White-label analytics lets developers match their application’s fonts, colors, and branded design themes, even if the analytics capabilities are technically being built separately from the application. White-labeling is the ability to make embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI) look like your own application, not someone else’s. The goal of white label analytics is to integrate 3 rd party analytics capabilities into an application while being white labeled, so the look, feel, and branding of the application remains consistent. It tracks the performance of all your marketing activities - across all your channels which enables you to make intelligent decisions. Now, it’s time to take advantage of all the features of Countly with your own brand, colors and logo. White-label analytics is the customization of your data analytics platform to match the look & feel of the native application. If you’re embedding analytics into existing software, white labeling is arguably one of the top requirements. Your data is only useful if it’s easily accessible and understandable. However, it’s not just fledging companies that can take advantage of personalized embedded analytics. Impress your clients with stunning marketing dashboards and control what's visible to everyone. Companies are established to scale and to grow, but if you do it wisely, long-term dividends can take a lot of time. White-label telematics platform is a boon that you need to analyze comprehensive data and expand your product range. The Market Maker is defined as a user interface view of our Price Engine, enabling clients to visualise a more specific depth view within the combined liquidity books from multiple price sources. At the end of the day, you can provide a clear and simple way to reach them by using white label solutions. Opp. In particular, organizations that are accountable to external bodies such as boards of directors or investors stand to benefit from White Label Analytics’ customizable reports. Our customers have been using our platform to white label analytics for years, and our capabilities in this area are something I’m really proud of. Native Analytics is a suite of tools we’ve built specifically for building and shipping white-labeling analytics directly in your product, and it … In these matters, white label salutes you as a perfect solution . info@whitelabeles.com, White Label E Systems Pvt Ltd If you want your reward card app to be as successful as possible, you will need to adjust it as time goes on. White-labeling is just one of the many advanced capabilities that Logi’s embedded analytics platform offers. Logi Analytics Confidential & Proprietary | Copyright 2020 Logi Analytics | Legal | Privacy Policy | Site Map, see a demo of Logi’s embedded analytics platform here. While using white label products & services, you will enjoy the benefits of putting your own brand on it. For white label marketing agencies that also offer PPC advertising solutions, White Shark is specifically designed for agencies that specialize in white label PPC or even local SEO. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. Our system allows you to create charts by combining data from across the system, letting you utilise your very own dashboard of custom graphs to make everything intelligible and easily actionable. WiFi Analytics. Indiranagar 1st stage Bangalore, Karnataka 560038 Anything that strays from the established brand, no matter how small, can cause users to question the value of your product. Additional months (and years) needed to develop your own solution may divert customers to choose other companies for their solutions. Foundry Street Loyalty campaigns should be based on solid data, not guesswork. With SocialPilot’s White Label feature, you have complete control over the web address that your clients will see. We can help you build your first dashboard and guide you to various metrics and features within FoxMetrics. By conducting these analyses on their servers, White Label Analytics reduce spending while providing a branded insights that can be displayed as a company’s own. However, requests of the customer often require a very large set of features and different integrations. When Countly users enter the dashboard, they will see a non-white labeled screen. LS11 5QP, Tel: +44 (0)113 350 2630 See how you can create, deploy and maintain analytic applications that engage users and drive revenue. Are you planning to extend your service portfolio? Embed and White Label Sisense for Product Teams is the only embedded analytics platform built from the ground up to provide both agility and performance with scale. Our analytics software gives you the information you need to do just that, enabling you to continually optimise your loyalty program with advanced customer insights. But there are also quite powerful reasons for thinking about white label. After the first step, the “White Label” tab will appear under the “Management” section. Developing your own solution can be attractive to you at many points. We have depicted the 6 most important topics for you below. You are one step away from building a custom analytics solution for your clients. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Our platform allows you to turn insight into outcome, monitor performance, … Logi lets you create dashboards, reports, and data visualizations within a single platform and customize these reports to remain on-brand. ©2004-2020 All rights reserved. White label reporting dashboards from Cyfe deliver a branded experience for your digital marketing agency's clients. White Label E Systems Pvt. The company that develops the product in this process, also works on finding cost-effective methods in product development processes and focuses on optimizing the product. If you’re interested in learning how white-labeling works within an application, you can see a demo of Logi’s embedded analytics platform here. Empower your team with the best systems to monitor data and provide valuable insights for clients.FoxMetrics web and mobile tool kits enable your team members to collaborate seamlessly and communicate key insights to teams, clients, and stakeholders. Combine data from diverse sources to create and configure reports once – then, you can automatically send reports without further intervention. Govindram & Co. When you white-label BI software, you ensure the dashboards and reports in your application look and feel like the rest of your software. Developing a solution according to your customers’ demands requires a large number of financial capital resources, without having time to mention. Analytics. White label & resell your own analytics service, with confidence White labeling allows you to offer different products and services to your customers without spending excess … It is not wise to expand your resources to do something that does not fit with your core competencies, as we have mentioned above, since it requires time and money. :). Unit 1, 8th floor If you wants to add new features to your company, you can take the advantage of white label solutions. Customize your portal with rich design elements like login page, header, and your business logo. Round Foundry Media Centre Between the three companies they share a wealth of experience which ranges more than 100+ years in the Indian Foreign Exchange Markets. A non-profit could use predictive analytics to blend its own historical data with other relevant field data to show impact, identify optimal strategies and new areas for investment. An analytics package enabling clients to visualise price and liquidity information, alongside the capture of post-trade data for a range of analytics. Companies at different growth phases stand can utilize White Label Analytics’ self-service data model. Our team will review your current reporting processes, the metrics you are tracking, competition, goals, and other information and generate a free audit to help you identify areas of improvement. SOCIFI White Label Offers. Capable of integrating with XaaS products as well as on-site infrastructure, White Label Analytics are a scalable, secure BI solution. 3 Simple Time Management Tools for Autistic Adults, How Psychiatrists Are Preparing to Prescribe MDMA. White Label. Spend too much money to develop tools and solutions that already exist in the market. As an embedded analytics product, White Label Analytics offer the benefits of data analysis outsourcing without you ever having to leave your website or application. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news and product updates. Santacruz (E) info@whitelabeles.com, White Label E Systems Pvt Ltd So choose a completely new URL or use your … A data management platform (DMP) is a centralized platform to collect, systemize and segmenting audience data from multiple sources. Your data is only useful if it’s easily accessible and understandable. Comprehensive customer profiles are enriched with every interaction in real-time, while powerful segmentation tools allow you to uncover micro audiences and target them with effective marketing campaigns. White label solutions are generally fully integrated and ready by making the branding process easier. This request satisfies both you and your customers. At a certain time in a company or agency’s life, both may be small or may not be. By doing so, you can enrich your portfolio with more satisfied customers. According to Drew Gainor, Co-founder & Vice President of the Ticket Evolutions, building your own solution can lead you to: You can avoid these traps by selecting the white label solution. We've been doing this for decades and know exactly what your agency needs to succeed. It's now about demonstrating results. Good white-labeling can increase user adoption of BI and embedded analytics by ensuring brand consistency and a seamless user experience. info@whitelabeles.com, © 2018 White label E-Systems private limited. Enhance your agency status with an extensive array of white-label options that allows you to prominently showcase your logo and branding on every dashboard, and, automated reports.Change the color of the dashboards and reports to match your agency branding. With white-label analytics, application teams can adjust every aspect of the embedded analytics without worrying about a disjointed user experience. FoxMetrics is a product of Rawsoft, Inc. Click here for privacy, terms of use & cookie policy. White Label Social Media Management Platform for Agencies and Resellers. Personalize each client's dashboard with stunning analytics and granular metrics.They will surely appreciate it.

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