asia: the Indian pangolin, the Chinese or Formosan pangolin, the Malayan or Sunda pangolin, and the Palawan pangolin. Pangolin, from the Malay meaning ‘rolling over,’ refers to this animal’s habit of curling into a ball when threatened.

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