Let's talk about your favorite movies or comics. Chuck is probably the most difficult person to watch on Gossip Girl, especially if you're an adult viewer with a good sense of what predatory behavior looks like. Found out! But, unlike a Scorpio, Cancerian Lily isn't interested in payback. Which "Gossip Girl" Character Are You? What location would you love to be at right now? You're a total media buff. In addition to featuring a cast made up of Black and Latina actors, as well as openly queer actors, the remake's and original show's writer and executive producer Joshua Safran said this of the forthcoming series: "There was not a lot of representation the first time around on the show. A walk through a nice park. As a Pisces, Rufus is compassionate and loving, always wanting to have a good time, but also a total homebody. You know you love me. He's charming, like most fire signs are, but he doesn't take up space and he's not interested in aggressive tactics. Among the royalty of the Upper East Side, she's just a girl, and girls just want to have fun. He's mature enough to be unconcerned what people think of him and he's true to himself. You love to be creative and to explore new things, but you're also quite a lucky soul with love and your career. Blair Vanessa Serena Since this quiz is all about “Gossip Girl” (and the hunky men within the show), which character from the show are you most like (out of these fabulous and gorgeous females)? Despite her unstable and drama-filled bosses, Dorota has managed to be loyal and devoted to the Waldorfs, acting as a sort of aunt for Blair. As the Taurus and Libra of GG, they are also a clear example of a couple where one (the Taurus) righteously refuses to let go, and the other (Libra) strings them along passively because they're bored. I know you want him to be a Capricorn, and maybe he has a Cap Venus, but he's honestly not industrious enough to be a Cap Sun, and he doesn't know how to focus on his goals. She has a big ego but an even bigger heart. You've learnt how to close yourself off from people, which is fine, but you need to open up when it's the right person for you. He goes from music to art and always prefers to live an honest and modest life to living in riches like his former flame. There's been talk of a Gossip Girl reboot for ages now, but we're maintaining our loyalty to the highly awesome original and classic show. Find out whether you are most like Dan, Chuck, Nate, Serena, or Blair in this awesome personality test. If there was a true villain in Gossip Girl, it's Georgina Sparks. Add in the fact that she comes off as cold to those she doesn't see as a family makes her an embodiment of a Virgo. Don't miss out! I want to be wealthy, nothing more, nothing less. Which Female Gossip Girl Character Are You? Dorota is a fan-favorite because she's true to herself and she's one of the most relatable. by Mackenzie Kruvant. Besides, it may not be over yet... READ MORE: A Gossip Girl reboot with a brand new cast is officially coming to HBO Max. Like, writing badly about his dopey father in published work, for instance (a Cancer man who will probably never truly forgive him). You're a natural born trouble-maker! Which Female Gossip Girl Character are you? Seriously. Serena's flawless charisma and natural social ability bring everyone around her, even when she doesn't want the attention. While we wait for that change to come (the show, which will air on the forthcoming streaming service HBO Max, has no release date yet), we might as well speculate on the content that we've got! With so much character variety, you could end this quiz with anyone from Bossy Blair to Dictating Diana. As a true Scorpio, Georgina can be freakishly dedicated to a goal, which in this case is ruining lives. Passion? Take this test to find out which character of “Gossip Girl” is more like you! Diane is the only woman on the show who has an affair with a younger man. Gossip Girl - Serena, Dan and Blair. Which "Gossip Girl" Character Are You? Most of the tests promise to tell you which character you're most like, and one matches you with the best romantic lead for you! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. She's also very passionate and emotional but rarely shows it, like any Aquarius. He is, by his own estimation, mister integrity, and it is his very belief in his moral high ground that helps him slip-slide into harmful self-indulgent behavior. You've learnt how to close yourself off from people, which is fine, but you need to open up when it's the right person for you! You look like Blair, Serena, Vanessa or Jenny? Despite his suicide attempt, Eric is a pretty stable-minded character often acting like the big brother despite being one of the youngest in the show. So, this time around the leads are nonwhite. Scandals, lies, cheating, plotting, and jealousy are recurrent themes in this favorite TV drama. Backstabbing just about every character on the show and blackmailing Serena causing her real emotional turmoil. Marriage and partnership are integral parts of Blair's story. When we first meet Nate, he's a sensitive, heartbroken boy whos too afraid to stand up to his dad but as the show goes along, we see a more assertive side to him. Coffee at a cafe . April 6th 5:43 thanks but no thanks i am happy writting chace a letter or chuck tv boyfriends i wear boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans melissa mccarthy makes i'm a size 24 waist. Take this quiz and fond out! California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. With a Gossip Girl reboot in the works, and a pandemic reason to sit at home watching 6 seasons of television, there's no better time to get reacquainted with the characters of the original show. The veritable Holden Caulfield of the bunch, Dan spends his free time calling everyone else phonies and then feeling left out. Pick a boy . So, he's constantly running away from relationships that haven't earned his trust or commitment. In Gossip Girl, every character has their own mannerisms and way of being. Created by ... 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