Follow him @CutoffMountain. posted by five fresh fish at 1:56 PM on November 27, 2010 . His basic boiled-down advice? Whether it's a food-giver or perceived marauder, the ability to recognise a particular person is just one of the remarkable cognitive abilities crows possess, endowed as they are with a hefty forebrain and complex social behaviour reminiscent of dolphins or primates. Since I moved to a new country with a lot of crows, I cant make a crow answer to me, I think this is amazing, I have tried to understand the songs that they make to be able to have a conversation with one of them one day, but now I hope to be at least able to call them for food. He confirmed that defence of a fledgling best explains the CIT crows' aerial crusades against seemingly innocent passersby. When you're the lowliest of the scavengers, you've got to be cunning and creative to get your share of the carcass. Why do crows congregate in large numbers to sleep? It would appear that the crows are simply exhibiting "mobbing behaviour", perhaps the cat was close to a fledgeling or a nest, and the crows were attempting to move it along. To me this really looks like the crows have arranged a wager over the outcome of a fight between their cats. remarkable cognitive abilities crows possess, cue into humans making direct eye contact with them, Gutsy crow starts a vulture fight to get its share of a carcass (VIDEO), Ancient baby bird preserved beautifully in amber, Screech owls keep blind snakes as live-in housekeepers, The world's loudest fish orgies are literally deafening, The solitary, island-hopping wolf at the edge of the Salish Sea, Worth a shot? "Aggressive crows will attempt to stay out of view," Pendergraft added via email. As long as the crow is aware of the cat and not being stupid, it pretty much has nothing to fear from it. Crows' ability to distinguish between faces was tested by recording how the birds reacted to mask-wearing researchers. They nicknamed the little squirt "Jack" (makes sense) and placed him in foster care, as the team was unable to locate his nest. That's the bewildering – and sometimes bloodletting – experience at least 15 people endured last month on the campus of the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in Ireland: they'd been strafed by crows. Multiple newspaper stories called the campus crow strikes "bizarre", but that's not altogether accurate. ", In fact, conditions for an actual assaultive strike are pretty specific, according to Pendergraft. Her rationale? Don't fuck with black cats. Via. The latter explanation got more credence when the team from the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) arrived on campus to investigate the avian assaults. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. Great video. I think the cats were fighting and the crows broke it up right before the video started. Why are they so aggressive? Well, better get this out of the way: cue the obligatory clip from The Birds. since I saw this on two separate videos I would imagine this is something these crows just do Is there any explanation for this behavior is it a phenomenon? What the crows are up to, god knows, but I don't want them on. Ravens are known to pull the tails of feeding wolves and eagles, apparently just for the lulz. Don't punish the cats involved. For example, crows remember the faces (er … creepy latex masks) of persecuting humans and convey that knowledge amongst themselves and down generations; they cue into humans making direct eye contact with them; and they gather around their dead and appear to derive negative associations from the setting (and from human beings near the crow-corpse). My wife, who hates all birds with a blinding passion, thinks the birds just attacked the two poor defenseless cats and somehow made them fight. Corvids can COUNT, at least to 5 or 6, which is a pretty amazing feat for anything or anyone without a language that includes symbolic stand-ins for concepts.

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